‘Rana Naidu’ Episode 10: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Naga Save His Son From Surya?

Episode 9 of “Rana Naidu” had the wheels start turning for the Naidu family because, just as Rana hired Surya to kill his father, Naga, the Maharaja was gravely injured in the accident caused by Jaffa. Jaffa claims he did not want to kill the man, and Rana takes it upon himself to make sure the Maharaja stays back at Tej’s studio; Rana almost keeps him as a hostage and doesn’t let him go to the hospital. It is later revealed that Rana himself was raped by the Maharaj, and he has reason to want the man to die. Rana kills the man, and his body is disposed of. How will Rana deal with his father and Surya from here on?


Spoilers Ahead

What Do Jaffa And Tej Want?

Jaffa wakes up the next morning with the memory of Maharaja being killed by his elder brother Rana. It has been only a few days since they disposed of the body, and Jaffa is already in a mood that makes him question everything around him, including his father’s intentions. Jaffa throws away all the liquor his father purchased and politely asks him to move away to another place because he strongly believes Naga is a bad influence on him. Naga tries to convince his son not to get carried away by what Rana has told him, but Jaffa has made up his mind. Jaffa believes that growing up, Naga could have done something to console his kids, but Naga was busy with everything else except taking care of the family. Jaffa kind of agrees with the fact that his father has always been a problem and never a solution provider. Jaffa accidentally reveals that he, Rana, Tej, and Arjun killed the Maharaja. Naga is obviously shocked, but he keeps the information to himself and hopes it can be used against Rana. Jaffa only wants what is best for himself from here, and he thinks it would be better if his father let him live on his own.


Tej, on the other hand, is disturbed by the turn of events that day when the Maharaja was killed by Rana. Nobody in the family knew Rana had been sexually assaulted, and he’d made sure nobody was made aware of it. Tej starts believing Maharaja is indeed a horrible man because he simply cannot imagine the pain his brothers went through. Tej has the guilt of letting the Maharaj die in front of him, but he also wonders if he would understand the urge Rana had in him to kill the man who’d assaulted him. Tej refuses to go against his family and lets Ana, his girlfriend, go because she pleads with him to go to the police. Tej refuses to do so because he cannot betray his family. He strongly sympathizes with the pain Rana and Jaffa went through, and as a family, he will have to stay with them. Ana walks away from him, knowing it is wrong of her to expect Tej to speak against his family. Tej finally understands that he needs to be there for Rana, Jaffa, Naina, and the kids.

Surya’s Hunt

Surya is cornered by Rana and his men to live in less than hospitable conditions, and all he can do is hope Rana stays true to the deal they made. Surya, though, is still at it to make sure Rana and his family wind up dead, thanks to Naga, who revealed that Prince was the one who killed Deeya, and that Rana helped him cover up the murder. Surya, though he murdered Prince, is now making sure to capture Rana’s family to finish what he has started. Rana, on the other hand, wants to corner Surya and drive him out of the city. One way of doing this would be to release news that Surya, the notorious gangster, has been spotted in Mumbai. Surya is just trying to rattle Rana, but Rana is far from rattled. He wants to catch Surya and make sure he is eliminated before he catches on to them. Surya’s henchmen are caught running with his money by Rana and Srini, and they torture him to reveal his location. Srini is sent to track down Surya, but Rana is asked by Sujoy to come by his office. Sujoy threatens to put Rana behind bars because he believes Rana is the one who killed Eijaz Shaikh. Rana claims that if Sujoy wanted to frame Rana, he would have done it without threatening him, and if he had killed Eijaz, his body would have never been found. Rana is a confident man who knows what to do, and he is never shaken by sudden surprises sprung by people he knows. He is always ten steps ahead in his mind, and while he is making sure Sujoy does not come close to threatening him, Rana formulates a bigger plan to make sure he does not come after him ever again.


Naga comes to the hotel at Nitya’s insistence. He learns from Naina that Rana was also assaulted by the Maharaj, and she cannot believe that, as a father, Naga was never there for his children. Naga insists he was there for them when they wanted him, financially. Naina makes it clear that parents have a bigger role to play than providing financial support. She cannot believe she tried to help Naga before when she now understands that Naga will never get the pain Jaffa and Rana went through in their childhood. Naina politely asks him to leave their family alone and not bother them. Naga pleads that he has nowhere else to go, but Naina has had it with him and his justifications for why he was not there for his sons, who were going through a lot of pain growing up. Naga’s only connection is through his grandkids, and he is upset because he cannot stay close to them after all, even though he tried to make things right after coming out of jail. But he respects Naina’s decision as a mother and promises to stay away.

Will Naga Save His Son From Surya?

On the other hand, OB has news for himself: his sister-in-law is now pregnant, and with that, they have adopted Prince’s newborn son and are raising him as their own. OB is in no mood to be a father, but he has no idea how to handle the situation. His sister-in-law refuses to abort the baby, and now he must find a solution to both problems standing in front of him. Srini, though, is kidnapped by Surya and kept hostage until Rana provides Surya and his henchmen with the passport to leave the country.


Naga confronts Rana one last time and asks him the pertinent question of why he hates his father. Rana makes it clear as day that Naga was never there for his children, emotionally, physically, or financially, to make sure they survived. Their mother and sister died, and Naga never bothered to take care of the kids. Of the money that he stole from Surya, not one penny was used for his children. Though he has his reasons to justify his actions, Rana is in no mood to hear because he made up his mind about his father a long time ago. Naga feels Rana brainwashed his siblings to hate him, which is not right. Rana has no plans to entertain the man, whom he has never acknowledged as his father. Rana always referred to his father by his first name and never felt the need to get emotionally attached to him. Naga demands money from his son, but Rana, knowing his father, refuses to give him a single dime, which makes Naga leave the conversation. Naga also reveals that he knew Rana would take care of his siblings, for he believed Rana was exactly like him. But with Rana hatching a plan to kill his father, Naga believes Rana is worse than him. Rana knows he is not worse than his father because, as a father, he will always be there for Nitya and Ani, and as a husband, he will be there for Naina.

Rana agrees to Surya’s demands to let Srini go if he plans to let Surya out of the country with the money he promised and a passport too. They arrive at a small airstrip, where Rana is not surprised to see Naga by Surya’s side, taking Surya’s side and wanting to leave the country with him. Rana knew his father would pull something like this to get the worst out of him. Srini is released, and Surya is given the money and passport, but Surya just messes with Rana, injuring Srini, and a gunfight ensues. Naga switches sides to back his son Rana, and Surya is left alone to win the battle. Surya is again cornered and killed by Naga. This act comes as the first of many where Naga is trying to clear up his act and be there for his son Rana. Naga wants to have a breakthrough with him, and killing Surya right in front of him is the first step. Naga leaves the country with some cash, but Rana knows he is far from gone, and he also knows Naga will come back looking for them.


Rana, in his attempt to clean up his acts, begins by apologizing to Naina for keeping her in the dark. He has been through many dark phases, and just like Naina helped their kids get out of many bad phases, he would now want her to help him steer through some tough times, some of which happened in the past and some of which might happen in the future. He pleads for her to stay by his side, for he won’t be able to move without Naina. He can only hope to resolve the matter by having a conversation and communicating with her, with the hope that their lives will be slightly better from now on. Rana meets his family by the pool, and all seems well from there on, at least for a while.

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