‘Rana Naidu’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained – Does Surya Learn The Truth About How Deeya Was Killed?

Episode seven of “Rana Naidu” was all about the brothers remembering their sister Nitya and reminiscing about all the memories they had of her before she passed away. Tej, Ran, and Jaffa were close to Nitya. Her early death by suicide is something the brothers never got over. All they can do is remember her through the stories and images that are left of her. Surya, on the other hand, reaches Mumbai but with a lot of hassles along the way. Surya, being himself, ends up murdering his second wife and has no regrets about it. Will Rana go ahead with the plan of killing his father, or will he stand back?


Spoilers Ahead

Surya In Mumbai

The first thing Surya does on reaching Mumbai is to assign his men to dig a grave large enough for Naga to be buried in. Surya is glad to have taken this assignment because his anger toward Naga has not died. Backed by OB and Rana in Mumbai, he will make sure to finish the job. Rana does not want to be the one who kills his father, but he knows Surya hates Naga as much as he does, and it will be easier for Surya to finish the job for him. Rana is filled with hatred, and all he wants is to make sure the job is done. Rana delivers one-half of the payment, with the other half to be delivered after the job is done, along with a passport to leave the country.


Ani, on the other hand, wants to attend the awards show because his friends are putting him under plenty of pressure. Being the son of a man who has plenty of actors as his clients, Ani can only hope for his father to help pull some strings so that he can attend the red carpet and the entire show. Rana approaches Prince, who is in big trouble again regarding the compromising video with Chandni. The gossip magazine lead manages to hack into Prince’s phone but only gets access to that one video. Rana promises to sort this issue out if Prince agrees to take Ani to the award show. Prince agrees, and Rana kills the magazine’s chief editor’s bodyguard by running him over. He is further threatened with death by Rana if he messes with Prince ever again, and Rana forces the journalist to delete the video once and for all. Satisfied with Rana’s performance, Prince agrees to hold up his end of the deal.

Jaffa, Naga, And Rana’s Plan Of Action

Jaffa sees on the television news channel that the godman aka Maharaja who molested him is in Mumbai for a function, and after looking at the man who molested him throughout his childhood, Jaffa starts spiraling and begins drinking alcohol, though he is strictly prohibited from doing so. He is not sure how to react to the man who not only assaulted him but also managed to ruin the lives of many kids visiting his ashram. Jaffa leaves his apartment in a fit of anger when Naga walks in. Naga ends up spending a lot of time with Tara, the woman he has been seeing for a while. Jaffa has not come to terms with his past, and to spiral just by looking at the news is an indication of the fact that the past still haunts him, and he is unable to move on even with the money that he accepted.


Naga, on the other hand, is having a good time with Tara when Surya kidnaps Naga and Tara. Surya is glad to have nabbed Naga in a weird place and at a weird time. Naga has no choice but to oblige what Surya says because he knows Surya is known for his notorious antics. Tara is horrified to see she is kidnapped as well as Naga, and that Naga is showing no concern for her wellbeing. Naga and Surya talk about their olden days, but the latter is hardly interested in Naga’s sweet chatter. Surya knows Naga is a sweet talker, and that given a chance he will manage to escape using his skill. Surya not only takes them to the ditch but, in a fit of rage, ends up killing Tara. Surya reveals that Rana was the one who ordered Surya to kill Naga. Naga is in shock to hear this piece of news. He so far knew his son orchestrated his jail time, but now he finds he’d also given money to Surya to make sure Naga never sees another sunrise. Sadly, Tara, on the other hand, became collateral for the game Rana and Surya are playing with Naga’s life. Naga learns that Surya has kept Deeya’s death close to his heart, and Naga being the man who did it is the motivation behind Surya’s agreeing to eliminate him.

Rana is preparing for the evening; Ani is going to the awards party, and Rana has an elaborate dinner planned with Naina for things to go right. Naga will also be taken care of by Surya. Rana is looking forward to this night, and he can only hope things go as smoothly as he and OB planned them. He is not expecting any disappointments from Prince, who will be with Ani, and Surya, who will be carrying out the deed now that he has Naga. Rana is also hoping to take out some much-awaited time with Naina and make a night out of it to make sure she is not angry at him anymore after the last few incidents that shook her up.


Will Surya Learn The Truth About How Deeya Was Killed?

Rana notices that Surya’s men keep following him and Naina throughout the night until they reach the restaurant. Naina catches up with this man, who is speaking to Rana. She comes to know there is something fishy brewing, and Rana is unwilling to share any information with her. The man sent by Surya is tailing Rana to make sure Rana delivers the money on time, and tailing him with henchmen would ease the transaction. Rana is provided with a picture of Naga’s dead body. Rana is content with the news, but somehow his father’s death makes him all the angrier. Rana can’t fathom the fact that he engineered his father’s death too. On reaching home, he sees Naga hanging out with Nitya and is taken aback by the shock of it.

Naga reveals he knows it was Rana who hired Surya to kill his father. As an act of retaliation, Naga reveals the tape he has of Prince confessing that he was the one who killed Deeya, but that he and Rana framed Naga because Rana wanted to make sure his father didn’t interfere with his plans to move to Mumbai. Rana is livid at his father for revealing that piece of information. The whole idea of eliminating his father is to make sure Prince, Rana, and OB remain safe. But Naga sadly reveals that Surya confronted Prince about the incident, and they both ended up killing Prince. Prince was hanged from the wall at his mansion. A dead Prince is witnessed by Ani, who goes into shock. Rana cannot believe his father engaged in another murder along with Surya, whom he thought was his long-standing enemy.

Surya and Naga team up together to teach Prince a lesson. Prince begs that they spare his son, Prince Jr. Prince claims he is still remorseful of the night he accidently killed Deeya. Surya, being the ruthless man that he is, kills Prince as a show of the power he carries. Naga is more than happy to have gotten rid of Prince. Unfortunately, Ani, who saw the dead body first, is in total shock to see the body of a man who was a very close friend of his father. Prince Jr. is saved, and there is no evidence of anyone else entering the home but Ani. Rana knows that the police are trying to cover up something, as they’ve ruled Prince’s death as a suicide. Rana is aware that Surya managed to kill Prince finally. Naga, though, wants Rana to know that Surya will surely come after his family to avenge the fact that he helped Prince falsely accuse Naga and that he has kept this a secret for all these years. Rana did not divulge this information because he knew Surya would react the same way. He had only hoped this information about Deeya dying at the hands of Prince would die with Naga’s death. But Naga surviving the death shows that Rana might be in trouble with Surya.

Jaffa, on the other hand, follows the Maharaja on his bike and tries to kill the man who ruined not just his childhood but his adulthood as well. In the hope of gaining revenge, he fires into the car from his motorcycle, which leads to a major car accident. There is no clarity on who survived this car crash. Jaffa has had enough of the Maharaja tormenting his life. He wants closure, and to seek that, he makes sure to confront the man and kill him. Jaffa returns to his father’s studio, only soaked in blood, much to Tej’s shock. All Jaffa wanted was to make sure he killed Maharaja, and with that, he would get rid of all the demons that had taken over his head, and they would disappear. Jaffa wants to lead a peaceful life, and getting rid of Maharaja was the only way to do that.


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