‘Rana Naidu’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Does Naga Plan To Nab Prince Reddy?

Episode 3 of “Rana Naidu” was all about Naga coming to terms with the fact that Arjun’s mother has moved on, and he is happy for Arjun and Jaffa for finding some kind of peace between them. Naga, though, comes to know from the CBI agent who he helped nab gang members of a rival group that Rana and Prince were behind Naga’s going to jail. This will probably drive Naga to make sure Prince is caught red-handed and sent to jail for the murder. OB, on the other hand, is struggling with his memory, and Rana and Prince are having a tough time keeping him from talking about an unspeakable event that took place in Hyderabad years ago. But how will Naga take action from here on?


Spoilers Ahead

Naga And Rana Clash

Naga is finally furious at his son Rana for being the man behind orchestrating his arrest. Naga was trying to build a steady relationship with his sons, especially Rana, but after finding out about Rana’s involvement in sending him behind bars, Naga cannot come to terms with the fact that his son was responsible for his jail time. He also threatens to put his son behind bars because he knows it was Prince who killed the girl. Rana, from here on, makes sure there is a tail on Naga to get an idea of what the man is up to. Rana does not trust his father’s words, so he has to make sure his father is put under surveillance to make sure he does not come across any information before Rana does. All Rana does is protect himself and Prince Reddy. Naga agrees to become an informant for the CBI, but unknown to him, Rana’s right-hand man, Srini, is tracking Naga to find out who he is meeting with and for what purpose. There is a picture of Eijaz that is captured by Srini, and they can only hope to identify him soon so that Rana reaches Eijaz before anything goes wrong. Rana is keen to keep Naga out of his life, but with his kids and brothers in the picture, Rana is unable to get rid of Naga for good. He would want to make sure Naga does not catch up with him and Prince, which would not only put Prince in jeopardy but bring down the entire ring run by Rana, which includes OB as well.


Naga, on the other hand, tries to rattle Prince by showing up at a film screening meant only for the superstar. Since Prince is in a public place, he makes sure not to be visibly disturbed by the presence of Naga at the place. Naga tries hard to retell the story of the murder as a fictional tale of a man who was wrongfully accused and is on the verge of finding out what exactly happened and why he was accused. Prince, being an actor himself, can pretend not to be disturbed by what he is hearing from Naga and offers to approach him for a screenplay narration. Prince Reddy has reached a point in his life where nothing can ruin his stature except this one truth about the murder. Prince has hired Rana exactly for situations such as this and is panicking over the fact that Rana is unable to bring his father under control. Naga, being himself, is successful in creating a manic situation in Prince’s life and Rana’s as well. Rana is unable to bring his father under control because the man, Naga, is a one-man show. He will never let Rana get the best of him. Rana can unravel many others, but he can’t seem to unravel his father.

Jaffa’s Plans With The Money

Naga soon convinces Jaffa to go ahead and buy anything now that he has money. Jaffa was always fascinated by bikes. Pushed by Naga, Jaffa ends up spending a good chunk of his money on a brand-new motorbike and is not even sure how to ride it. Jaffa, though, is happy to be buying things he has always loved and wanted. The bike brings him a sense of financial empowerment he never had all this time. On his father’s insistence, Jaffa buys not just an expensive motorbike but also an apartment. In the mood to spend the money he has, Jaffa buys an apartment that will be his world and a world where everyone will fit in. Jaffa refuses to share the news with Rana, knowing he would get angry, but he informs everyone else in the family. Jaffa could only hope he would feel better mentally after purchasing the home with the money he got. He is a kid at heart who has never hurt any of the family members so far.


How Does Naga Plan To Nab Prince Reddy?

CBI officer Eijaz Shaikh is hell-bent on going behind Prince Reddy and makes sure he gets as much help from Naga as he can to nab the superstar in the murder of the woman at the party fifteen years ago. Eijaz is making sure to keep Naga by his side in his quest to bring the woman some justice. This he is managing to do by pushing the wrongly accused narrative in his head. He can only hope this reason will be good enough for Naga to go after Prince and get a confession out of him. Prince is all ready to hear the story from Naga, but he says the story will only be kept for him because he wants to make sure it does not go to someone else. By that, he means Prince is keen on getting the rights to the story so that the truth does not come out. Naga initially refuses to wear a wire, fearing a frisk. Naga has already made Prince and Rana nervous, so checking on him would not be unusual. This helps Naga make a sound decision about not wearing a wire.

Rehaan is happy to have found a solution to his problem. Rana is willing to help Toofan and Rehaan, but the kid makes it clear that his mother’s current husband would be a problem, and he will make sure to create plenty of obstacles. Rehaan’s mother comes across exactly as her kid had described her. She is deep in a drug addiction, but she is conscious enough to understand she cannot let her only son go. Rana makes it clear about the life Toofan would be willing to give him in terms of education and a music career. Keeping all of this in mind, the mother requests that he give her time to make a sound decision. The mother knows the state that she is in. She only wants what is best for her kid, but she also does not want to come across as a sell-out who is willing to let someone take him away from her for the money. Rana gives her time to sign the papers. Soon he finds her dead, but she had by that point signed the documents that required her to legally transfer the guardianship. He comes to know that the mother was also a drug dealer who was killed for not paying on time for the drugs she’d purchased. Rana is in no mood to let Rehaan know that his mother was a drug dealer as well. So, he let the kid think she died because of the mistake he made while making the transaction. Rana, being a father and the kind of man he wished his father Naga was, would want Rehaan to be in the dark about the reality of what her mother meddled with. He should have a good memory of his parents rather than live with a bitter memory of someone he won’t be able to come to terms with. Rehaan’s meltdown over losing his mother comes from the fact that he only wanted the best for his mother, and leaving her to die brings up the guilt, which comes out in the form of blaming Rana for the mishap.


With Rana tracking Naga’s every move and keeping a tab on who he meets frequently, Rana and Srini track down Eijaz and find out that he plans to become one by nabbing Rana, his gang, Prince Reddy, and OB Mahajan, and with that, Eijaz will be making sure to bring down the entire ring. Naga now believes Prince might be ready to let him into his circle to hear the story. Naga knows it is better to play with Prince Reddy’s ego to make him talk. This is exactly what Naga taps into to make sure Prince decides without letting Naga or OB know about how he plans to handle Naga. Naga plans to get his confession by wearing a wire in the next conversation he plans to have with Prince Reddy, the reigning superstar of the country. All big superstars have an ego, which Naga is aware of because he worked in the industry before heading to jail. He is aware Prince will cater to his needs if Naga makes sure to pretend to play by Prince’s rules.

Rana thought he had come too close to finding out who Eijaz Shaikh was and what his plans were for bringing Naga to his side. Rana learns that Eijaz is not just planning to bring Prince Reddy in, but he also plans to bring Rana’s gang down with him. Rana, knowing how to play the game, further formulates a plan to make sure Eijaz does not reach them or find any evidence that would implicate Rana. This is what Rana was afraid of with Naga coming back into their lives. With Naga back, Rana’s looking at a whole host of problems stacked up like dominoes, something he has not faced in the last fifteen years. Rana can only hope to resolve the matter slowly and steadily and not be hasty about it.


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