‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does John Get Valence’s Authenticator?

At the end of “Rabbit Hole,” Episode 1, we see US Treasury Officer Edward Homm tied to a chair in John Weir’s basement. Meanwhile, the whole of the New York police force is trying to track down Weir for the murder of Edward Homm and Miles Valence. Weir’s entire team, who were like friends to him, are dead, and he has nowhere to go. At least, that’s what it looks like for now. Episode 2 shows Wier trying to find out who put a target on his back. Perhaps he will find answers at Arda Analytics. He also has to ensure that Hailey is not lying to him.


Spoilers Ahead

Looking For Clues

Special Agent Madi arrives at Water Street, where John Weir’s office blew up the previous night. The fire department is removing the bodies, and it seems that Kyle, the intern, is critically injured but still alive. He is brought out of the building on a stretcher. Meanwhile, Weir is in front of Hailey’s office and sees her being rather forcefully escorted by a man and a woman towards a car (the same blue car that Weir saw multiple times in “Rabbit Hole” Episode 1). He takes out his phone and stands in front of them, questioning them. Seeing this, the people nearby also start recording them. Using this distraction, Hailey punches both people in the faces, after which she and Weir run to his car and escape. In the car, no matter how much Weir asks Hailey to reveal her true identity, she tells him that she has no idea what he means. It seems that she is speaking the truth and has somehow gotten herself into something she doesn’t understand.


Madi tries talking to Kyle, but he doesn’t provide much information. As she is talking to the investigator on scene, Kyle texts someone, saying that he told the police what he was told to say [we do not know if it is Weir or someone else Kyle is texting]. Madi is asked to leave the scene as she isn’t on the case and is interfering.

Weir brings Hailey to his secret safehouse and questions her again, but just like before, she has no idea what he wants to know. She found him on the dating app, and that’s all. He gives her his laptop, and she uses it to find the account that his dating profile was linked to. Upon seeing the email address, he realizes that it was sent by one of his co-workers. That’s when Hailey also sees Edward Homm and realizes that Weir has indeed not killed him, contrary to what the news had reported. Weir, too, accepts that Hailey is speaking the truth and decides to let her go. However, she won’t leave, as there is still a chance that the people who were trying to abduct her might try again. She is a target, just like Weir.



Weir and Hailey are in the former’s car in front of Arda Analytics, where Weir sees Xander Arnaz, the assistant of Miles Valence. They follow him to a restaurant, and Weir takes him by surprise in the restroom. There we find out that Valence paid Weir to kill Edward Homm [but Weir didn’t]. Xander makes it clear that he knows who is behind all that is happening but doesn’t give up the person’s name. But Weir seems to have guessed it in his mind. He asks Xander about Valence’s communications data, and he tells him that Valence had his authenticator on him, and when he jumped, it was destroyed. Weir leaves. Meanwhile, somewhere else, nurses recover all the things that Valence had on him. One of the items is a key fob [that has a digital screen with a numeric code (that is constantly changing) on it]. Meanwhile, Special Agent Madi has been tracing Kyle ever since he got out of the hospital and sees him entering the Midtown West police department.

‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – How Does John Get Valence’s Authenticator?

Weir makes his way inside the Midtown West police department, posing as a cop [although we have no idea how not a single cop recognizes him]. His face was on every screen in the city just a day ago. Hailey is in his car, and her wrists are tied to the steering wheel. He then calls the lead detective on Valence’s case and, speaking with an accent, tells her that he has some evidence connected to the case. She leaves her cubicle and come out to the lobby. As she leaves her space, Weir calmly walks over to her computer and takes a note of the evidence box number of Valence’s case. He then goes to the evidence room, gets his hands on the box, finds the key fob, and leaves the police department before anyone can recognize him. As he walks out of the department, Kyle, who was following him, also comes out and locks the main door behind him with a wire lock so that no cop can come out.


As Weir heads toward his car, Kyle attacks him from the back with his skateboard [this makes it clear that he wasn’t texting Weir but someone else]. Weir falls, and Kyle searches for Valence’s key fob. He finds it and almost manages to get away with it when Hailey rams the car into him. Weir pulls himself up, grabs the key fob, gets inside the car, and they escape. Kyle is hurt but alive. From inside the police department, Madi sees the entire incident and has no idea what’s going on. It is nighttime when Weir and Hailey return to the former’s safehouse. They enter the house and find that Edward Homm isn’t alone anymore, there’s someone else there. It’s Weir’s father, Ben Wilson.

Who told Kyle to go to the police station? How did that person know that it was there that John Weir would be headed? Is this the same person responsible for Miles Valence’s suicide? Is the person the very employer who wanted Edward Komm dead? If yes, why? What is there in Valence’s comms data? Where was Weir’s father all this while? What has he got to do with any of what’s happening? Questions keep being added to the list, but there is still not one clear answer. “Rabbit Hole” Episode 3 will make things more complex, it seems.


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