‘Rana Naidu’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Do OB And Rana Have In The Plan For Naga?

Episode four of “Rana Naidu” delved deep into Rana, keeping track of his father discreetly to find out what he is up to and why he is confronting Prince Reddy without Rana anywhere around him. Rana and his right hand take it upon themselves to dig into what Naga’s plans are and who he is meeting with. This will help them formulate a counter to crash Rana’s father’s plan. Rehaan, on the other hand, hopes that Rana will be able to help him out of a tricky situation with his mother without harming her, but things go south when his mother is killed by drug dealers. Rana finds out that Eijaz Shaikh, a Hyderabad-based CBI officer, is working with his father to nab Prince Reddy and, as an extension of that, wants to arrest Rana too. How will Rana stop Eijaz and Naga from cornering him and his syndicate?


Spoilers Ahead

Rana’s Damage Control

Rana is now aware of the fact that Eijaz Shaikh is using his father to get his hands on Prince Reddy and Rana and prove their guilt in the case of the murder that happened fifteen years ago. Naga knows he was wrongly accused, and he’s the perfect tool for Eijaz. Eijaz is a go-getter and an idealist, and Rana knows that. Rana finally finds Sujoy, a CBI officer and a contact he has in CBI Mumbai. Rana makes sure to grill Sujoy and extract more information about Eijaz, including why he is after Rana and Prince Reddy. Sujoy makes it clear that Eijaz is a one-man army who is known for being a clean man. He is also known as someone who is relentless in his pursuit of culprits. Rana had been afraid of something like this happening with Naga coming back into their lives. The wheels have started turning, and Rana is worried that Eijaz has some form of evidence against everyone; he is relentlessly investigating. His work so far proves that Eijaz has been behind Rana, Naga, Prince, and OB for years, and he will stop at nothing until they are proven guilty of their crimes.


Jaffa’s New Home

Jaffa has finally spruced up his home with the help of Naina, his father, and his elder brother Tej. Jaffa keeps Rana away from this information, and everybody around him is on board with this idea. They are aware Rana would be livid to see Jaffa recklessly spending the money, and he would end up blaming Naga for it. Jaffa starts talking about how he cannot make this apartment home because he will never be normal. The sexual assault he faced made sure his life was ruined forever. Jaffa tries to recover from it by buying an apartment for himself, but he is still struggling to be on his own. His brother, father, and Naina are there for him, but Jaffa is finding it hard. Jaffa starts speaking about how he felt helpless when he was molested, and he never protested. He blames himself for what happened because he remained quiet. This revelation is all about how a sexual assault victim feels for years after being continuously harassed. They end up blaming themselves for years when a counselor or therapist must break it down to them that it was never their fault for why they got molested. The blame lies only on the molester, who disregards the consequences of their actions. Jaffa goes through this spiral while decorating the home with Naina. Naina tries to convince him that it was never his fault and that Jaffa, from now on, should never blame himself.

Eijaz Is Framed

Rana and Srini are looking for solutions to make sure Eijaz stays out of their lives. After learning from Sujoy that Eijaz will not stop at anything, Srini spikes Eijaz’s drink with a drug, because of which he starts hallucinating in the café, and he ends up harassing a woman in that state of mind. The video is recorded on the CCTV of the café, and now Rana knows Eijaz will finally back off if they threaten him with the video. Rana and Srini make sure to threaten Eijaz, and they plan not to leak the video if he backs down. They now have ammunition to make sure Eijaz backs off, and with him, he will ask Naga to stand down as well.


What Do OB And Rana Have In Plan For Naga?

OB is struggling with his health, but he has finally been admitted to the hospital, and the doctor has requested that he go through an operation. OB is initially against it because there is only a 50% chance that he will survive. But Rana and OB have a heart-to-heart conversation about life in general, and that’s when Rana convinces him to go ahead with the surgery because there is a 50% chance that OB will survive it. OB has always considered Rana his son, and he claims the only good decision he made was to keep Rana by his side. Rana is also hoping OB will go through with the surgery and be fit as a fiddle in no time. Rana is by OB’s side through and through, making sure he gets past the surgery, starts the recovery process, and soon gets back to work.

Apart from that, Rana and Srini begin threatening Eijaz by showing him the LSD incident in the café. Eijaz is shaken by what happened to him and how he was framed. Rana and Srini corner him and rather aggressively ask him to back off from their lives and take Naga away, too, because Eijaz wouldn’t want to meddle with Rana. Rana, as a fixer, can carry out despicable things, and he will not stop at framing Eijaz. To make sure Eijaz stays away from them, Rana would go to any extent to make sure he finally leaves the town for good. Eijaz is initially taken aback by Rana’s threats, but he is a strong man of principles. He stands up to Rana and asks him to do whatever he wants, but Eijaz will make sure to finish the job he is here to do, which is to bring down Prince Reddy and Rana Naidu. Rana is shaken to the core by Eijaz’s conviction, and he realizes he has only one option left.


Nitya, though, is livid at her father for not handling the Rehaan incident right, and in a fit of anger, she takes her brother Anirudh to her uncle Jaffa’s housewarming party. Jaffa initially wonders if anybody will even turn up for the party. Arjun comes up with girls; Tej’s date Ana shows up, and Jaffa starts showing interest in another named Tara, who also shows up. Nitya and Anirudh show up out of spite, but she ends up drinking. Jaffa, on the other hand, starts having a good time with the girl that came with Arjun, but his mind starts regressing as he keeps thinking about the assault that happened to him. A memory that is as fresh as the day is stirred up and makes Jaffa react violently, and he ends up burning up the curtains in his room. Jaffa has not gotten over the trauma and, sadly, has a long way to go before recovering from it. His violent tendencies are a direct result of the trauma, which must be dealt with. Rana and Naina are informed of their kids’ presence at the party. Naina and Rana show up only to see Nitya drunk. Rana gets livid about many things at Naina; one of them is letting the kids go off without even realizing they are not at home. Rana also ends up confronting his father in front of his family. Rana’s anger has to end when he uses expletives against his son, which infuriates Naina.

Rana suddenly sees that he is slowly becoming his father. This is another reason why he wants Naga to stay away from them because he believes Naga brings out the worst in him, and he ends up showcasing his worst side to his family, especially to his kids. Rana does not intend to become anything like his father, and that’s why he keeps his anger at bay. But confronting Naga does not stop him from being rude to his kids. Naina asks him to leave the house and let them be on their own for a while so that Rana can make up his mind about where he wants to be from now on. Rana’s confrontation with his father disturbs him more because he doesn’t want his kids to see the monster that he becomes when he is angry. That monster came out, and he believes it is solely because of his father, Naga.


Rana approaches OB, and they start working on the plan to make sure Eijaz is kept at bay, as is Naga. Eijaz can be framed using the video that they have, but Naga must be eliminated. Rana has no guts to kill his father, but OB and Ran might know someone who hates Naga as much as they do. Surya. Rana can only hope Surya will agree to fall into their plan, as Rana is filled with hatred for his father. He has no courage to carry out patricide, and he knows his siblings and wife would never forgive him for committing such a sin. So, this time again, he will be in the back seat, forming a plan to eliminate Naga by bringing forward a man who has a solid reason to kill Naga. Rana and OB have now made sure the wheels have begun turning, and it is set in motion.

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