‘Ragnarok’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Did Magne Lose His Hammer?

In the second episode of Ragnarok season 3, Magne embraced his newfound power from wielding Thor’s ultimate weapon, the Mjolnir. This led him to become greedier and crave more power. His abrupt transformation strained his relationship with Signy as he grew closer to Saxa and fell under her enchantment. Meanwhile, the underwater creature had its first human hunt when Fjor lured his employee Marianne to the fjord as its prey. In Ragnarok episode 3, the storyline became darker when the Jutuls aimed to separate Magne from his hammer. However, it was necessary for Magne to stay away from the hammer to restore his moral compass.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Saxa Change The Plan?

In Ragnarok episode 3, we saw Magne and Saxa almost entering a relationship and living together at the Jutuls’ residence. They were becoming an eyesore for Fjor and Ran, but Ran put her trust in Saxa, hoping she would bring the hammer to them. However, to their shock, Saxa didn’t go for the hammer, or we can say she didn’t get the chance to. Magne woke up in the morning seemingly fine, even though he might have been drugged or heavily drunk the previous night. As both Magne and Saxa went downstairs to join Ran and Fjor for breakfast, Saxa brought a shock to the mother-son duo.


When Ran asked Saxa if she had managed to get access to the hammer, she told her that she wouldn’t do it. She had changed her plan because she believed that having a strong and powerful boyfriend like Magne meant she wouldn’t need to comply with Ran and Fjor anymore. Shocked to hear Saxa double-dealing, Ran and Fjor grew worried. They decided to take matters into their own hands because they couldn’t rely on Saxa anymore.

Signy visited Magne’s place to retrieve her belongings. Witnessing Signy’s depression over their breakup, Turid decided to take action. She went to visit Magne at the Jutuls’ residence and asked him to behave properly. She told him that he had made a mistake by breaking Signy’s heart. However, if he truly wanted to pursue a relationship with Saxa, he would need to break up with Signy first. The next day at school, when Signy raised concerns about Jutul Industries being responsible for climate change and environmental pollution, Magne, acting as a total hypocrite, sided with the Jutuls. This shift in stance altered Signy’s perception of him, leading to the couple officially breaking up in front of Saxa.


Upon returning home, Saxa informed Ran and Fjor that she wouldn’t only be attending school but would also be handling office work. Ran and Fjor had serious concerns about how to handle Saxa. Ran sought help from a psychiatrist to discuss her problems, but the psychiatrist realized that Ran herself was at the core of her issues. He even rejected the notion that she had turned her stepdaughter into a slave in her own home. Little did he know that his patient wasn’t a human but an ancient Nordic giant, thousands of years old.

What Did Iman See In The Future?

Iman became a social media influencer with more than 1 million followers. She became the face of promoting love, as she was the goddess of love, Freya. But she was oblivious to her other supernatural powers, like seeing the future. Waton reminded her that they needed her to stay in Edda to see what the future would have in store for Magne. However, after witnessing his drastic change at the wedding, Iman had little hope for Magne. Nevertheless, she was curious to explore her power and also wanted to see into the future to know if Ragnarok would come. She performed a ritual, which led her to see unsettling visions of the future. In these visions, she witnessed the world in peril and Magne facing impending doom. Scared by these images, she halted the ritual immediately. She informed Waton that she would no longer be living in Edda and departed. But Waton realized that Iman must have seen something horrific in her visions that was compelling her to run away from it.


How Did Magne Lose His Hammer?

Although in the second episode, we saw that Ran was willing to let Laurits stay at her place, Laurits didn’t go there. Instead, he was staying at his boyfriend’s place. His boyfriend worked at a diner, from where Laurits collected a large food supply for the underwater creature. Meanwhile, Fjor gave the creature a taste of humans. To satiate its hunger, he even lured an elderly tourist couple to the fjord for the creature to devour. Following that incident, when Laurits brought regular meals to the creature, it refused to eat and instead tossed human remains towards Laurits. This act conveyed that the creature would only consume humans from now on. This situation left Laurits concerned, but he felt powerless, knowing that Fjor was taking control of the creature.

Fjor sketched a plan to teach Magne a lesson. He asked Magne if he was interested in a boat race the next day in the fjord. Initially reluctant, Magne agreed to the challenge that Fjor threw at him. The next day, as Magne didn’t come to school and Saxa came alone, Laurits became concerned for Magne’s safety. When Saxa told him that Magne was taken by Fjor to the fjord, Laurits got scared that something might happen to his brother. Meanwhile, Ran asked Laurits to take a walk with her. She took him to their place and kept him under her observation so that Laurits couldn’t escape to the fjord.

Meanwhile, Fjor and Magne were racing with their boats, but Fjor managed to leave Magne behind to make his plan work. In the meantime, the creature surrounded Magne’s boat from underneath the water. The ravens in the sky witnessed that Magne was in danger and informed Waton, who then tried to envision what was happening to Magne. But as he needed to smoke a joint to see it, the police captured him in the act. Meanwhile, Magne confronted the creature for the first time. He was scared by its enormity while attempting to defeat it with his hammer. As soon as he hurled the hammer toward the creature, it engulfed the weapon, leaving Magne alone and stripped of his power.

In the next episodes, it’s left to be seen if Magne gets rescued from the situation and manages to get out of the fjord. Also, it’s possible that he would realize why Fjor took him to the fjord in the first place. In the subsequent episodes, things would take a darker turn as Magne confronted the creature or its master, who is now Fjor.


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