‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 5 Recap: Did Hyun-Woo Finally Go To Germany?

The fifth episode of Queen of Tears brings out a greater closeness between Hae-in and Hyun-woo. He is more attentive to Hae-in after learning about her condition. She has been seeking medication in Germany, but there are no hopes for her to survive as her condition has been worsening gradually. This episode also gives us a glimpse of the causes of the differences between the two protagonists. However, with time, they are slowly being able to mend their past traumas and learn to accept each other again. Will Hyun-woo go to Germany to help Hae-in? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

Which Incident Initiated A Rift Between Hae-In And Hyun-Woo?

The very gesture of kindness by Hae-in toward his family won Hyun-woo over. When he asked her why she had come to his village, she said that she came with food supplies to ensure that his father won the elections. After bringing her back home, Hyun-woo tended to her wounds and also helped her dry her hair. They had become close enough for Hae-in to share her vulnerabilities about her treatment with Hyun-woo. She said that she was scared to get her treatment alone and that he should go to Germany with her to be by her side. We see an increased closeness between the two, and just as Hae-in was going to kiss Hyun-woo, he got awkward and ran out of the room. He didn’t want to leave in until she slept, so he sat out all night, drinking with his brother. 


We are taken back to a phase in their relationship that started two years ago. They had lost a baby, and Hae-in had decided to clear out the nursery, which angered Hyun-woo. He decided to move into the nursery and got all his things shifted to that room (he had decided not to share a room with Hae-in). After having lost their child, both Hae-in and Hyun-woo had become very frustrated, hence increasing the gaps between them. 

Why Was Hyun-Woo’s Distance From His Wife Bothering His Family?

Du-gwan told the other family members that he had consulted a marriage counselor so that Hae-in and Hyun-woo wouldn’t get divorced. However, he was told off by the others, as they thought that the counselor would let the villagers know about it. Later, Du-gwan went to the counselor, asking him to keep it a secret, but he said that he had already told his mother about it. He further added that she had dementia and would soon forget about it. The next morning, when Hae-in and Hyun-woo were leaving, the counselor’s mother went up to them and said that divorce was not the solution to everything. After she left, the other family members told Hae-in that the lady was out of her senses and her words meant nothing. Finally, after Hae-in and Hyun-woo had left, Mi-seon recollected the times when the two had started their relationship 4 years back.Mi-seon had asked Hae-in to leave her brother (thinking she was poor), but both of them decided to stick by each other’s side. 


How Did Eun-Sung Try To Create Distance Between The Couple?

When Hae-in and Hyun-woo reached their home, they saw that Eun-sung had been waiting for them. When Hyun-woo asked him why he was there, he said that Hae-in’s mother had invited him to come and stay with them. Later, he told Hae-in that it was strange that her husband was not jealous of another man staying at their place (indicating he didn’t love her enough to be jealous). After learning from Grace that the couple slept separately, he wanted to make sure that there was an increased distance between them. He had planned on kicking Hyun-woo out of the house, as he had come to know from Grace that he was protecting the family business and that Chairman Hong would prioritize his decisions. 

Why Was Soo-Cheol Relying On Eun-Sung?

Soo-cheol told Chairman Hong that Eun-sung would invest 1.9 trillion won for the complex resort that he was planning to build. Upon hearing this, Hyun-woo suggested a site validity check first, saying it was risky to rely completely on Eun-sung, to which Chairman Hong agreed. Meanwhile, Eun-sung had been planning to get Chairman Hong on his side. Upon getting to know that he was obsessed with Napoleon, Eun-sung told him that he had a famous picture of Napoleon (made by some famous artist) in his house in New York, and he wanted to give it to him. Eun-sung had been trying his best to win over the chairman’s confidence so that he could take over the entire business later.


What Conflict Did Beom-Ja Have With Seul-Hee?

Beom-ja told Seul-hee that she didn’t want her to prepare her father’s food because she didn’t trust her and that she would take over the charge of it. Seul-hee had enough of Beom-ja’s bullying and decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. She broke the CCTV camera in the kitchen and beat Beom-ja, asking her to stop being cheeky. Later, when Beom-ja went up to her father to complain about Seul-hee, he didn’t believe her. This angered Beom-ja, and she went to a secret detective agency to find out more information about Seul-hee. 

Why Was There No Hope For Hae-In?

When Hae-in went to see the doctor, she was told that the treatment that she was opting for was said to have positive effects on leukemia, but there were no proven results on brain tumors. She was told that maybe the procedure wouldn’t guarantee a full recovery, but Hae-in wanted to survive by any means whatsoever. Again, after a few days, when she went to meet the doctor about her reduced white blood cells (WBC), she was told that the lab in Germany might not agree to her treatment and ask her to wait till her WBC increased. As she was walking out of the doctor’s chamber, Beom-ja noticed her (she was there to get her hand bandaged). Upon asking, Hae-in told her everything and asked her to keep it a secret. Beom-ja also offered to go to Germany with Hae-in, but she refused. After reaching Germany, when her reports came, she was told that they couldn’t go forward with the procedure as she had a low WBC count. 

Did Hyun-Woo Finally Go To Germany?

Later, when Beom-ja came across Hyun-woo, she asked him why he had not gone with her. He said that he didn’t have any idea that Hae-in was leaving for Germany. Meanwhile, he was extremely worried about her and constantly checked the temperature in Germany. He wanted to be by her side and make her feel comfortable during her procedure, so he finally decided to go there. While Hae-in was in Germany, she switched off her phone and decided to explore the country on her own. Later, when Hyun-woo came to her, he said that he wanted to be by her side and apologized to her for growing apart. There was an increased sense of closeness between the couple, just like the good old times that they had shared together. 

What Will Happen Next?

After realizing that Hae-in’s life may be short, Hyun-woo must have realized his mistakes and hence decided to be by her side at all times. His reluctance to let Hae-in go was seen when he drew a longer lifeline on her hand with a pen while she was sleeping (as she had complained about having a short lifeline earlier). The sixth episode of Queen of Tears is likely to portray an increased closeness between the couple, with Hyun-woo trying to protect Hae-in from every peril and standing by her during times of need. 


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