‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 6 Recap: Why Did Hae-In’s Family Turn Against Hyun-Woo?

The sixth episode of Queen of Tears is full of complications surrounding Hae-in and Hyun-woo’s relationship. While Hyun-woo has decided to give up on his plans for divorce to stick by Hae-in, she finds out that he had been meaning to divorce her and is heartbroken. It is evident that Eun-Sung has made a plan to kick Hyun-woo out of Hae-in’s family so that he can get a better grip on their family business. Will Hae-in misunderstand Hyun-woo? Will Hyun-woo be able to ensure Hae-in’s safety by dodging Eun-Sung’s plans? Why did Hae-in’s family want to kick Hyun-woo out? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Grace’s Role In Manipulating Hae-In’s Mother?

Seon-hwa was constantly being manipulated by Grace to believe that Hyun-woo had been sabotaging her son’s position in the family. When Seon-hwa saw her son struggling to make the chairman grant him permission for his project, she was immensely disturbed. Meanwhile, Grace had also been trying to find out why Hae-in and Hyun-woo’s had gone to Germany all of a sudden. Grace poisoned Seon-hwa’s mind, saying she had told Hyun-woo about Hae-in’s will, and that’s why he’d been trying to sabotage Soo-cheol’s project, putting it at risk of cancellation. She hinted at the fact that Hyun-woo was trying to win over the chairman’s favor just to set Soo-cheol aside. 


How Did Hae-In And Hyun-Woo Grow Close Again?

Hyun-woo made sure that Hae-in was not depressed about the doctor’s opinions. Hae-in told him not to hold a memorial for her after she was gone and demanded that a nice obituary be prepared after her death. She also asked him to sue people who would badmouth her. She anticipated that Hyun-woo would miss her and cry after she was gone. Later, she told Hyun-woo about her will, which stated that her husband wouldn’t inherit anything after she was gone. She told him that her mother had forced her to make that will, but that she would soon change it. However, Hyun-woo disagreed and said that Hae-in would soon recover and that she could make the changes to her will after that. After they came back to their hotel, Hyun-woo told Hae-in that he wanted to sleep in her room, and she agreed to it. There was an increased closeness between the two. Maybe it was because of Hyun-woo’s fear of losing his wife at such an early stage in life that made him emotional. She told him that she was happy that her husband was not like others, who were after their wives’ money. She was impressed by the fact that Hyun-woo had flown all across the world to be with her and had been making efforts to keep her alive. 

How Did Hyun-Woo Convince The Doctor To Treat Hae-In?

Hyun-woo met the doctor and said that he would sue him for fraud as he had taken 1 trillion won from Hae-in for his research on cancer cells, and then he had backed off from treating her. Hyun-woo told the doctor that he could either choose to treat his wife or be sued, and the doctor chose the first option. When Hae-in learned that the doctor had agreed to treat her, she was thrilled. However, she had no idea that it was Hyun-woo who had made the miracle come true. She told Hyun-woo that the treatment would be done through a Filgrastim shot, through which they would try to raise her WBC count. Even though the procedure did not guarantee a 100 percent recovery, she wanted to give it a shot. 


What Happened To Su-Wan?

Hae-in told Hyun-woo that she had seen a child at the hospital who had suddenly disappeared after a while. She confirmed that it was her elder brother, whom she had lost when she was just 9 years old. Su-wan was her elder brother, who had drowned while trying to save her when she had fallen into the sea. While trying to save her, Su-wan drowned, and her mother has been blaming her for that incident ever since. In an attempt to calm her down, Hyun-woo said that maybe she was hallucinating (which was a side effect of the treatment). 

What Did Beom-Ja Find Out About Seul-Hee?

Beom-Ja had been extremely stressed ever since she found out about Hae-in’s ailment. She had been finding several measures to help Hae-in regain her health. She had also been quite stressed about Seul-hee, and through her secret detectives, she found out that she had spent time behind bars before getting associated with her father and had given birth to a child there. It is possible that Seul-hee had her eyes on the chairman’s property so that she could hand all of it over to her son (I have a gut feeling that Eun-Sung is her son!).


What Was Eun-Sung’s Plan?

Eun-Sang had managed to get Da-hye on his side, seeking her help to get into Hyun-woo’s chamber. He was planning to find some evidence against Hyun-woo to get him kicked out of the house. Da-hye, however, told him that it was impossible, as Grace had been trying her best to find something against him for the past 3 years but had failed. Meanwhile, Eun-Sung found a secret locker but was unable to open it. However, he clicked a picture of a card from Juseong Tech 24, which he would later use as a weapon against Hyun-woo. 

Why Did Hae-In’s Family Turn Against Hyun-Woo?

Eun-Sung had been trying his best to be in the chairman’s good books, trying to appease him with one of his favorite, expensive paintings. Meanwhile, the chairman found out that his financial manager, Mr. Song, had been charged with money embezzlement of 30 billion won. This incident directly hinted at the fact that the chairman was also involved in some shady business, which got him into murky waters. He was sure that someone on the inside had betrayed him and given out information about the embezzlement to the prosecution. While he was telling Seul-hee all about it, she found a secret listening device under his table. The device was traced back to the secret locker in Hyun-woo’s office. 

On opening Hyun-woo’s locker, another such device was found, which had records of the chairman’s conversation with the financial manager. He had been asking the manager to transfer 30 billion won to Jin’s account and sell the stocks under anonymous names, sending them all in small chunks. They also found the divorce papers that he had prepared earlier! The chairman was shocked to find that Hyun-woo had been spying on him and demanded that he be immediately summoned back home. 

Did Hae-In Find Out About Hyun-Woo’s Plan To Divorce Her?

When Hae-in’s mother called her, saying Hyun-woo had bugged the chairman’s office, she did not believe her and asked them to check the CCTV footage. However, when she saw the pictures of the divorce papers that Hyun-woo had prepared for her, she was completely shattered. When she confronted Hyun-woo about it, he apologized to her, saying that he had been at fault for trying to hide such a big decision from her. 


What Will Happen Next?

The 7th episode of Queen of Tears will bring out the sly Eun-Sung’s plan to kick Hyun-woo out of the household by scheming against him. Probably, he had some grudges against Chairman Hong, for which he was trying to get back at his family. Hyun-woo will be misunderstood by Hae-in in the next episode. Whether Hyun-woo will again be able to make his way into Hae-in’s heart is a matter that we are yet to explore in the next episode. 

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