‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 7 Recap: What Happened In Eun-sung’s Past?

The seventh episode of Queen of Tears finally shows Hae-in’s reaction when she learns that Hyun-woo had been meaning to divorce her. She is heartbroken, and when she loses her desire to survive, Hyun-woo tries to help her hate him further so that she will have a motive to survive and take revenge on him. Meanwhile, Eun-sung finds out all about her disease and plots to separate Hyun-woo and Hae-in. It is also revealed that Eun-sung had a relationship with Seul-hee in the past. Why was Eun-sung intent on destroying Chairman Hong? What did Hae-in do to find out about Hyun-woo’s reason for wanting to divorce her? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

How did Hae-in react To Divorce’s News?

After Hae-in learned about the divorce, she was heartbroken and had given up on all hopes of recovery. This severely affected her treatment, and there was no improvement in her WBC count, as she had lost her desire to live and felt that there was nothing worth fighting for. When Hyun-woo realized that she was completely lost, he decided to trigger her anger and said that he had chosen to abandon her as it was unbearable living with her. He also said that he was happy when he heard that she would die, further asking her not to file a lawsuit against him and revise her will. When Hae-in came back to her home, her family anticipated that maybe Hyun-woo had a mistress. Hae-in decided to investigate him, intending to sue him and file a claim for damaged if she found any evidence of his embezzlement strategies. Little did she know that Hyun-woo had no intention of letting her go and angered her on purpose so that she could get motivation to live. 


What was Eun-sung’s plan?

Eun-sung had planned to manipulate the licensing issue related to altitude restrictions for investors in Soo-cheol. His plan would make the investors (who gave loans) choose prepayment, which would shock Soo-cheol, and that would be when Eun-sung would invest and suggest convertible bonds. Later, when the prosecution investigates, they will find out about the embezzlement, and the entire family will go to jail. Finally, Eun-sung would use the convertible bonds to buy the Queen’s shares, combine them with the 4.9% of his previous purchase, and become the biggest shareholder of the group. Later, Hyun-woo warned Soo-cheol to stop the construction as the consulting firm that Yoon introduced was predicted to have an annual profit of 500 billion, but actually the figure was 89 billion won, which was less than 20%. He said that it was odd and that the project had to be immediately stopped. However, Soo-cheol thought that he was jealous and didn’t pay any heed to his concerns. 

How did Hyun-woo prove his innocence to the chairman?

The chairman called Hyun-woo and asked him why he had bugged his room. To the chairman’s questions, Hyun-woo said that Director Jo Hyeon-myeong had approved of Song’s embezzlement files and that Hwang Byeong-u is in charge of the Queen’s external audits, who has his own accounting firm and does yearly audits, but no issues were found up until now. He also said that he was unaware of Mr. Song’s embezzlement plan for the past 5 years. When the chairman asked as to why Jo Hyeon-myeong schemed with his firm and Hyun-woo turned a blind eye to it, he said that someone had ordered it, and it was that person who had bugged the chairman’s room and placed the transmitter in his room. Meanwhile, Eun-sung, who had been seeing all of these through a hidden camera in the chairman’s office, called Director Jo and informed him that Hyun-woo was after him. 


Why did Hae-in keep an eye on Hyun-woo?

Hae-in signed the divorce papers and told Hyun-woo that she would soon kick him out of the house. However, Hyun-woo agreed to it but warned Hae-in about Eun-sung saying he had found an SD card from a dashcam of a hunting-ground incident, and upon giving it to a data-restoring company, he found that Mr. Yoon had visited them and found out that the owner had disappeared. Hae-in did not leave any stone unturned to find out evidence against Hyun-woo to charge him. The audit team came to Hyun-woo’s office and conducted an investigation to look into illegal use of expenses, but found nothing. Hae-in also harassed him, putting a lot of additional workload on Hyun-woo. She also set up detectives after him to find out if he had a mistress, but was unable to find anything. However, when the reports of the audit came, she found that he had withdrawn a lot of cash and sent it to a woman named Kim Min-ji. Hae-in later discovered that Min-ji was one of her employees whose mother had passed away, and Hyeon-woo sent her money to help her with the funeral. 

Why did Eun-sung ask Hae-in to divorce Hyun-woo?

Eun-sung found out that Hae-in was sick after getting his hands on her medical reports. He also contacted the Sungmin Medical Center to find out more information about her. Later, when she went to meet Eun-sung about business, saying that she was feeling awkward and that he wasn’t asking any favor from her in return for his help, he said that she should divorce her husband. Meanwhile, he had taken out her medicine from her bag, and while returning home, when she fell sick and tried searching for her pills, she didn’t find them. Maybe Eun-sung wanted Hae-in to forget all about her past memories of Hyun-woo and unite with him instead. Later, Hyun-woo found Hae-in by the side of the road, feeding a stray cat. She had forgotten all about Hyun-woo’s decision to divorce her and only remembered a few fragments of the past. Hyun-woo feared that Hae-in’s condition was deteriorating and that if she again found out about the divorce, she would be heartbroken for a second time. 


What did Hyun-woo find out about Eun-sung’s past?

Hyun-woo dug into Eun-sung’s history and found out that he was adopted by a Korean family when he was 12. Their international attorney was a neighbor to the family back then and had been informed that his adoptive parents moved to a big house when he came into their lives and sent him to the most expensive school (Hill Crawford Academy). However, the way that they managed to handle the expenses was unknown, as they weren’t rich. Later, the couple passed away in a drunk driving accident, but that was strange as none of them were drunkards. Later, when Seul-hee came to meet him, it was revealed that Eun-sung was Seul-hee’s son. She said how she had sacrificed her life working for Chairman Hong’s family to provide her son with all the luxuries that he needed. Now she was intent on harming the chairman and his family so that she could usurp the house and live happily there along with her son. Seul-hee was later seen trying to win over the chairman’s trust by saying that she would go to jail for him. She told Chairman Hong that she would say that she had secretly embezzled the money through a scholarship foundation. There was definitely something deadly that Seul-hee had been planning against the chairman! 

What will happen next?

The next episode of Queen of Tears will bring up more conflicts that Hyun-woo will face. He will try to protect Hae-in, despite all the hatred that he will receive from her family for trying to divorce her. Meanwhile, Eun-sung will also try to snatch Hae-in away from Hyun-woo, but we are certain that he would never let that happen, as he knows Eun-sung has evil intentions. 


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