‘Race’ Episodes 7 And 8 Recap & Ending: Will Jae Min And Yi Jung Start Dating Again?

Yoon Jo finally joined her dream company, but things didn’t get any easier for her. Previously, in Race, Yoon Jo got dragged into controversy for allegedly being undeserving of the job she got. Other employees called it a publicity stunt, and Yoon Jo was so close to losing her dream job. However, Gu Yi Jung, the company’s new executive director and Yoon Jo’s role model, saved both Yoon Jo and the company’s reputation. Meanwhile, the CEO of the company, Ji Hyun, is fighting to protect her position with Yi Jung’s help, and unintentionally, Yoon Jo gets involved in their power struggle once again.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Yoon Jo Confess Her Feelings To Jae Min?

Jung Su Hwan is next in line to become the chief strategy officer of the company, a position previously held by Ji Hyun. Ji Hyun is worried that all the executives will move up against her with Su Hwan by their side; hence, she is looking for a reason to hold him back. Yoon Jo’s report about the decreasing sales of their cosmetic product line, Celltics, becomes the reason that threatens Su Hwan’s ambitions. Yoon Jo has been working on the Celltics project with Earth Comms, and their recent campaign didn’t give them the expected results. Yoon Jo created a report and deduced that the outdated brand identity was the reason behind the failure. She also proposed creating a new brand identity to cater to the changing consumer group and their needs. After getting approval from the planning team with a lot of convincing, Yoon Jo submitted the report to Yi Jung. Yi Jung presented the report at the meeting of the board of directors, which surprised Su Hwan as it was an unexpected attack. However, he is not going to sit back and watch. He insults Yoon Jo and her boss, Eun Jeong, and later proceeds to fire the head of the planning team. Yoon Jo feels bad for the planning team because it was her report, so she goes to Su Hwan and asks him to fire her instead. Su Hwan only insults her more and tells her to know her place because her importance in the company equals nothing.


Initially, even Yi Jung was against rebranding Celltics because it was a tedious process, but she understood that it was needed, and it didn’t take her a lot to convince Su Hwan. If Celltics fails in the future, Su Hwan will be blamed for it anyway. That’s why it is better to take a small step back than fall in deep later. Yoon Jo’s name became known after this incident, and Ji Hyun assigned her to handle both her personal and the company’s social media channels. Amidst this, Yoon Jo suddenly reveals to Jae Min that she really likes him. Jae Min’s colleague was teasing him and Yoon Jo for being a secret couple, so Jae Min told him that they were childhood friends. Jae Min describes this incident to Yoon Jo and asks her whether she is dating someone, and tells her that if not, Dong Hoon of Earth Communications is a good choice. He has noticed that Dong Hoon seems to like Yoon Jo but wonders why he hasn’t confessed yet. That’s when Yoon Jo asks Jae Min if he would date her. At first, Jae Min takes it as a joke, but Yoon Jo is serious. After work, Jae Min joins Yoon Jo on her way back home and reveals to her that he met the woman he met in Santiago again, and his heart fluttered. He rejects Yoon Jo because he likes someone else. However, Yoon Jo’s confession gives him the courage to ask out Yi Jung again, and he calls her.

How Does Jae Min End Up On Sun Tae’s Team?

Yoon Jo wants to avoid Jae Min as much as she can, and she is glad that Jae Min has moved to another team so she doesn’t have to see his face. However, she has become a part of a new employee engagement project by Yi Jung, and Jae Min is part of it too. As if it weren’t enough, her friend, Eun, tells her something she doesn’t need to listen to. Jae Min told Eun that the woman from Santiago is now the CCO of their company, and Yoon Jo’s heart breaks even more after she hears it from Eun. Yoon Jo needs to talk to someone, and she finds Hee Young free. She tells her everything, from her childhood, when she fell in love with Jae Min, to now, when she finds out that Jae Min is in love with Yi Jung, her idol. While Yoon Jo is talking with Hee Young, Jae Min is waiting for her at Eun’s bar. Eun tells Jae Min not to wait for her because she is heartbroken by rejection, and that’s when Jae Min reveals that he also got rejected by Yi Jung. Yi Jung told Jae Min clearly that she had no intention of being in a relationship with him ever again. Yoon Jo has faced rejection, but another man has eyes for her. Dong Hoon takes his team out to dinner at the same restaurant where Yoon Jo and Hee Young are already present. He takes the chance and asks Hee Young to join their team while he talks with Yoon Jo.


Yoon Jo asks Jae Min for some time alone so that she can get herself together. She cannot just act like nothing has happened between them. Jae Min agrees to it but asks her to do it quickly because he needs his friend. They are working on the employee engagement project, and Yoon Jo is keeping it professional. The employee engagement project is becoming a concern for higher officials who are up for promotion, especially Sun Tae. Jae Min is leading the project, and he is worried that it might become a problem later. He tries to win Jae Min’s favor and even brings him back to his team. Meanwhile, Yoon Jo has become in charge of the first project for employee engagement, as it was her idea to hold an anonymous video conference to listen to the concerns of employees. Yoon Jo’s beginning was difficult, but now she is getting what she deserves.

Yoon Jo is growing in her career and now even has a subordinate working under her. She has even resolved things with Jae Min, and they are now comfortable around each other again as friends. She refuses to have dinner with Jae Min because Dong Hoon is treating her to dinner for helping him get home when he got drunk the last time, and they end up going to the same restaurant where Jae Min is having dinner with Chul Jun. Race Episode 8 ends with a much-needed confession from Dong Hoon. He doesn’t express his feelings directly to Yoon Jo but asks her if they could go on dates. Chul Jun hears them while he is passing by, and before he can even go to Jae Min and tell him what is going on, Yoon Joo agrees to date Dong Hoon. Jae Min’s reaction to this would be interesting to know. Yoon Jo might drift apart from Jae Min if she starts dating Dong Hoon because it is obvious that she is trying to move on from Jae Min.


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