‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 4 Recap: How Did Hyun-Woo Find Hae-In?

Even though the 4th episode of Queen of Tears may be a bit all over the place, it brings up the subdued feelings of both Hae-in and Hyun-woo. Hae-in’s closeness to Eun-sung bothers Hyun-woo, and he also looks for her when she goes missing in his village. Had he only been after her will, he would have just let her die, but the concern that he shows showcases his subdued feelings. Will Hae-in be able to find a cure for her disease? Why was Eun-sung planning to destroy Chairman Hong? Will Eun-sung succeed in his wicked desires? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Hae-In And Hyun-Woo Get Close Again?

Hyun-woo tried to delete Mi-seon’s text from Hae-in’s phone while she went for a shower. He tried multiple passwords, but her phone wasn’t that easy to open. However, in the end, he was finally able to open it and delete the text, right before she came out of the shower. When she asked him what he was doing in her room, he said that he was worried about her and couldn’t sleep. It is revealed that Hae-in has been dealing with the grief of having lost her baby in the past as she reminisces about past events. The closeness between the two protagonists is evident, as their hearts were seen fluttering at the very sight of each other. Hyun-woo seemed to worry more about her in the current times. He almost freaked out when he saw her tripping on the escalator and eventually got her a comfortable pair of shoes (so that she wouldn’t trip again). Hyun-woo also seemed to get extremely jealous whenever he saw her with Eun-sung. He wasn’t able to tolerate Eun-sung’s care for his wife, and he feared that she might take a liking to him. He also confronted Hae-in, asking her why she had been giving unnecessary attention to Eun-sung. His insecurity about losing his beloved was very evident in his concern about a third man in their lives. 


What Did Eun-Sung Advise Hae-In To Do?

Eun-sung advised Hae-in to pick at the weak spot of Mr. Hermann to get her hands on the deal with Hercyna. She told Mr. Hermann that she was well aware of his relationship with Sarah Lopez (a popular designer in Europe), who planned to open a store for the brand. She had come to know about Sarah Lopez being Mr. Hermann’s new mistress from Eun-sung, and she used it to her advantage. She knew that Mr. Hermann’s wife was a lawyer and that he wouldn’t ever be able to see his baby if his wife came to know about his affair. 

Was Hyun-Woo Happy To Know That Hae-In Could Recover?

When Hae-in told Hyun-woo that a cancer research center assured they could cure her (51% chance), he was immensely disturbed. He thought that he would again have to endure the frustration of living with her for the rest of his life. He also wondered if divorce was a feasible option, but thought that Hae-in would probably murder him if she got to know about his intentions. 


How Did Grace Misguide Seon-Hwa?

Grace told Seon-hwa that Eun-sung was an extremely popular businessman and could help Soo-cheol. However, Hae-in was restricting that, as she had planned on getting 1 trillion Won worth of sales by opening Hercyna in her mall. She wanted to impress the chairman so that he would bestow her with the Queens Group. Grace pointed out that she didn’t want Soo-cheol to succeed in attracting investment for the resort. Grace further said that Hae-in was destined to feed off of her siblings. This infuriated Seon-hwa, and she confronted Hae-in about it, saying how selfish she was in trying to sidetrack Soo-Cheol. 

Grace had, however, planned out the fall of the Queens Group with Eun-sung. Their plan was to put the chairman behind bars. Grace informed him about Song Jeong-beom, the safekeeper of the chairman, who had been siphoning his own share as well as the chairman’s slush funds. Eun-sung had planned to grab the Queens Group by revealing the whereabouts of the chairman. He also sought the help of an employee of Queen’s to help him destroy the chairman. The employee gave out the news that the minimum funding for private equity would be 20 billion won. He told the other employees that they could put Queens stocks up as collateral if they were short on cash, as their earning rate would be higher. 


Did The Chairman Forgive Beom-Seok?

Meanwhile, Beom-ja called the chairman for a meal on her birthday. Actually, she had intended for him to meet Beom-seok and forgive him. When he came across Beom-seok, he accused him of having leaked out inside information to the prosecution the last time, plotting to take the chairman’s place. Beom-seok said that when he found out that his own father had been trying to pin embezzlement charges on him, he lost his mind and betrayed him. Even after several pleas after 20 years, the chairman decided not to let go of his grudge against Beom-seok. 

How Did Hae-In Help Kim Min-Ji?

When a customer came in, wreaking havoc on one of the shops inside the mall, harassing Kim Min-ji (an employee), Hae-in came to the rescue. She immediately reported the customers to the police for obstruction of her business and assaulting an innocent employee. This incident makes us realize that, no matter what, Hae-in was compassionate toward her employees and had rational decision-making capability. 

Why Did Hae-In Go To Yongdu-Ri?

When Mi-seon requested Hae-in come to Yongdu-ri, she agreed. Park Seok-hun, the electoral opponent, wanted to make Yongdu apple, a K-food loved by people in the village. Mi-seon had asked Hae-in to stand by her father so that the villagers would think that someone influential was backing her father. When Hae-in came in, she distributed goodies to the villagers, making it easier for Hyun-woo’s father to win the elections. 

How Did Hyun-Woo Find Hae-In?

After all the events, Hae-in went into Hyun-woo’s room, reminiscing about the past days. While she was spending some time on her own, a child from the neighborhood came up to her, asking her to give him a ride in her luxurious car. She agreed to it and asked her driver to give him 3–4 laps of the village in the car. Later, she decided to explore the village on her own, and on her way, she started hallucinating again and lost her way back home. Meanwhile, Hyun-woo (who got to know from his mother that Hae-in was in the village) came to look for her. When he couldn’t find her around, he took out his bike and went out to search for her. He found her walking barefoot in a frenzied state, with all her clothes soiled. When he asked her about her state, she said that she had forgotten how she had reached that part of the village. He finally managed to bring her back safely to the comfort of his home. 


What Will Happen Next?

We are taken back in time (2006), when Hae-in and Hyun-woo were still in school. They were supposedly in the same school, and Hyun-woo had managed to help her in a situation where she had been bullied by the other students and was in a vulnerable state. It is possible that he had not known her back then, but she had not forgotten him and would soon repay her debt. The 5th episode of Queen of Tears will bring out how Hyun-woo will have a change of heart and make up his mind to support Hae-in in recovering. Maybe the mystery of them being in the same school in the past will also be shed light on. The evil intentions of Eun-sung will also be revealed in a clearer light in the next episode of Queen of Tears

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