‘Raël: The Alien Prophet’ Episode 4 Recap And Ending: What Is The Truth About Human Cloning?

In the fourth episode of the series Raël: The Alien Prophet, To Infinity and Beyond, investigative journalists McCann and Chantal embark on a mission to unveil the truth about the cult. Their efforts prompt Raël to flee the country, seeking refuge in Japan. Despite his departure, the message of Elohim spreads, reaching various corners of the world, including Africa. The series offers a detailed depiction of the contrasting viewpoints held by ex-Raëlians, revealing how the movement’s influence varied among individuals and regions.

Spoilers Ahead

How Were Women Treated Inside The Cult?

McCann and Chantal, two investigative journalists, attended the annual training camp. In the summer of 2003, they joined the Raëlian movement to gain insight into the cult’s activities. They believed that it would be the ideal spot to acquire information. Upon reaching the camp, they saw that people had to expose themselves in front of everyone, which made them quite uncomfortable. Raël’s actions pushed individuals beyond their limits. He is addicted to women’s submission. There was some type of extremely significant ceremony in which naked women looked at Claude Vorilhon in a praying fashion as if he were receiving an offering. The women of the cult could sense how much he enjoyed this type of submission. McCann said that the naked women were referred to as the “Order of the Angels.” They were the women most sought-after by men.

Rael informed them that the Elohim had instructed him to build this order of angels, who would be prepared to receive them. This is a women’s order within the Raëlian movement. And to serve Raël. Raël saw them as more attractive and pleasant-looking than nuns. There were two groups: white feathers and pink feathers. White Feathers could have sexual interactions and were Elohim’s representation on Earth, whereas Pink Feathers were reserved and devoted to being sexually exclusive with Raël. They also swore never to refuse him. So, ultimately, they were his sexual slaves. Raël’s wife, Sophie, joined his movement and was a stunning young woman. Damien stated that Raël married Sophie at the age of 16 with her mother’s agreement, who was also a Raëlian. Raël conveyed to Sophie that she was born to serve him. However, they took advantage of her innocence. She posed naked for Playboy to help promote the movement. There were dissenting voices, arguing that if the goal was to welcome the Elohim on Earth, it wouldn’t be appropriate to treat women like upscale prostitutes. They witnessed him with girls aged 16, 17, or 18. Upon seeing and understanding that these actions were not right, very few people wanted to talk about them, as they were significantly manipulated by Raël.

What Is The Truth About Human Cloning?

Reporter Brigitte McCann and photographer Chantal admitted to missing segments, especially on cloning. At the camp, everyone claimed to be in the dark about the people involved in the cloning experiment, stating they hadn’t met them and were unaware of their whereabouts. When Brigitte Boisselier told Damien that Eve would be born, he was shocked and didn’t understand how she could announce the birth of a cloned baby when, as an insider, he knew nothing of the sort was happening. Boisselier’s sole focus was on the media, investors, and clients, emphasizing advertising and marketing as their agenda. She rarely entered the lab, using it mainly for photo ops. Although acknowledging Damien’s shock, she dismissed it as a premature concern. Damien endured 13 years of psychological torture, keeping the false narrative of the world’s first cloned human baby a secret. When asked about the baby’s existence, Boisselier mentioned she thinks she’s well, with no recent news and contact with parents always occurring through third parties. Reporters questioned why she doesn’t show Eve to the world; she responded that it could potentially be done now, but she doesn’t think it would be very useful. For her, the human cloning project wasn’t a goal in itself; she only did it because Raël asked her to. Perceiving herself as a hero, she believes she gave her all for the mission, even if it involved committing criminal or illegal acts through psychological manipulation, brainwashing, and indoctrination strategies. The report by Brigitte McCann and Chantal exposes all of this.

How Did Raël Influence People In Japan And Africa?

In the late ’80s, Raël gave up on the property of Eden for less than $200,000, leaving many Raëlians feeling let down. He left Canada for Japan in 2007, aiming to spread the movement’s message and forget the past. Raël emphasized personal growth and spreading love to build the image of Elohim on Earth. Reflecting on life’s purpose, he asserted, “To be happy.” Having stayed away from France for decades, he seemed unlikely to return to the US. Raël downplayed the baby cloning scam, attributing it to Brigitte Boisselier’s initiative for publicity. In Japan and Africa, Raël influenced followers, envisioning the latter as a place where the movement could thrive. Yves Boni, a Raëlian prophet in Africa, highlighted the vibrancy and potential for the movement’s growth on the continent. Raël expressed skepticism about witnessing the creation of the embassy during his lifetime, viewing it as a long-term mission, but said that after his death there would be another prophet who would take his place and make the dream come true.

The ending of the series reveals conflicting opinions among former Raëlians. Damien expresses a sense of loss, feeling that Raël stole 33 years of his life, leading to an existential crisis. He regrets being manipulated by the cult, emphasizing the danger of not realizing it while in the midst of it. As a father, he sees parenthood as beautiful and contrasts it with the cult’s restrictions. Damien hopes Brigitte will awaken to the manipulation one day. Brigitte, on the other hand, remains staunchly committed to the Raëlian movement. When asked about the possibility of it all being a scam, she dismisses it, asserting that even if Raël admitted it was a lie, she wouldn’t change anything about herself or her actions. The whereabouts of key figures reveal diverse paths. Raël continues to reside in Japan, emphasizing personal growth and the mission of building Elohim’s image on Earth. Brigitte Boisselier, still a Raëlian, resides in Mexico, unwavering in her dedication. In contrast, Damien Marsic, having left the movement in 2016, now lives in China, working in a gene therapy lab. The series ending underscores the lasting impact of the Raëlian experience and the varied responses of those who were once part of the movement.

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