‘Ragnarok’ Season 3 Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Killed Marit, The Electrician?

Ragnarok is a Norwegian Netflix series that blends Norse mythology with a coming-of-age drama. The narrative opens in the town of Edda, where a teenager named Magne discovers that he is the reincarnation of the Nordic god Thor. As he becomes aware of his supernatural abilities, he embraces his extraordinary power to prevent the impending catastrophe of Ragnarok, the mythological apocalypse. Alongside the forces of good, the series introduces us to the Jutuls, a family who outwardly appear as humans but are actually the reincarnations of ancient giants, or the Jotnar.


In the initial two seasons of Netflix’s Ragnarok, which aired in 2020 and the subsequent year, we saw Magne explore his supernatural capabilities. He was even able to create the most powerful weapon, Mjolnir. Simultaneously, his younger brother Laurits turned out to be the reincarnation of Loki, the God of Mischief. However, Laurits wasn’t just Magne’s brother; his biological father was Vidar Jutul. An intense fight between Vidar and Magne resulted in Vidar’s demise. The reins of Jutuls Industries were then taken over by Vidar’s son, Fjor. He later confronted his stepsister, Saxa, and punished her after discovering that she had helped Laurits.

During these events, Laurits surprisingly found himself hosting a mythological creature, Jormungandr, in the form of a tapeworm. After its removal, Laurits guided the creature into the water. This creature was potentially a symbol of the impending Ragnarok. The forthcoming third and final season of Ragnarok will follow Magne’s relentless efforts to prevent the catastrophic Ragnarok by any means necessary.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Magne Up To?

Ragnarok Episode 1 began with Magne’s efforts to gather witnesses, mainly the former Jutul Industries factory workers. His aim was to expose the Jutuls’ role in the chemical waste contamination in Edda. This pollution was worsening climate change, a problem Magne was determined to address. The series adeptly used the mythological metaphor of Ragnarok to symbolize these environmental threats. Magne had hidden his Mjolnir to avoid using it, but the growing challenges he confronted made it harder for him to resist its power.


While he attempted to gather people against the Jutuls by revealing their factories’ toxic waste disposal, no one dared to come forward. He even failed in assembling his team, including Iman reincarnated as Freya, Harry as Tyr, and Wotan as Odin. Harry and Iman were worried about the lack of proof against the Jutuls. They emphasized the fact that without any reliable witnesses, their complaints wouldn’t be taken seriously. Frustrated by the lack of trustworthy witnesses, both Harry and Iman distanced themselves from Magne. This left Magne and Wotan to continue their investigation alone.

In the meantime, Laurits secretly aided Fjor due to his beef with his brother Magne. Laurits regularly visited the fjord where he had guided his pet tapeworm. He was satisfied to see it growing and hunting ducks to satisfy its hunger. Even though Laurits was snitching on his own brother, Magne’s worry was still his brother’s safety, despite all the disagreements between them. He didn’t realize the threat Laurits might pose as an informant working for the Jutuls. Meanwhile, the wedding of Magne’s mother, Turid, and Eric was in the works, but Laurits seemed uninterested in celebrating their happy moments. Meanwhile, Magne struggled internally about using his hammer in the fight against the Jutuls. But unable to control the urge for power, he tested it in the mountains, causing a massive thunderstorm that almost shattered the mountain’s peak. This occurrence shook the Jutuls, and they realized that Magne’s hammer was making him nearly invincible.


What Happened To Saxa?

Saxa, being Fjor’s stepdaughter, faced the wrath of both him and his mother, Ran. They mistreated her severely, using a neckband to subdue her. They also slowly diminished Saxa’s position and power at the company. Unable to bear this mistreatment any longer, Saxa suggested a deal. In exchange for helping them take revenge on Magne, she requested freedom from her punishment.

Who Killed Marit?

Marit was an electrician who was a former employee at the Jutuls’ factory. She was suffering from liver cancer while working at the factory and lost all her hair. Fortunately, her health improved after meeting a numerologist and placing crystals in her room. Since her wife left her alone, Marit has isolated herself. Magne and Wotan sought her out and urged her to stand against the Jutuls by testifying about their actions. Initially hesitant, Marit eventually agreed to testify against the Jutuls to bring them to justice. Regrettably, Laurits, who was aware of Magne’s every move, betrayed his brother by informing the Jutuls about Marit. On the intended day, when Magne went to lead Marit to the authorities, he found her lying dead on the floor. Though she was indeed murdered, her death made it look like she fell from the stairs while fixing a bulb. Magne realized it was staged and wanted to take revenge on the Jutuls.

Suspecting Fjor Jutul’s involvement, Magne confronted Jutul with his hammer in hand. Fjor and Ran constantly denied their involvement in Marit’s murder, but Magne knew they were lying. As he pointed his hammer at them, it was evident the mightiest weapon was able to scare them to the core. After Magne’s departure, Fjor privately admitted to his mother that he was responsible for Marit’s murder and took immense pleasure in taking her life.

Did The Jutuls Accept Laurits?

Meanwhile, Laurits faced a confrontation with Magne. Magne questioned whether Laurits had informed the Jutuls about Marit. Though Laurits remained silent, he was disturbed to learn that Magne had threatened what he considered to be his family, the Jutuls. Laurits was already uninterested in Turid’s wedding, and after the confrontation with his brother, he felt disconnected from his current home. Laurits made the decision to leave and move into the Jutuls’ residence. He believed he would find peace there, but reality didn’t meet his expectations.


Upon arriving at the Jutuls’ residence with his luggage, a dismissive response from Fjor and Ran broke his heart. They simply told Laurits to leave. As Vidar was the only familial connection Laurits had, and Vidar was no longer alive, Ran had no interest in accommodating Laurits. Feeling insulted and humiliated, Laurits left their premises and headed to the fjord, where his sole companion, the tapeworm, was present. While Laurits conversed with the creature, it became evident that the tapeworm had turned into a ferocious creature. This hinted that it would ultimately bring the apocalypse to the world.

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