‘Rana Naidu’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained – Who Was Nitya Naidu?

Episode 6 of “Rana Naidu” has Naga eliminating Eijaz Shaikh, the CBI officer, when he comes to know of his bigger plan to put Rana in danger too. Naga does not want his son to go to jail, not wanting Rana to suffer as much as he did during his time in jail. Rana, on the other hand, has asked Surya to come to Mumbai and make sure to kill Naga. Surya has every reason to kill Naga, for he’s the reason he’s on the most-wanted list. With Eijaz out of the picture thanks to Naga, will Rana back down on his plan to kill his father?


Spoilers Ahead

Rana And Surya Agree

Rana and Surya finally agree on how to make sure Naga is eliminated from the picture. Surya has plenty of motivation to make sure Naga does not stay alive. For the plan to work out, Surya will have to get out of his comfort zone and make sure that by the time he reaches Mumbai, nobody will be able to recognize him. Surya, though, has two wives, and his second wife is pestering him to take her with him because she is sure Surya will not return from Mumbai. She is the clingy type, and this is the time one gets to see the vulnerable side of Surya, who falls for the antics played out by his wives. Surya was driven into hiding because Naga chose to become a CBI informant and helped nab all the gang members of Surya. This led to Surya having to go incognito and his men having to proclaim him dead so that no law enforcement came after him. Rana takes advantage of this hatred Surya has for Naga and asks him to join him in his one goal, which is to end Naga. Rana wants to make sure Naga is driven off the radar because he was involved in sending his father behind bars.


Nitya And Rehaan

Nitya tries to contact Rehaan, and in that pursuit, she reaches his previous home, where his mother lived. Nitya and Rehaan are happy to have found each other, and they miss the friendship they shared. Rehaan went silent on Nitya because he was forced by Rana not to stay in touch with her. Rehaan kept that promise, and that’s why it was Nitya who came looking for him. Rehaan, being the good boy, informs Naina of Nitya’s whereabouts. Naina, returning from her daily routine chores, comes home to find Nitya Missing . With the help of Naga, they keep looking for her at every possible place, but Rehaan’s one call is enough for Naina to understand the boy is not the bad person he was made out to be. Nitya is also glad to have met Rehaan, and they choose to remain friends from now on. Naina, though, is slowly rebuilding her relationship with Naga. Naga, too, is keen on creating a bond with Nitya and Anirudh, and in that hope, he offers to help Naina find Nitya. Naga is coming across someone who wants to rectify the mistake he has made in the past, and hopefully, getting close to his grandkids and being there for Naina will be his way of making things right.

Who Was Nitya Naidu?

Srini, Surya, and his second wife begin the journey from Hyderabad to Mumbai. The first draft of the plan was to make the trip nonstop between the cities without any breaks. Their fear of Surya being recognized is palpable. Rana and Srini try their level best to keep Surya and his wife with the plan. But a plan never works out the way it is supposed to. Surya starts acting up because of his wife, and they end up having multiple pit stops to make sure Surya’s wife feels accommodated. Srini starts feeling agitated about going against his boss’s orders. Surya, though, has no plans to go through what Rana has laid out for him because he still considers himself above Rana, and he will do what he feels is right for him. Surya, though, is slightly agitated by his wife’s weird behavior, and he feels she has something to hide. Srini, on the other hand, is tired of their shenanigans, and he can only hope they reach Mumbai on time as per Rana’s plans. They start their trip, only without Surya’s wife. Srini has a hunch, and he discovers that Surya murdered his wife just out of pure suspicion that she was up to something that would bring him down. They dispose of her body on the way, and they finally reach Mumbai just as planned. Surya is a man of temper, and he would do anything out of anger which he would not regret. He does not regret having killed his wife right now, and he will probably not regret killing Naga either. Surya is also unaware that Prince is the actual murderer of his girlfriend, and that Rana helped Prince frame Naga. Surya’s anger towards Naga stems from that incident and the fact that he stole money from Surya a year before the murder and again years later helped CBI nab his men. Surya’s temper is not to be messed with, something Rana will have to figure out in the days leading up to Naga’s killing.


Meanwhile, Jaffa, Tej, and Rana get together to celebrate their deceased sister Nitya’s birthday. To commemorate her birthday, the brothers years ago had gotten her name tattooed on themselves. They loved her to bits, and she was the only thing that kept them happy after having lived with their father, who was most of the time not around for them. Nitya was close to her brothers, and they made sure to be there for her all the time. Rana’s daughter is also named after her. Her death was something no one got over because it came as a shock. Nitya committed suicide, and the brothers never knew she was unhappy with her life. Her death was a catalyst they needed to shake up their existing lives. This was when their relationship with Naga soured, and eventually, the brothers moved away to Mumbai. Nitya’s short life and death had a huge impact on the brothers, and they seem to have moved forward in life, but they never forget her existence. They celebrated her birthday by watching an old video of her that Tej had recovered, and it is understood that Nitya was a great dancer and was obsessed with one song in particular.

Back home, Rana has a word with his daughter Nitya, and he finally talks to her about his sister, whom he dearly misses. He sees his sister in his daughter Nitya, and hence he’d named her the same. Rana finally reveals that his sister Nitya, at the age of fifteen, had gotten pregnant. Nitya had three brothers who she wanted to convey this to, but she felt they would not be heard. This is the pain the brothers have kept with each other since her death. Rana, Tej, and Jaffa are always in pain, thinking Nitya did not realize they would have done anything for her, but she chooses to stay quiet. Not knowing what to do or how to approach her family with the news, she killed herself. The brothers live with the guilt that if they had created a blanket of trust around her, she would have felt comfortable enough to share her problems. Her death will haunt them. Keeping that in mind, Rana chooses to be there for his daughter Nitya so that she can feel comfortable enough to come to him or her mother to talk about issues that are bothering her. Nitya is glad to have her father open up to her about his fears, and she makes sure to keep them in the loop about her life and never take an untoward decision. Naina is happy to see Rana and Nitya finally having a heart-to-heart conversation about love and fears. One can only hope the father-daughter relationship gets better from here and is not marred by anything else.


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