‘Ragnarok’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Saxa And Magne Break Up?

In the third episode of Ragnarok season 3, Fjor fed the underwater creatures humans, even sacrificing an elderly tourist couple by luring them to the fjord. While Laurits offered regular meals to the creature, it refused to eat, indicating its craving for human flesh. Meanwhile, Fjor planned a boat race challenge for Magne, aiming to take him to the fjord and feed him to the creature. As Laurits came to know the potential threat looming over his brother’s life, he grew fearful. Magne confronted the creature but lost his power as it engulfed his hammer. In this latest episode of this season, all the Gods took action to prevent the giants from acquiring the hammer. But now it remains to be seen whether Magne will undergo a transformation after regaining his hammer.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Laurits Find The Hammer?

At the beginning of Episode 4, Fjor returned home feeling a sense of relief, believing that Magne was no longer his concern. Yet, immediately after Fjor’s return, Magne reappeared at the Jutuls’ residence, holding a bag tightly. Fjor was shocked by Magne’s unexpected survival and his possession of the bag, which held his hammer. Frustrated by Fjor’s lack of caution, Ran slapped her own son in anger. Overwhelmed by fear and helplessness, Magne went inside the washroom and spent almost an hour thinking about how to retrieve his hammer. Saxa asked him to come out and see the bag, but Magne refused to let her touch it.


Magne was restless and desperate to find the hammer. He requested rescue officers to retrieve his hammer, but none of them paid attention to his concerns as it was just a regular hammer for them. Meanwhile, Laurits was worried about the physical development of the creature and its hunger for human flesh. When Fjor came to meet him at Magne’s place, he intimidated Laurits by implying that his boyfriend, Jens, might become the creature’s victim if he didn’t comply with Fjor’s demands. Laurits was concerned about both Jens and his brother, not wanting to lose either of them. He decided to confess everything to Jens, revealing his mixed identity as both a god and a giant, along with the truth about the tapeworm he had given birth to. To gain Jens’ trust, Laurits took him to the fjord in an attempt to show him the creature. Although Jens had doubts, they were cleared when the creature emerged from the water and regurgitated the hammer it had swallowed. With the hammer now in his possession, Laurits devised a plan to get rid of the hammer for good.

Laurits approached Fjor, handing him the hammer in exchange for Fjor’s promise not to harm Magne any longer. Meanwhile, Jens informed Magne that Laurits had given the hammer to Fjor. The news infuriated Magne, who then confronted Laurits, emphasizing that they couldn’t trust a giant like Fjor. However, Magne also acknowledged that Laurits, being a half-giant himself, couldn’t be fully trusted either. Jens suggested seeking help from other gods who might assist in retrieving the hammer. As planned, Wotan summoned the gods Iman and Harry using his ravens, and they convened to sketch out a plan together.


Why Did Saxa And Magne Break Up?

Saxa wasn’t actually in love with Magne; instead, she was using him as a power weapon to protect herself from Fjor and Ran. She attempted to manipulate Magne as if he were her hand puppet. Through Magne and his hammer, she even managed to secure a managerial position in her company. However, after Laurits handed the hammer to Fjor, she was once again stripped of her power. She couldn’t even control Magne, which led to their breakup. Now that Fjor possessed the hammer, he scared her away from his house. Saxa eventually left the Jutuls but harbored a desire for revenge when the time was right.

How Did The Gods Get The Hammer Back?

When the gods gathered to make a plan to retrieve the hammer, Laurits went to meet Fjor in order to assist him. Laurits asked Fjor to check if he could use the hammer the same way Magne did. He provoked Fjor’s anger, forcing him to throw the weapon, but as Fjor attempted to do so, the hammer fell to the ground. This proved that Fjor wasn’t worthy enough to wield the hammer. However, Laurits had a plan. He asked Fjor to take the hammer and melt it so that it wouldn’t exist anymore. With no weapon at all, Fjor wouldn’t have to fear Magne’s power any longer. Fjor agreed to the deal, but Ran didn’t quite trust Laurits. While it was the gods’ plan to send Laurits to the Jutuls and lure Fjor to them, Laurits didn’t actually want Magne to regain his hammer. He wanted his brother to return to his old self, which existed before the hammer came into his life. So he truly wished for the hammer to be destroyed.


The following day, when the group of gods consisting of Wotan, Iman, Harry, and Magne were ready to execute their plan, Ran disrupted their scheme. She took Laurits’ phone and kept it for herself. She even had Laurits drive a car to divert the other gods’ attention while they left with the hammer in a different vehicle. Just as Ran had anticipated, the group of gods followed the car driven by Laurits. When Iman managed to stop that car, they were disappointed to see Laurits emerging from it. He explained to Magne that he felt compelled to do it, as Ran had already doubted his actions.

Meanwhile, Harry spotted the actual vehicle Ran and Fjor were in and launched his arrow at the car’s tire. As a result, the vehicle stopped midway, but Saxa intervened, snatching the hammer from the car. Fjor asked Ran to shoot an arrow at her, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it, as Saxa was family. Ran’s missed arrow wounded a teenager in the eye. Although the injured teen survived, it became a concern for the group of gods as to how they would retrieve the hammer. Meanwhile, Odin, aka Wotan, the king of the gods, managed to spot Saxa with the hammer and knock her down to retrieve it. As Wotan and Jens brought the hammer back to the rest of the group, Magne was elated. He embraced his hammer, but it was evident that his attitude hadn’t changed a bit. He remained consumed by his power and was content to have it back in his life. Leaving his group in the middle of the road, Magne walked away with his hammer.


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