‘Ragnarok’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Killed Marianne?

In the first episode of Ragnarok season 3, we learned about Magne’s efforts to gather witnesses against the Jutuls in order to expose their involvement in illegal chemical waste disposal. Meanwhile, Laurits’ pet tapeworm grew into a giant creature while he struggled to decide where to stay. While he initially planned to move into the Jutuls’ residence, his expectations were shattered when Ran Jutul asked him to leave. Magne struggled to resist using Mjolnir, but he eventually succumbed to the urge. He used it to intimidate the Jutuls into complying with his demands. In the second episode of Ragnarok, we witness Magne’s excessive use of the hammer, leading him down a path of darkness driven by greed for power.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Killed Marianne?

Ragnarok Episode 2 began with Magne catching Fjor buying food from a restaurant without paying for it. Magne, with the hammer kept in his backpack, intimidated Fjor and forced him to pay for the food. Fjor headed to the office and found a new recruit named Marianne. As soon as she introduced herself to Fjor, he couldn’t stand her presence in his office. He was so evil that he made her feel bad about her weight and how unprepared she was for her job. The manager, Nora, repeatedly urged Fjor to behave appropriately, but Fjor couldn’t suppress his inner self, which was demonic and evil.


Fjor later encountered Laurits near the fjord, demanding to see the creature underwater. Laurits informed him that it wasn’t yet ready to reveal itself. Fjor asked that Laurits provide the creature with more than just a small meal. He wanted Laurits to offer a human as prey to test the creature’s ability to hunt humans.  was uneasy about the idea of feeding the creature a human, but Fjor seemed to have a cunning plan about who could be the creature’s first human prey.

The following day, when Fjor crossed paths with Marianne again, his usual behavior was rude and humiliating toward her. Marianne was upset and informed Nora that she intended to report the rude behavior she was enduring. Nora confronted Fjor about his misbehavior and asked him to fix it. However, Fjor’s focus was on solving the problem, which was Marianne, not on correcting his own behavior. He apologized to Marianne and offered her a ride home. Initially hesitant, Marianne eventually accepted Fjor’s offer, though it was evident she was heading towards her doom.


In the closing moments of episode 2, we learn that Marianne’s mutilated body was found near the fjord. Ran asked Fjor if he was involved, but he vehemently denied any involvement. Though not confirmed, it’s reasonable to assume that Marianne became the first human victim of the creature growing underwater in the fjord.

Why Did Ran Allow Laurits To Stay At Her Place?

Magne was no longer himself. Empowered by his newfound hammer and the ability to intimidate the Jutuls, he considered himself invincible. In class, when Ran Jutul, the school principal, arrived to announce students’ grades, she taunted a student, publicly humiliating her for her low marks. This enraged Magne, prompting him to head straight to Ran’s office with the hammer in his backpack. He threatened Ran and demanded that she apologize to the student for her inappropriate behavior in the class. Ran reluctantly agreed under the threat of the hammer. Frightened to death by the hammer’s presence, she complied with Magne’s commands.


Ran even bumped up Magne’s grades in an attempt to cool him down and distance him from her family. However, Magne relished in his newfound power, using the hammer to intimidate not only the Jutuls but everyone around him, including Wotan. When Wotan warned Magne to put a halt to his aggression, he responded violently, pointing the hammer at him. His girlfriend, Signy, grew suspicious upon learning that Magne, who was an average student, had received higher grades. Signy’s doubts about his ability to achieve those grades deeply upset Magne, causing a rift to form between them.

Turid couldn’t find Laurits anywhere in their house and immediately believed that he might have moved into the Jutuls’ residence. She went to meet Laurits there, but Ran informed her that Laurits wasn’t present. However, something caused a sudden change of heart in Ran, and she told Turid that she would love to have Laurits stay at her place if he wanted to. Probably, Ran was planning to exploit Laurits to ultimately cause harm in Magne’s life, which might be the only reason she abruptly wanted Laurits to stay at their place.

What Were Saxa And Ran Planning To Do?

Meanwhile, Saxa was set free from the inhuman punishment she had been enduring at home. Being highly intelligent and as evil as Fjor, she planned to eliminate Magne while also wanting to seize control of her father’s property. She returned to school. Upon seeing her, Magne recalled the intimate moments he had once shared with Saxa. It rendered him almost weak and vulnerable to her. He was gradually growing distant from Signy and becoming more attracted to Saxa. Seizing this opportunity, Saxa came up with a cunning plan. She discussed it with Ran and decided to lure Magne into her trap to separate him from his hammer. To achieve this, Saxa would have to sleep with him, an idea Ran loved and intended to execute successfully.

The following day in class, Ran announced a class project and assigned Magne and Saxa as partners. Through the project, Magne and Saxa grew closer. Saxa began manipulating Magne by asserting that pursuing a relationship with a mortal human was pointless, as they would eventually grow old and die. Instead, she suggested that they should date each other since they were alike. Falling into her trap, Magne discussed his financial struggles with Saxa and mentioned that he would be wearing his late father’s old suit with holes in it for his mother’s wedding. Saxa offered him her company card and asked him to buy something nice. Magne accepted the card because he believed he deserved it. Due to the financial hardships they faced after the Jutuls fired Turid from her job, Magne believed that the Jutuls owed him this.


Magne not only bought clothes for himself but also took Signy shopping. However, when Signy discovered that Saxa had sponsored the outfits, she found it unethical. Magne didn’t see anything wrong with it, which eventually led to his breakup with Signy.

The night before Turid’s wedding, Magne spent the night with Saxa. Consequently, he arrived late to the wedding the next day. As Turid found Magne absent, Laurits stepped in to walk her down the aisle. Just then, Magne arrived at the church with Saxa, donning a classy suit and reflecting arrogance in his demeanor. His sudden shift in behavior shocked everyone, including Laurits. Seeing Magne with Saxa broke Signy’s heart, but she managed to compose herself. In the subsequent episodes, we will discover how Saxa attempts to separate Magne from his hammer and whether she becomes successful in this pursuit.


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