‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 1 Recap Summary: Did Hyun-Woo Give Hae-In The Divorce Paper?

Queen of Tears is yet another Korean rom-com added to Netflix’s inventory! At a quick glance, we may feel it is just another ordinary love story; however, that is not the case here. The story has a twist, as the lovebirds, Baek Hyun-woo and Hing Hae-in, have grown distant after their marriage. The plot will present an inverse love story, growing from a distance between the protagonists, eventually resulting in closeness by the end. Asian families are often considered to be the root cause of many couples breaking up today, and the issue has been subtly pointed out in this freshly baked Korean series. 


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Baek Hyun-Woo And Hing Hae-In Fall In Love?

The heiress of Korea’s most powerful conglomerate, Hing Hae-in, had married a commoner three years ago. Even though their relationship had already been strained by this time, she wanted to showcase to the media that her love story was still picture-perfect. After studying abroad, Hae-in joined the Queens Department Store, owned by her father. She started working there as an undercover employee. That is where she met Hyun-woo, an empathetic employee who showed his concerns for her. He would help her with minute things, such as fixing the photocopier, or guide her with kind advice to keep her afloat at work. It was not long before he proposed to her, saying he would take good care of her. However, later, when he learned about her family, he resigned and ghosted her. Later, Hae-in pursued him to get married after reaching his village in her private jet. It was so less than a fairytale for the two! 


Why Did Hyun-Woo Plan On Getting Divorced?

The actual drama started after the two got married and Hae-in’s family started interfering in Hyun-woo’s personal affairs. Moreover, after getting married to her, Hyun-woo realized that she was a total spoilt brat and would do things as per her whims. We get a glimpse of her impulsiveness when she wants to shut down the brands that are in trouble. When Hyun-woo advised her against it, she was adamant about proceeding as per her own will. Hyun-woo told her that the brands had invested $500 million in equipment, and it would be unfair on their part to keep them from deliberately excluding them from customer invitation events to hinder their sales. He warned her, saying that they could sue the company for it, but Queen Bee decided to stick to her decision. 

Hyun-woo was ordered around by Hae-in’s family members during the family discussion. They advised Hyun-woo to mend his relationship with Hae-in, as everyone had been gossiping about their relationship. He was ordered by his mother-in-law to have a baby to stop people from gossiping. Later, the father-in-law demanded that after the baby was born, he would have to go to Boston to get an MBA. All the demands rained in on him, making it increasingly impossible for him to cater to all their needs. Hyun-woo’s frustration was seen when he went drinking with a friend, crying out to him and regretting his decision to get married to Hae-in. He was ridiculed (behind his back) by his fellow colleagues for being a trophy husband to her wife, who did nothing more than order him around all day long! 


What Happened At Yang Mi-Suk’s Funeral?

At Yang Mi-suk’s (the Queen’s Chairman’s wife) memorial service, the reporters covered Hing Beom-seok, the former CEO of Queens Distribution (the eldest son), who was coming to show his respects to his mother. There was a long feud between the father and son, and the reporters were waiting to see if the feud would be resolved during the funeral. 

Meanwhile, we get to see a strange ritual where the son-in-laws of the family make food for the service. All of them were frustrated and tired of being treated like servants. They were all the husbands of the cousins of the household, and they discussed how they pitied Hyun-woo for being married to the direct-in-line heir of Queens. Later, Beom-ja, Mi-suk’s daughter, came in at the function and created a huge scene there. She told everyone how her mother had died due to her father’s negligence. She further said that her father had locked her up after she assaulted his girlfriend. These events, however, bring to light how strained and toxic the family relations were! 


Why Was Hyun-Woo Scared Of Divorcing His Wife?

When Director Jo decided to resign from Queens, Hyun-woo was summoned by his father-in-law, asking him to publicly humiliate Director Jo, as he had turned his back on Queens all of a sudden. Hyun-woo was hesitant at first and said that the man had served the company for a very long time and that it would be wrong on their part to do so. He was, however, told that they had to make an example out of Director Jo so that nobody else could turn their back on Queens. This incident increased Hyun-woo’s dilemma about getting divorced, and his stress level increased. He went to see a psychiatrist and said that he was extremely tired of the humiliation and wanted a divorce but was scared to table the option.   

What Was Grace’s Motive?

Grace, a matchmaker and a spa service provider to the ladies of Queens, was seen trying to set up a woman’s daughter with the eldest son of the Jinseong group. But the lady told her that she was wrong in doing so, as the third son would inherit everything. Later, when Grace is insulted by Hae-in for trying to act too friendly with her, she decides to take revenge! She promised the woman that she would help her daughter get engaged to the third son of the Jinseong group. Later, Grace also went to meet Hyun-woo for legal advice. She told him that after Daegyeong’s youngest son passed away in an accident, his wife had found out that she wouldn’t inherit anything. Similarly, Hae-in had also prepared a will that restricted her husband from inheriting anything after her death. She tried instigating him further, saying that Hae-in was only using him as a slave. 


Why Did Hyun-Woo Visit His Village?

Hyun-woo went to his village to meet his family so that he could inform them about his divorce. As soon as he told them that he was unhappy with his marriage and wanted to get a divorce, his family tried to dissuade him from it. His sister, Baek Mi-seon, and her husband tried to change his mind, using a lot of sentimental manipulation, but later it was revealed that they were worried about their allowances being cut off if he got a divorce from his rich wife. 

Did Hyun-Woo Finally Give Hae-In The Divorce Paper?

Hyun-woo finally mustered the courage to hand over the divorce papers to Hae-in and went over to her room. Right before he could say anything, Hae-in told him that she had gone to the doctor, and she was told that she was dying and had just 3 months left. Hyun-woo was stunned and sad at the same time. He was unable to hand out the divorce papers to the woman whom he thought he had loved once. He even apologized to her for all their previous fights and said that it would be difficult for him to live without her. 


What Will Happen Next?

The very thought of permanently losing loved ones can be really difficult to grasp. The void that they leave is almost unappeasable. Even though Hyun-woo had decided to divorce his wife, the very thought of losing her permanently left him feeling numb. The thoughts of their happy marriage kept coming back, and he felt his love regenerating for the woman he had once seen as an ‘angel sent from above’. The second episode of Queen of Tears would definitely show Hyun-woo and Hae-in falling in love all over again. The increased tension between the two will be felt with the entry of a third man, making Hyun-woo feel jealous. 

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