‘Race’ Episodes 9 And 10 Recap & Ending: How Do Jae Min And Yoon Jo Get Themselves In Trouble?

Park Yoon Jo barely saved her job, but troubles didn’t leave her behind. An analysis report made by her caused chaos among the higher officials, and this time again, Gu Yi Jung saved Yoon Jo from being a victim of the power struggle of the higher officials. In this “race” of the corporate world, Yoon Jo only looked up to Gu Yi Jung as her role model, but little did she know that she would turn out to be the love interest of the guy she liked. Yoon Jo confessed her feelings to Jae Min and got rejected. Later, she found out that Jae Min had rejected her for Yi Jung. To forget her romantic feelings for Jae Min, she agreed to go on a few dates with Dong Hoon, as he had asked her out at just the right time.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Doesn’t Yoon Jo Approve of Ji Hyo’s Proposal?

Yoon Jo and Jae Min are working on the employee engagement project, and it’s D-day for them. They are hoping and praying that the employees will join in. It is an anonymous online conference, and the first five minutes feel like an hour to Jae Min and his team until the employees start coming. They start expressing their concerns, and more people start joining. Some employees even show their faces and names while raising concerns. Amidst this, Sung Tae makes Chul Jun join the conference and praise the company, but everybody starts calling him an impostor, and some even guess his name. The project is doing better than they expected, as they kept the goal of getting responses from 50 people, but 300 people joined. However, this leads to the server crashing down, and their project ends there unexpectedly. They are worried that the employees would be disappointed that they didn’t get to speak. After the event, Jae Min and Yoon Jo hang out at the riverside, and while waiting for Eun, Yoon Jo finally reveals to Jae Min that she knows that he likes Yi Jung, which makes her more uncomfortable because she is her role model. Jae Min doesn’t get a chance to tell Yoon Jo that he got rejected by Yi Jung, as Eun arrives and Yoon Jo leaves for a date with Dong Hoon. Yoon Jo and Dong Hoon’s date goes well, but she makes it clear to him that she is not ready to get into a relationship just yet, to which Dong Hoon replies that he will wait.


At the company, Yoon Jo’s junior, Ji Hyo, has proposed negative marketing to get rid of competitors of their protein powder, but Yoon Jo does not approve of it. Ji Hyo says to Yoon Jo that she is getting in the way of her success, and she shouldn’t stop her unless she wants to see her fail in her career. Ji Hyo has also hired a subcontractor to handle the negative marketing on the internet, and the person turns out to be Yoon Jo’s ex-colleague from PR JOA, Sil Jang. Sil Jang is a mother of two and requests that Yoon Jo approve Ji Hyo’s proposal. Yoon Jo approves the plan reluctantly, and the negative marketing begins. Yoon Jo doesn’t feel right because she knows that a lot of small businesses will be affected by this, including the protein bread shop that her campaign made famous. Yoon Jo is never short of things to worry about, as lately, Seyong has been making many headlines. The CEO of the company posts a picture with a presidential candidate’s picture in the background, and her comment creates controversy. The PR team solves the issue quickly, and their negative marketing also starts showing results. After the negative comments about other protein powders, many influencers upload videos bashing the protein powders made by other companies, and this starts affecting small businesses. However, Jae Min has found something else. He finds comments against their protein powder, and when he meets the people behind the comments, he finds out that there is something terribly wrong with their product.

Will Yoo Jo Become The Scapegoat Again?

Yoon Jo feels guilty that the protein bread shop is facing losses and that one of the owners is hospitalized due to stress. She meets Dong Hoon, who is handling the PR for the protein bread shop, and tells him that Seyong is behind this negative marketing. One of Dong Hoon’s employees overhears them, and when she informs Hee Young about it, the shop owner also happens to overhear them. He writes a post on the customer forum of Seyong and accuses Yoon Jo of manipulating the market and Seyong of power abuse. Yoon Jo is in big trouble, and she is welcomed into the office by Yi Jung, demanding an explanation. Not only Yoon Jo but the entire PR team is in trouble, and Yi Jung demands a detailed report of everyone involved in it. Negative marketing is a strategy that Seyong has used for a long time, and many were aware of it this time as well. However, it never caused an issue before. Yi Jung and Ji Hyun’s leadership is also being questioned by other officials because of this incident. Jae Min is in Changwon to meet the new dealer of their protein powder’s ingredients, while Yoon Jo is alone at the office, unable to write a report. Unexpectedly, Sung Tae helps her and suggests she think about herself first and write the true report. Meanwhile, at Changwon, Jae Min finds out that the new supplier is a relative of a higher official from the sales team. Moreover, the lab test on food safety in his office and the lab test he got done externally are different from each other, proving that the one in the company is fake.


After contemplating the whole night, Yoon Jo writes the report and takes the entire blame on herself. She submits it to Yi Jung without showing it to her team leader, Eun Jeong, first, but Eun Jeong finds a copy at her desk and rushes to Yi Jung’s office with Sung Tae. Both of them defend Yoon Jo and call it a mistake by the entire PR team, for which Yoon Jo alone shouldn’t be blamed. Yoon Jo is relieved and touched that her team stood up for her. After being an outcast in the beginning, she finally feels like she belongs on their team. Jae Min returns from Changwon and offers to treat Yoon Jo since he couldn’t be there for her during a difficult time. However, Yoon Jo changes the plan to meet Dong Hoon, who is trying to revive the protein bread shop. Jae Min is bothered every time Yoon Jo mentions Dong Hoon, but she doesn’t let it show. Jae Min goes to Eun’s bar since he has no one else to hang out with and goes out to take a call right when his journalist friend goes in. She sees the documents that Jae Min left behind, and as a journalist, she cannot ignore them.

Jae Min finds out that their previous supplier died in a car accident after being depressed about losing a big deal with their company, but he thinks that it could have been murder, knowing that the new supplier has a big connection. Jae Min’s journalist friend gives him a heads up on what’s coming for their company as she has written a controversial article. Jae Min is done defending his company and tells Sung Tae that the journalist got a tip from him. Race Episode 10 ends with both Jae Min and Yoon Jo at the risk of losing their jobs. The higher officials have decided to force them to resign to show and elevate their power in the company and to go against the current CEO, Ji Hyun.


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