‘Rana Naidu’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Will Naga Continue Being A CBI Informer?

Episode 5 of “Rana Naidu” brings out a side of Rana that no one has seen before. An anger-fueled man who has a heart filled with rage against his father, Naga Rana brings out that side of him in front of his kids, and hell breaks loose. Rana knows Eijaz is after them, and he also makes sure to threaten him. Eijaz has made it clear he will not stop investigating them. Eijaz’s decision makes Rana and OB make a hard choice on how to eliminate Naga once and for all. Rana and OB are spending some time together as OB will be going through major surgery. How will both parties move forward with their plans from here on?


Spoilers Ahead

Hyderabad: Flashback

A young Rana is Surya’s henchman, and Surya’s girlfriend is a prized catch, for he is head over heels in love with the woman. Rana is struggling with his brothers and their father being absent most of the time. Surya and Naga already have a rivalry going on, with Naga stealing Surya’s money. Rana, though, proves to be a decent man, and Surya is very fond of him. Rana also works for Prince Reddy through Surya, and they become close professional acquaintances. Rana is keen on leaving Hyderabad and joining Prince as his bodyguard in Mumbai because he intends to start a new life in the new city and leave behind his life in the dreadful city, which is littered with memories of Naga being an awful father to him, Tej, and Jaffa. With their sister and their mother long gone, Rana has no reason to live in this city. Surya, though, refuses to let go of Rana, but Rana tries hard to convince Prince and Surya to help him find a better life. Prince, while he is high on all things wrong, ends up killing Surya’s girlfriend Deeya by mistake. Prince was holding a vintage revolver owned by Naga, and Rana was the one who witnessed this killing. Rana decides to help Prince cover up the murder and blame Naga for it, but in return, Prince will have to take Rana and his family to Mumbai. Rana and his siblings have had a tough childhood with Naga as their father. Their only way out to survive is to live in Mumbai and restart their lives, hoping to forget their wretched childhood. Opportunity lands in the form of Prince landing in trouble, but Rana saves him, and his plans work out. OB was the man who took Prince out of Hyderabad to Mumbai, and he does the same favor for Rana, and they have never looked back since.


Rana’s Plan Of Action

As per the plan hatched by OB and Rana, the latter heads to Hyderabad in the hope of meeting Surya, Surya is deemed dead by all of his men, but Rana is aware that this is far from the truth. Rana is made aware of what his father did while he was in jail. Naga helped the CBI nab Surya’s men and made sure Surya was driven into hiding by putting him on the list of the most wanted men in the country. Surya has gone into hiding, and his men have been told to inform everyone that Surya is no more, and there is a grave to prove that. Rana still requests both his wives to ask Surya to meet him. Rana knows this is a slippery slope because Surya is hiding because of Naga, and he can only hope Surya will be on Rana’s side after the meeting. Sujoy, Rana’s informant in the CBI, tries to politely threaten Eijaz about what Rana and his men are capable of doing in case they catch him snooping around their business. Eijaz is not worried about Rana or his men. Eijaz asks Sujoy to stay out of his business, and he makes it clear that nothing is stopping him from finding dirt on Prince and Rana.

Prince Reddy And Naga

Naga is all wired up by Eijaz, and he is out to meet Prince on his invitation. Prince is keen on knowing what Naga knows and how he is trying to frame him in the murder case. Prince is hoping he can handle Naga on his own, and that’s why he keeps Rana out of this. Rana is the smarter one in this matter, knowing his father would do anything to extract information from Prince. He hires Srini to make sure Prince does not say anything untoward that would make his father’s case stronger. Rana, who is busy handling Surya in Hyderabad, wants to make sure Naga does not find his way into Prince’s head. Prince would think he is the smarter one in the picture, but Rana is aware that Naga is too clever for his own good, and he will do anything to exact revenge on Prince.


Will Naga Continue Being A CBI Informer? 

To make sure Prince is at his most vulnerable while divulging the truth, Naga asks Prince to begin drinking. To keep him company, Naga starts drinking too. Under the influence of alcohol, Prince, unfortunately, divulges that it was he who killed the girl, but he never intended to do so because he knew the girl was Surya’s girlfriend. The only reason he had to get out of that situation was that Surya would make his life hell. Prince was all set to head to Mumbai when the incident occurred under the influence of narcotics and alcohol. All of this is recorded by Eijaz, and Srini is nowhere close to reaching Prince’s home. Eijaz gets what he wants, but Prince has a proposal for Naga. He claims that if Naga would write the story for the film, they would share the profits the film made upon release. Naga is keen on doing so, and he agrees to Prince’s offer. Naga gets what he wants, and Srini is too late to reach Prince’s home. Rana and Srini can only hope they can salvage the situation and they will somehow eliminate Naga to make sure he stays mum and does not divulge any information about Prince’s involvement in the murder.

To make sure Eijaz is kept out of the investigation, Rana threatens to kill Sujoy’s family if he does not submit a report accusing Eijaz of harassing a woman in public. Sujoy is not keen on doing so because he will be alienated by his department for speaking out against his colleague. Sujoy is in two minds about whether to go ahead or not, even though he knows Rana is more than capable of carrying out despicable things. Sujoy decides not to file the report but lies to Rana that he did. This way, he can buy time to send his family away, and Rana will have no leverage over him from now on.


Rana, on the other hand, finally gets to meet Surya and has a plan for him to come to Mumbai. Surya is not keen on coming to Mumbai because of his most-wanted status. Rana puts across the name of Naga and asks Surya to eliminate him, which brings a smile to his face. Surya heartily accepts his offer to come to Mumbai and accepts the plan to eliminate Naga for good. Rana has not thought twice before having his father killed, and now that he knows maybe his father has changed, he wants to be a decent father figure from now on. Rana has made up his mind, thinking about the awful childhood he has led because of Naga. Naga, on the other hand, finds out that Eijaz has plans to put Rana behind bars too, which does not sit well with him. Being a father now, he has the responsibility of saving his son, which would hopefully help him improve his relationship with him. Naga decides to kill Eijaz, and he does. Naga, keeping in mind the proposal put forward by Prince and the fact that he would want his son to live, wants to end Eijaz. This ends his streak as a CBI informant. Hoping that Eijaz did not share the information he gathered with anyone, Naga clears the path for Rana. Unknown to him, his son is now plotting Naga’s gruesome death with Surya.

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