‘Rana Naidu’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Sent Naga To Jail? Is Naga A CBI Informer?

Episode 2 of “Rana Naidu” had Rana coming to terms with the fact that Naina wants their kids to have a relationship with Naga. Though he is not on the same page as Naina, this does not stop her from apologizing for her actions. Jaffa also accepts the compensation money from the Ashram but has conflicting views on what to see the money as. His confrontation hardly helps him, but he makes sure Tej is by his side when he goes to get the money. Nitya and Rehaan go from being just neighbors to friends when she suggests Rehaan ask Toofan to approach her father for help. What is the roadmap for Rana from here now that he knows his father Nag is here to stay?

Spoilers Ahead

Naga’s Trip To Lonavala

Naga asks his sons Arjun and Jaffa to accompany him on a trip to Lonavala in his precious car, which had been untouchable to all his kids. Jaffa is slightly jealous of Arjun because he is almost the same age as Jaffa, and he will never be doted upon by his father now with Arjun in the picture. Arjun is allowed to touch the car, while Tej, Rana, and Jaffa are allowed to drive it. Jaffa and Arjun make peace for the sake of his father, and they begin their trip to Lonavala, supposedly to meet someone. Halfway there, Naga reveals that he is going to meet Arjun’s mother, who is now married to a film producer. Naga is yet to meet plenty of people from his life before his imprisonment, and meeting Arjun’s mother is on the bucket list. Jaffa, being himself, is not keen on meeting Arjun’s mother because, by all he knows and sees, his father never gave any attention to Jaffa’s mother. On reaching Lonavala, Naga is happy to see Arjun’s mother all happy and settled. Even though the husband turns out to be a show-off ex-producer who is living off the money he made from the hit movies he made back in the day; Naga is happy to know she is happy and settled and leaves Lonavala satisfied, as does Arjun, who now wants to be around his father. Jaffa is not that happy to see Arjun’s mother, but he is happy to see his father happy, and he is trying to rectify his mistakes. Jaffa is also happy to see Naga wanting to spend quality time with his kids, which Rana and Tej don’t pay much attention to. 

OB’s Health Concerns

OB, on the other hand, is having an affair with his sister-in-law. His memory issues are far from gone, but he keeps wondering if there are astrological matters that are causing him to lose his memory. OB wants to hope that what he’s going through at the moment is nothing serious, but while driving back home, he accidentally hits someone, or he thinks he hit someone. A terrified OB approaches Rana to help him sort out the matter. OB claims he kept the body in the trunk of the car and left it where he stopped the vehicle. Unfortunately for him, he is unable to remember the location. Rana, Lara, and Srini have a tough time getting hold of the car, but on finding the car in the impound lot, he finds nothing inside the trunk but a large piece of wood. Rana can confirm now that OB is struggling with cognitive decline, for he believes he did something but cannot seem to remember what he did. Rana knows it is high time OB seek treatment, but his wife is unable to come to terms with his health matters. Rana is keen on helping OB because this man was there for him when no one else was; this makes OB the father figure Rana never had growing up. He can’t stand to see his strong father figure crumbling in front of him because of a loss of memory.

At the request of OB, Rana approaches Farzaad to help him and his kids with his admission to a prestigious school. Farzaad is more than happy to help Rana because Rana is helping him sort out his girlfriend’s matter. Farzaad finds it an honor to be able to help Rana and his family. Farzaad does not know the fact that Mandira, his girlfriend, is eyeing Rana, and Rana is making sure not to land in a heap of trouble because of Mandira. Farzaad, though, promises to help Rana. Rana is hoping to use his connections to his benefit, which he has not done previously. But Rana would do anything for his children, and this seemed like the right time to ask Farzaad for help.

Who Sent Naga To jail? Is Naga A CBI Informer?

Farzaad’s suspicion, though, has no end because he keeps sending Rana to snoop on what Mandira is up to and with whom. Even though Farzaad and Mandira are not married, Farzaad is obsessive and possessive of the woman he is seeing and sleeping with, hoping she will only stay by his side. Mandira, though, is off to pursue Rana without Farzaad knowing. Rana makes sure to lock her up in his other apartment and asks Lara to get rid of the woman who is hell-bent on ruining the relationship between him and Farzaad. Mandira sadly reveals in a fit of rage that Rana would do anything for her, which is overheard by Farzaad’s secretary. Farzaad and Mandira are the epitome of a toxic couple. Mandira is after other men like Rana, while Farzaad is being forceful in wanting to know what is happening with Mandira or if she is losing interest in him. The man is rich but is insecure to the point he can’t handle Mandira going out of his sight even for a second.

Rehaan and Nitya’s friendship helps Toofan get in touch with Rana. Rana hears Toofan’s story, and the only solution is for Toofan to adopt Rehaan and become his legal guardian. But Toofan will have to make sure Rehaan finishes his studies. Toofan agrees to the terms and is willing to pay Rehaan’s mother handsomely, provided she agrees to Toofan adopting her only son. Toofan has made it clear that living with this mother is a toxic environment for Rehaan. The kid won’t be able to flourish as a student or as an artist. Living with Toofan is the only ideal solution, and Rana corroborates the story with Rehaan. Rehaan wants his mother to be safe and stay away from drugs, but he also wants a life of his own, which he is sure Toofan would be able to provide. He agrees to the terms put forward by Rana, but things will move forward only if his mother agrees. Rehaan has had a tough childhood, with his mother giving into drugs fueled by her new husband. Rehaan wants a better life for himself, and in Toofan, he not just sees a mentor but also a parental figure he never had while growing up. Getting in touch with Rana will probably set his life on the right course.

At the Diwali party thrown by OB, Rana apologizes to Naina for overreacting while OB is on stage, and instead of thanking people that have attended the party he starts spiraling again by hallucinating scenarios in front of him and revealing information about the incident he is not supposed to. OB is not supposed to talk about the incident that happened in Hyderabad, and he starts blabbering sentences that are partly related to it and partly his guilt manifesting. Rana, at this point, is confronting Farzaad for lying to his wife about his affair with Mandira, but Rana knows he must make sure OB does not end up revealing things he is not supposed to do at this hour. Rana, at this point, is sure OB is suffering from major anxiety coupled with severe memory loss. Rana is closest to OB because he sees the father he never had in him. To watch his mind defeat him in this way is something Rana cannot stand to watch, and he needs OB by his side for a long time. OB getting treated is important.

On the way back to Mumbai, Naga makes a pit stop only to be followed by an officer who is revealed to be Eijaz Shaikh, a Hyderabad-based CBI officer. It turns out Naga’s jail sentence was reduced because he helped the CBI track gang members of another mafia don named Surya, based in Hyderabad. With Naga having helped them track all the members in exchange for time off his sentence, he feels the deal is done from here on. But Eijaz has bigger plans. He is keen on nabbing Prince for the murder of the woman for which Naga was framed. Naga now has a reason to get back at Prince. Naga was not aware if Prince was the one who killed the woman, but this brand-new information will make Naga an informant for the CBI once again to make sure Prince is punished for the crime he committed. Naga wants to get back at Prince for keeping him away from his family. One last piece of information that Eijaz reveals is that Prince was helped by Rana to make sure Naga stayed out of their way, and he was sent to jail for it. Naga is in shock to know his child orchestrated the entire plan to make sure his father would stay behind bars. Naga was aware of the anger Rana had towards him for being the bad father that he was, but he has a hard time coming to terms with the fact that his son managed to formulate a plan to make sure Prince survived, but his father was sent to jail. There is no love left in Rana for his father, and that’s why he made sure Naga was framed for the murder, while Prince remained free as a bird.

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