‘Rabbit Hole’ Finale Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Crowley Dead?

Episode 7 of Rabbit Hole ended with John and Ben deciding to bring an end to Crowley’s plan once and for all. Miles’s death and those of John’s team should not go in vain. But it won’t be an easy feat, as Crowley knows a lot about Ben and John and will do everything in his power to stop them. Will the father-son duo be able to stop Crowley? Or will the latter prevail like he has all this time? Rabbit Hole Episode 8 is the season finale.


Spoilers Ahead

The Beginning Of The End

[A woman is kidnapped in broad daylight.]


The news of the deaths of three judges of the Washington DC Circuit Court tells Ben that Crowley has begun executing his plan. And it will stop only after Crowley has established a country on his own terms. John cannot go public with all the information they have on Crowley because the latter controls most of the media and can easily influence public opinion against the proof using fear.

John and Ben thus decide to execute Plan Homm, which includes revealing to the world that Edward Homm is alive. This will shift the narrative from Crowley’s control to the public’s. At the ANB newsroom, head journalist Debra receives a bizarre piece of information and an attachment. John gets a confirmation on his laptop that Debra has agreed to meet early the next day. Hailey tells John that she contacted Agent Josephine Madi because she was scared about losing John (Episode 7). She even shared some intel with Madi to prove that John is in danger. As much as John understands that it can turn into a hurdle, he realizes what Hailey did was for his safety and doesn’t freak out as we had expected. They end up kissing.



[In a warehouse at an undisclosed location, a guy cuts off a finger from the kidnapped woman’s hand as “proof of life”.]

The next day, Agent Madi, who is now the lead investigator in the Edward Homm-John Weir case, receives a shocking email with an attachment while talking to her daughter Chloe, who tells her that her mother (Madi’s wife) hasn’t returned home. Ben, Homm, and Hailey set out on their plan. John will be meeting Debra at 8 a.m. Ben is supposed to pick up Liv from her place and keep her safe. Someone clicks pictures of Hailey and Homm as they get inside their car. They are being tracked, possibly by Madi.


Ben arrives at Liv’s house, and they wait for his grandson Samuel to return home, after which they shall leave. John meets Debra at a restaurant and gives her a thumb drive containing the name of the person who killed the three judges as well as intel proving the conspiracy of a certain somebody to take over the country. John’s only condition is that she will have to go live with Edward Homm, who will expose the whole thing on national TV. As soon as Debra leaves, Madi arrives with her force and arrests him. In the interrogation room, John tells Madi that Homm is alive. Madi doesn’t believe it. He offers to give her all the information if he can make sure that his family is safe. Madi disagrees with this as well. Madi’s boss, Wilhelm Morello, who is listening to the conversation, calls someone and informs him of John’s intel about Homm being alive.

On their way to wherever they are headed, Hailey slows down and shows Homm a mob with placards that say that Homm isn’t dead. In excitement, Homm gets out of the moving car to wave to the mob and falls. Hailey somehow gets him back inside the car before the mob can get to him, and they leave. However, people have recorded him, and there is no doubt the videos will go viral.


Morello asks Madi for John’s address, saying he will send a team to get John’s family. This doesn’t sound right, as we saw him speaking to someone during John’s interrogation, probably Crowley. Maybe he told Morello to get hold of John’s family so that he could use them as leverage against John. This is why Morello didn’t tell Madi to bring John’s family but is sending a separate team instead. This means that Ben and Liv aren’t safe. Madi comes out of Morello’s office and gets a text from her daughter Chloe. Madi’s wife still hasn’t returned home. Madi’s reaction, though worrisome, isn’t what we expected. She should be freaking out, considering the mail she received earlier contained her abducted wife’s picture. Her reaction then and now means one of two things: either the email didn’t have her wife’s photo, or she is too preoccupied with John to worry about her wife, which is bizarre. The former seems more likely. But then what was in the email?

After failing to reach Samuel on his phone, Liv and Ben decide to pick him up. But as soon as they head inside the car, some guys with guns surround them. These must be the men that Morello sent to pick them up. Ben and Liv are brought to Crowley, and his face is revealed for the first time.


