‘Ragnarok’ Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Was The Teenager At The End?

In the fourth episode of Ragnarok season 3, suspense escalated as Magne desperately searched for his stolen hammer. Laurits found himself torn between his families. In the face of Fjor’s menacing presence in his life, he confessed everything to Jens, disclosing his true identity as Loki. The gods, including Wotan, Iman, and Harry, formed a plan to retrieve the hammer. However, Saxa disrupted their plan by snatching the hammer from the car that Fjor and Ran were driving. Odin managed to stop Saxa and retrieve the hammer. Magne didn’t change at all; rather, his fixation on power persisted. In the fifth episode of Ragnarok, some twists and turns were introduced, adding another layer of mystery to the narrative.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Were The Newly Initiated Gods?

Episode 5 opened with Wotan introducing two newly initiated gods to their group: Kiwi, his lifelong friend, as the Watchman of Gods, Heimdall, and Jens as Balder. The group initially showed some skepticism about adding random members, but Wotan, the king of gods, deemed them worthy. Meanwhile, Magne remained arrogant and fixated on his hammer, bossing around everyone. Noticing Magne’s pride, Iman decided to leave, but Wotan intervened, asserting that Magne needed guidance and proper preparation.


Simultaneously, Fjor convinced himself that with Magne having the hammer, he wouldn’t have any chance to win the war. He accepted the fact that it would lead to his eventual death. With escalating anxiety, Fjor called in sick and stayed indoors. Ran, upon arriving at school, tried to persuade Laurits to stick by their side, but he declined. Meanwhile, Nora paid a visit to check on Fjor, which sparked a budding romance between the two of them.

Did Magne See His Biggest Fear?

Wotan had already glimpsed the future and foresaw the dire consequences Magne would face in an impending apocalyptic war. To prevent this from happening, he guided Magne to the ancient woods, where Thor was once worshipped by Nordic people. His intent was to share his visions with Magne, urging him to understand the gravity of the situation. Though hesitant at first, Magne eventually agreed to envision the truth. During the ritual, Wotan prompted him to confront his greatest fear within the visions.


As the ritual started, Magne initially witnessed the giants, which almost scared him. Yet Wotan reassured him that these were not his true fears and encouraged him to delve deeper into the visions. Magne journeyed through time, revisiting the moment he discovered his powers and tragically witnessing Isolde’s death at the hands of Vidar. The revelation shook him to his core. He realized that his ultimate fear wasn’t war or the giants; it was the loss of his loved ones. Isolde’s death had once fueled his anger against the giants, but now he had been driven by power to the extent that he had forsaken Signy and gotten engaged with the Jutuls.

Recognizing that the hammer had fueled his delusion of power, he cast it aside. He promised not to rely on it. Wotan also told him that Magne need not view the hammer as the ultimate weapon, for it was Magne who held true power, and the hammer merely depended on him.


During his journey, Magne encountered Saxa, who once again attempted her manipulation game on him. However, he saw through her facade and realized that Saxa had exploited him only for power and never truly cared for him. As he told her that, Magne also came to terms with his own motives: he had never loved Saxa either; he had sought to be with her as a means to flex his power and dominance upon the Jutuls.

What Deal Did The Gods And Giants Make?

Laurits was concerned about his underwater creature and worried about its well-being since it hadn’t been fed for an entire day. Despite his intention to go feed it, the group stopped him. Wotan had strictly asked them to stay indoors due to the looming threat of the giants. Yet Laurits remained indifferent to the warning. Meanwhile, as Magne visited Signy and apologized to her for his past actions, Laurits approached the creature and asked it to look after itself.

In a parallel scenario, Saxa met Fjor in his office and proposed launching an attack on the remaining gods while Magne and Wotan were outside. Fjor, accompanied by Saxa, returned home and joined forces with Ran. They prepared to strike against the group of gods, but just before they could step out, Magne and Wotan, armed with the hammer, suddenly showed up at their doorstep. Wotan’s visions had already given him insight into the giants’ movements, which ultimately allowed him to thwart the giants’ plan.

As Magne returned home, he apologized to the group and acknowledged his mistakes. Forgiving him, the group reaffirmed their belief in his leadership. Nevertheless, Laurits expressed his fear about Jens being initiated as Balder, as in the mythological tales of Ragnarok, Balder met his demise with an arrow. Laurits feared that Jens might suffer a similar fate. Jens, in the meantime, didn’t like the concept of war and instead advocated for negotiation to reach a peacemaking deal. However, Magne recognized that war was the only solution to stop Ragnarok and the giants.


The decisive battle was scheduled for the following day within the warehouse. The giants and the gods confronted each other, armed with their respective weapons. Fjor was prepared to concede defeat, but Saxa, clutching her spear, made a last-ditch effort to attack the gods. Just as she was about to strike, Magne asked her to halt and stop the war. He convinced the giants that they couldn’t win against the hammer’s strength. Influenced by Magne’s words, both groups decided not to fight anymore. Both parties of gods and giants agreed to stop the war and lay down their weapons.

Who Was The Teenager At The End?

The gods and giants successfully resolved their differences. While the group of gods found happiness in celebration, the giants underwent a total transformation. Fjor became a more responsible and loving brother, granting his sister a fifty percent of Jutul Industries’ ownership and sharing responsibilities with her. He even took the bold step of approaching Nora, who agreed to go for a romantic relationship with her boss. But what about the foreboding visions seen by Iman and Wotan? Could Ragnarok truly be prevented?


However, the situation isn’t as optimistic as it seems. While the giants and gods are now friends, they missed other possible factors that could cause the apocalypse. The underwater creature, with its escalating hunger, is a big threat. Furthermore, there’s also the wounded teenager who was hit by Ran’s arrow, creating a mysterious atmosphere in the narrative. At the end of the episode, he came out of the hospital in a wheelchair with an arrow in his hand. The nurse found his name strange asking him about the inspiration for the name. In Norse mythology, the blind God, Hoder fatally wounded Balder by shooting him with a mistletoe arrow, causing his death. The teenager being shot in the eye could serve as a symbol of Hoder, who might be responsible in Jens’ aka Balder’s death in the season finale. This ending leaves us with many questions for the future of Ragnarok, which we will only get answers to in the sixth and final episode.

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