‘Rana Naidu’ Episode 9: Recap & Ending, Explained – Why Is Rana Keen On Letting The Maharaja Die?

Episode 8 of “Rana Naidu” had the wheels start turning for the Naidu family because, just as Rana hired Surya to kill his father, Naga, Naga also reveals that Surya’s girlfriend, Deeya, was killed by Prince, who was helped by Rana in the cover-up. Naga just became collateral in this game. Naga has a voice tape of Prince confessing to the crime. Prince ends up being killed by Surya and Naga, and his dead body is discovered by Ani. Prince’s murder was declared a suicide by the police, and Rana now knows Surya will go after his family too. Jaffa, on the other hand, hoped to get rid of his demons. How will Rana now save his family from the wrath of Surya?


Spoilers Ahead

Rana And His Brother’s Dilemma

Rana is now aware his family faces grave danger in the form of Surya in the city. Surya is angry at the fact that Rana helped cover up Prince’s hand in Deeya’s murder, forcing Naga to take the fall. Surya is living with the fact that Rana kept him in the dark all these years, and he protected Prince like a parent protecting their kid. Surya was approached by Rana, and at no point did Rana bother to mention this incident. All these lead to Surya planning the ultimate revenge on Rana and his family. Naga is partly responsible for the chaos that has ensued in his family. Naina is confused about what has been happening in the last 48 hours. All she wants is an answer. Naga wants an answer too, from Rana, on why he wants his father dead.


Tej and Jaffa force Rana to make a quick trip to the studio, and he is just informed that this is regarding some trouble Jaffa has gotten himself into. Rana comes to the studio to see that the Maharaja has been severely injured by Jaffa’s gunshot. Tej’s girlfriend Ana is at the scene, and she claims the man needs to be shifted to a hospital or else he will go into shock. Tej is confused about who to listen to. Rana wants Maharaja to suffer a little bit more, but Tej wants to listen to Ana, who is herself a doctor, and she understands the consequences of not taking the man to a hospital for treatment. The Maharaja though, is struggling to stay conscious and alive. Jaffa, on the other hand, confesses that he wanted to confront the man and that he never intended to kill him. Maharaja is bleeding profusely. Jaffa, Ana, and Tej insist Rana shift the man to the hospital, but Rana is mad, frustrated, and angry, and that, combined with the fact that this man ruined the life Jaffa could have had, makes Rana want to punish the man for a good amount of time before he is shifted to the hospital. Rana is aware the man will take Jaffa’s name the moment he enters the hospital. Rana is only making sure to keep his family’s name away from his crime. Arjun also comes by and starts helping his brothers.

Jaffa keeps insisting that he only wanted to slightly harm the man and had no intention of killing him. Jaffa is terrified of going to jail if the man ever dies of excessive bleeding. He is keen on shifting the man to a hospital, but Rana is too angry and he knows that this man is filled with vileness from top to bottom, and he needs to suffer before a hospital ambulance is called for his rescue. Lara is asked to clear the scene of the crime where Jaffa and Maharaja got into the accident. Lara manages to clear all the CCTV footage, but the bike driven by Jaffa is missing. This whole scenario puts Rana to the test of how well he can solve the problems of people he loves as well. All his life, Rana has been solving the problems of many influential men and women, but right now, he has to put all these skills to work to make sure Jaffa is kept away from any interrogation and jail time.


Why Is Rana Keen On Letting The Maharaja Die?

Naina and the kids are put up in the hotel to keep them away from Surya’s intentions of kidnapping to avenge. She has another plan for herself and the kids, which is to confront Rana about what is happening and make sure he tells them the truth once and for all. Naina forces Srini to let her go, and she reaches the studio only to see the brothers holding the Maharaja hostage. Naina quickly understands that the said injured man is the one who sexually assaulted Jaffa, and she has seen how much the incident that happened in his childhood still manages to haunt him. Naina gives Rana her full support in not letting this man live because, just like Rana, Naina is also a parent. She would not want her children to go through something like what Jaffa went through. For that to not happen, the Maharaja has to die because a molester like him sells his brand of devotion but ends up assaulting young kids. Maharaja, on the other hand, tries to manipulate Tej, and he is almost successful in getting Tej on board. But Tej receives a sense of urgency when Rana reveals he plans to shift the man to another small nursing home.

The Maharaj tried to change Jaffa’s and Tej’s minds using just his words. His words do not have any impact on Rana from here on. Rana is hell-bent on making Maharaja pay for the crime he committed. Tej, though feels it is cruel for a man to be put through such torture, but Rana is in no mood to entertain the Maharaja and his enlightening words. All Rana does is wait and keep waiting till the last moment and then shift the man to a hospital. Maharaja finally starts talking when he reveals that he also loved Rana as a kid. Rana is making the Maharaja suffer and making sure he draws his last breath in front of him; he now knows Rana is trying to make sure the Maharaja dies in front of him because of what he did to Rana. Rana is suddenly rattled by this piece of information. Rana hadn’t told anyone about the secret. It is finally revealed that the Maharaja not only sexually assaulted Jaffa but did the same to Rana as well. Rana’s anger towards this man has been building up. All the Maharaj did was egg Rana on to bring out the truth all those years ago. Tej and Jaffa are shocked to hear such revelations, Jaffa especially because he didn’t realize his brother was put through the same kind of torture. Rana never revealed this painful past because he probably didn’t want to divert the focus from Jaffa, who was most severely damaged by the assault. Rana ends up shooting the Maharaja in the head, and he dies instantly.


Rana, on the way back home from the studio, stops in the middle of the road and breaks down, with Naina consoling him. She feels sorry for what her husband went through, and she can only imagine the pain that has been piling up on him all these years, and he refused to share the trauma with anyone. Jaffa’s concern was genuine, but Rana chose to stay silent so that he could deal with his pain in his own way. The family had gone through enough tragedy for a lifetime, and he did not want to burden anyone with his pain. He had it in him to bring up his family from the roads to become the most important person in the city of Mumbai. Naina can only hope to be there for him from here in the wake of the revelation, which is happening in front of her as well. Rana is hoping to get over the trauma. Meanwhile, Tej and Jaffa are sympathetic to Rana as well from now on. The breaking down is proof of men being vulnerable, and the tears start coming out, which bring back all the painful memories of the past. It is okay to cry, and Rana leans on Naina and weeps his eyes out just to deal with the pain of a traumatic childhood.

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