Going Live

Finding out that Madi is away, John manages to steal Rasche’s keycard while talking to him and escapes from the room he was being held in. By the time Rasche realizes that his keycard is gone, John is already downstairs. An alarm is futile now. As John is looking for a way out, Madi turns up, surprisingly, out of nowhere, and helps him escape the building. This is when we find out that the email she received was sent by John and contained all the intel he wanted her to have, as well as a picture of himself with Homm. The intel was proof that her boss, Morello, and almost all of the FBI are involved. And that’s when John brought Madi into his plan. All the words exchanged between Madi and John in the interrogation room were a setup. Now Madi is just helping John escape from the FBI building. He comes out and finds Hailey and Homm waiting in a car (so this is where they were headed). Now they will be going to the ANB studio. Crowley watches the news as journalist Debra announces on live TV that she is about to have Edward Homm on her show.

[A masked person breaks into the warehouse where the mysterious woman is being held and kills all the guards. Whoever it is, he or she has come to rescue her.]


John, Hailey, and Homm are in the studio. Homm is about to go live. That’s when Debra’s assistant brings them to the security room and shows them live footage of agents from the Department of Justice (DOJ), who have apparently been ordered to stop the live broadcast. John thinks that it is a distraction. Meanwhile, Kyle, John’s former intern, makes his way inside the ANB studio but ends up being intercepted by John and Hailey. He is taken away by a couple of guards and locked in a room. Within a few minutes, one of the cops, whose face is being tracked [by Crowley’s Arda Analytics tech] by the camera in Kyle’s phone that the cop has found among other belongings in his bag, gets a call from Crowley. He threatens him with his past criminal charges. Naturally, Kyle walks free. Downstairs, Madi arrives with her agents and arrests the DOJ guys, who aren’t DOJ at all but have been sent by Crowley.

Does Homm Go Live? Is Crowley Dead?

The broadcast is about to begin in 30 seconds when Debra’s assistant gets a call. He pauses the countdown and hands the phone to John. It is Crowley who tells John that if Homm goes live, John’s father and ex-wife will be killed. John then tells him the story of why his wife left him. John’s wife was kidnapped by John’s competitor, who also sent him her finger as “proof of life.” John had to hire a professional hitman to get her back. The woman who is standing in front of Crowley isn’t John’s wife, Liv. She is the hitman John sent to rescue his wife. So the kidnapped woman isn’t Madi’s wife. (In fact, the whole kidnap-torture-rescue event occurred in the past.)


Before Crowley can register what John has just told him, Liv (or whatever her real name is) uncuffs herself and takes down all the guards present there. Now the only people alive are Ben, Liv, and Crowley, who is helpless even with his breathing apparatus. Liv hands Ben a gun, and he, after all these years, pulls it at Crowley, whom he spent most of his life with, abandoning his wife and child. Ben ultimately shoots Crowley. Kyle is aiming at Homm inside the studio when he hears the gunshot in his earpiece. He smiles at John and leaves the ANB building. Perhaps he is glad that he didn’t have to kill John, or anyone else for that matter, anymore.

Edward Homm finally goes live about Crowley’s conspiracy and how powerful organizations misuse the data of the common people to take advantage of them and manipulate them. But now that Edward is back, he will make sure that the organizations pay for what they have been doing. Down at the ANB lobby, Madi gets another text from Chloe saying her mom is back. She had gone to the mall. A minute later, John and Hailey meet her, and she lets him go this time. Crowley lies dead on the ground in a pool of blood. Rabbit Hole Episode 8 ends with Ben pulling out Crowley’s earpiece and putting it on. There is someone on the other side. He asks who he is talking to. The answer brings a gloom on his face.


So, someone is controlling Crowley, so to speak. This means that the fight hasn’t come to an end yet, and there is a possibility for a Rabbit Hole Season 2. Or it can be just a cliffhanger for the audience because we know that there are many more Crowleys who are controlling us by analyzing our personal data. As for John, we do not know where his ex-wife is currently. As of now, John and Hailey are together. Clearly, Liv’s son Samuel isn’t Ben’s grandson because she isn’t John’s wife. Also, John and Ben will probably erase all the data from the Arda database. We have to wait and see what Rabbit Hole Season 2 has in store for John and Ben.

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