‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 2 Recap Summary: How Did Hae-In Come Across Yoon Eun-Sung?

The second episode of Queen of Tears presents us with twists surrounding the lives of Hae-in and Hyun-woo. Upon realizing that Hae-in has a dire condition, Hyun-woo initially gets happy, but will that happiness last as he slowly starts falling for her all over again? Things also take a major turn with the entry of a second man in the plot, Yoon Eun-sung. Hyun-woo starts feeling a sense of jealousy and wants to win her over again. His hidden feelings come to the forefront when he saves Hae-in from a wild boar by the end of the episode. Will Hae-in and Hyun-woo reunite? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Hyun-Woo Excited To Find Out About Hae-In’s Illness?

After Hyun-woo came to know that Hae-in had only three months to live, he was quite excited about it. He thought that he wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of a divorce, as she would be gone in three months anyway. Upon asking her the symptoms, she said that she was forgetting things and losing track of time, and that the doctor had said she had cytoma. These cases were rare in Korea, and she was told that since it was not a clear lump in her brain, it couldn’t be operated on. She was prone to hallucinations, and medicines couldn’t guarantee her health. 


Hyun-woo showed her that he was very concerned, but actually he was happy inside. He asked her to reconfirm her situation and get a second opinion from the doctor. However, he actually wanted to make sure that he would be rid of his wife in the next three months! On their way to the clinic, Hae-in told him that she did not want anyone in her family to know about her disease. She knew once they learned about her condition, they would start fighting over her assets, and she would be chucked out of her business. 

Why Did Hyun-Woo Treat Hae-In So Well?

Hyun-woo met one of his lawyer friends and told him that he was happy that he did not have to go through the tumultuous phase of a divorce as his wife only had three months to live. However, the only concern that he had was that, in her will, Hae-in had forbidden her husband from inheriting anything after her death. His friend advised him to act as a responsible husband who would take care of his wife just to regain her trust so that she could change her will in the next three months. 


Just as advised, Hyun-woo started acting more responsible towards Hae-in just to get close to her again. He showered her with his fake concern, presenting to others that he was extremely worried about her. On one occasion, Hyun-woo had been looking up the symptoms just to be sure she would be gone in some time. However, while researching, he fell asleep, and when Hae-in saw his research, she thought that he really cared about her. Upon waking up, Hae-in told him that she had found out that some laboratories were experimenting with drugs to treat cloud cytoma but were unable to proceed due to funding. She further said that she would fund those studies so that she could live a longer and healthier life. 

Why Did Hae-In’s Mother Want To File A Lawsuit Against Her?

At the family dinner, Hae-in’s mother told her that she would file a lawsuit against her for building her department store over her land in Gwanggyo. She would do so as word might have spread that she preferred her daughter, and then she would have to pay a gift tax. Meanwhile, Hyun-woo tried to defend herself, saying that if the media came to know about it, it could affect their stock prices. 


Hae-in was somewhat put off by Hyun-woo trying to protect her from her own family, as he was making himself look suspicious to them.  Later, Hae-in’s father is seen asking his mother not to be so harsh on her, which angers her, and she blames Hae-in for Su-wan’s death. The reason behind Hae-in’s mother resenting her will be revealed later when the mystery of Su-wan’s death unfolds. 

Why Did Beom-Ja Reject Seul-Hee?

We get to see a bunch of rich eccentrics trying to wreck havoc in the series! Beom-ja goes to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding and starts acting all crazy (as usual). She beats him up and later ends up in trouble, only to be saved by Hyun-woo. Later, Beom-ja goes back home and argues with her father (the chairman) for supporting her girlfriend and having sent her to prison earlier. He tried to explain to her that she shouldn’t have acted out of her mind and caused Seul-hee to have a slip disc. Beum-ja told her father that he was unable to see through the real intentions of his girlfriend to usurp all his money and property. 

Why Did Soo-Cheol Have A Panic Attack?

Soo-cheol had overpaid 8 billion won in corporate tax, proving himself as a good-for-nothing once again! The chairman was extremely angry and scolded him for being so careless. He told him that had it not been for Hyun-woo’s legal team, then the entire money would have gone down the drain. After being rebuked by his grandpa, he immediately feigned having a panic attack just to escape his wrath (another joker in the house!). Later, Soo-cheol’s wife told him that their finance director had said that he could hook Soo-cheol up with someone who would help him make up for the loss. He had been talking about a private equity fund investor, David Yoon, who had control over middle-eastern oil money. He had recently come to Korea to invest in new businesses. 

How Did Hae-In Come Across Yoon Eun-Sung?

Meanwhile, Hae-in was also trying to get to know David as she was trying to bring Hercyna (a renowned brand) into her store. She was aware that it was David who could help her launch the brand in her store. Later, when she went to the party, she was bullied by one of her fellow business competitors for being the only lone wolf at the party. She further went on to say that she should have gotten married to Yoon Eun-sung after the university, as he had become one of the famous business tycoons after coming in touch with David. Upon learning that Eun-sung was close to David, Hae-in approached him and asked him to help her. It was revealed that they were previously in a relationship but had broken up later. She said that she wanted him to forget whatever issues they had in the past and help her with her project. However, their closeness at the party was not appreciated by Hyun-woo, as he started feeling uncomfortable. Eventually, the entry of a second man into his wife’s life started showing effects on Hyun-woo’s feelings for her. 


What Happened In The Forest?

When Hae-in’s mother came to know that she was on close terms with Eun-sung, she asked her to invite him over so that he could help Soo-cheol with his new business plans. When Hae-in said that she had nothing to gain from it, her mother said that she would withdraw the lawsuit against her if she helped her brother. Finally, Eun-sung was invited by Hae-in, and he came to meet her family. They had decided to spend some quality time hunting together in their private forest (just some rich people stuff). It was a family sport, proving their own worth in the family by competing to achieve the greatest number of kills. While they had all gone hunting, Eun-sung mistakenly got into Hyun-woo’s territory of hunting. He told Eun-sung off, saying it was not valid for someone to hunt in someone else’s territory, indicating he should stay away from his wife (someone looks really jealous!). 

Meanwhile, Hae-in, having lost her track, wandered into an unprotected wild boar habitat. Just when she had started feeling sick and exhausted, she was attacked by a wild boar! At first, she thought that she had been hallucinating, but later, when Hyun-woo came to her rescue and killed the boar, the cloud of hallucinations started clearing off of her head. She realized that Hyun-woo had really risked his life to save her. 


What Will Happen Next?

The third episode of Queen of Tears will reignite the lost spark between Hyun-woo and Hae-in. Hyun-woo might feel a little jealous seeing his wife associating with Eun-sung, but his doubts will be cleared off when Hae-in reciprocates his feelings. It is in the next episode that we will realize that love is indeed like learning to swim (a skill that no one forgets); no matter how much one tries, they can never forget how to love. The deep-seated affection that Hyun-woo has for Hae-in is sure to rekindle in the next episode. 

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