‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 3 Recap: What Mess Did Hyun-Woo’s Siblings Put Him In?

The third episode of Queen of Tears has been a game changer. The cold-hearted Hae-in is seen having a change of heart as she nears her death. She feels a stronger connection with Hyun-woo, but that is somehow being disrupted by Eun-sung. He definitely has some ominous plans in his mind, which will be revealed as the story progresses. What was Eun-sung’s real identity and motive? Will Hae-in realize that she is still in love with Hyun-woo? Why did Hyun-woo’s siblings visit Hae-in? There are multiple questions that come to our minds while watching the episode. Let’s clear those confusions out! 


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened After Hyun-Woo Saved Hae-In?

After Hyun-woo managed to protect Hae-in by killing the boar without worrying about himself, he immediately gained leverage over her and her family. She started crushing on Hyun-woo all over again, and even her family treated him well. Meanwhile, Seul-hee had warned the Chairman that the shaman had said that he could be in danger if he went out to hunt. The Chairman believed that the warnings from Seul-hee had saved his life. Later, when Hyun-woo dug deeper, he realized that someone had left the barbed fence open intentionally. When he discussed it with the family, they realized that it was supposed to be Chairman Hong’s course, and someone had been planning to kill the Chairman, but Hae-in went instead. When the CCTV footage was checked, Beom-seok was seen standing near the fence. 


When Beom-seok was questioned about his involvement in the case, he said that he had gone to see his father (the Chairman) at that spot as he knew the family went to that spot every year. He said that he wanted to see him, as he had been missing him since he was kicked out (on the basis of false accusations) from the family business. He also said that when he had gone to meet the Chairman, he was told off by Seul-hee. Later, when she was asked if Beom-seok had come to meet the Chairman, she denied it and said that the family should be aware of Beom-seok, as his intentions were vile. 

Why Did Eun-Sung Want To Buy The Dog?

When the Chairman noticed a man with a dog, he took a liking to it and wanted to buy it. However, the man refused to sell him as he believed it to be a part of his family. Later, Eun-sung offered $100 million to the family in exchange for the dog, and they agreed to sell it. However, right after selling the dog, the man regretted it, and he came back to Eun-sung to get his dog back, but he refused to give it back. When the man pressed him to return the dog, he tried to shoot it, but Hyun-woo managed to reach the spot on time and save the dog. Later, the man told his wife about an incident two decades ago in a brewery where a small boy from the Evergreen Hope Orphanage had killed a dog. He further said that the boy was intelligent enough to garner himself a scholarship from the Queen’s Group. He further said that Eun-sung reminded him of that same boy from the orphanage! 


How Did Hae-In And Hyun-Woo’s Closeness Increase?

When Hyun-woo went into Hae-in’s room, she asked him to shower before getting into bed with her. Right after he had come out of the shower, she was seen eyeing him and wondering what a beautifully sculpted man he was. The situation was immensely awkward for the both of them, but a romantic thrill was all over the air. Later, Hae-in talked about their past visit to Yongdu-ri, where they had spent their first night together in a small bed. It was ironic that the king-sized bed that they were sharing currently seemed cramped for them. 

Later, when Hae-in realized that she was falling for Hyun-woo all over again, she went to consult her doctor. She said that she had been feeling different lately as she had become more sympathetic to others, which was strange as she had always been cold-hearted. She was told that often, people suffering from terminal illnesses see positive changes in themselves as they know that death is imminent. 


Why Did Grace Intend To Set Up Hae-In And Eun-Sung?

Hae-in’s mother had set up Grace to find out more about Eun-sung, as she wanted to broaden Soo-cheol’s career’s horizon. As Grace followed him secretly, he figured it out and confronted her, asking why she had been following him. She said that she wanted to break Hae-in and Hyun-woo apart and set her up with a more eligible bachelor. She asked Eun-sung whether he had any interest in Hae-in and said that it would have been better if Eun-sung had shot the boar instead of Hyun-woo that day, as that move could have impressed Hae-in. 

What Mess Did Hyun-Woo’s Siblings Put Him In?

Hyun-woo’s siblings were concerned about his divorce from Hae-in and came to meet her in person to talk her out of it. However, due to Hae-in’s busy schedule, she was unable to have a hearty conversation with them. Later, Baek Mi-seon sent Hae-in a message requesting her not to be separated from her brother. When she told Hyun-woo about it, he told her that the divorce was only his plan and that Hae-in did not have any idea about it. 


After Mi-seon sent Hae-in the message about the divorce, Hyun-woo frantically tried to reach out to her, calling her several times. However, she was busy at a meeting with Eun-sung, where he was explaining how Hercyna wanted to operate her department store. He said that the brand would require two floors, and some major reconstruction had to be done in the building. Later, when Hae-in went to the washroom, Eun-sung saw Hyun-woo calling her, but instead of informing her about it, he switched her phone off. He also tried to create a major miscommunication between Hyun-woo and Hae-in, saying that her husband had hesitated to save her from the boar. However, she dismissed Eun-sung’s words and said that Hyun-woo had stuck by her side for a very long time and that she trusted him more than anyone. 

What Happened After Hae-In Came Back Home?

When Eun-sung brought Hae-in back home, Hyun-woo realized that she was completely drunk. In a state of drunkenness, she told Hyun-woo how her heart had changed before dying and that she could kill anyone who would backstab her, as she would have only a few trials before she would die. Later, when she switched her phone back on, Hae-in stopped her from having a look at it (as he still hadn’t been able to delete Mi-seon’s message from the phone). In a hustle to keep the phone away, his closeness with Hae-in increased, and he held her so tight that the phone fell off her hand, and she kissed him passionately. 


What Will Happen Next?

The very thought of death must have brought about a major change in the cold-hearted Hae-in. She wanted to build a cancer support center to extend financial support to family members. She had taken this step as previously she had heard an employee complaining about her mother’s ailment and her inability to treat it due to some economic turmoil in her family. The 4th episode of Queen of Tears will showcase how Hae-in is miraculously cured of all her ailments and again starts developing feelings for Hyun-woo. Meanwhile, when Eun-sung tries to come closer to Hae-in, Hyun-woo will surely feel a sense of insecurity and realize the worth of their relationship. 

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