‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained

The fifth episode of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story was about Charlotte’s pregnancy, and she was worried she would be alone during the labor. Taking things into her own hands, she moves to Kew and dismisses Dr. Monro for good. Lady Danbury finds a friend and comfort in Lord Ledger, and they form a bond. The older Queen Charlotte advises her son to pursue love once he gets married; it would be hard work, but it would also be worth the wait. Her son Edward marries the match drawn up for him by Charlotte and goes through with the wedding. What would the relationship be like between King George and Queen Charlotte from now on?


Spoilers Ahead

Lady Violet And Lady Danbury

The older Lady Violet Bridgerton and Lady Danbury get closer than ever, with Queen Charlotte busy with her family. Lady Violet feels a lot closer to Danbury because she can express her desires to her. Conveying her thoughts and feelings to Lady Danbury comes easily to Violet. She also asks if Lady Danbury pursued any relationships after being widowed. She lets her know that the Queen’s brother, Duke Adolphus, and her courted for a while, but their relationship did not materialize as she had hoped, and ever since she has not entertained any courting and has devoted all her time to bringing up her kids. The friendship they share is genuine. Violet discovers a gift made by her father for Lady Danbury. It is the type of gift her father used to make for Violet when she was a young girl. She was intrigued to know if Lady Danbury and her father were close enough to share such intimate gifts. Violet is not sure if she should ask Lady Danbury about it. But she is curious to know if her father and Lady Danbury were more than just friends.


Queen Charlotte And Her Children

Queen Charlotte, since the ultimatum, has been through many ups and downs. Amidst all the talk of the heir, there was a wedding that took place between her son Edward and Victoria. The kids are not happy with the queen, and they come forward to confront her. The women especially came forward and talked to her as a woman, not a queen. They let her know that the women in the family have had a tough time bringing their pregnancies to term. There have been miscarriages and stillbirths, but Queen Charlotte is least bothered by any of that. The Queen is accused of being insensitive and not at all compassionate because, as a woman, she should be aware of the problems the female body might go through. But Queen Charlotte’s total disregard for the female body has the women of her family raising their voices against her. Charlotte was not offended but surely taken aback by the fact that there were indeed miscarriages that she was not aware of. She feels ashamed, but at the same time, she is yet again paranoid when it comes to heirs. We’re given no clue how Queen Charlotte changed so much. In that era, no one spoke out loud about the strains the female body went through during pregnancy and the toll it took on her body and mind. Charlotte was clueless about all this because she was not raised this way and was not surrounded by women who would talk about this stuff.

Queen Charlotte, King George, And Their Blissful Lives

Queen Charlotte and King George are in the same place right now, but again, there is a distance between them thanks to the King’s paranoia about the fact that Charlotte would not be okay with his fits and nervous breakdowns. Charlotte expresses her love for him, which again puts him on the back foot. He is scared to express his love for her. When he finally does, it seems as if the puzzle pieces have finally clicked into place perfectly. They begin to understand one another and are open about their fears, likes, dislikes, and passions. The couple finally finds a way to get along now that their feelings are out there in the open. The Dowager Princess tries to get in touch with her son, but Charlotte makes sure the King is not disturbed, and the mother makes it clear to the Queen that he needs to speak to Parliament. The Dowager Princess also tries to rope in Lady Danbury for more information under the offer to keep the estate for herself, but Lady Danbury does not reveal anything about Charlotte to George’s mother. Charlotte knows this is finally a good time they are spending with each other, and she doesn’t want it to be marred by anything that would destabilize his mental health for now.


Will Queen Charlotte Finally Get Her Good News?

The couple moves back to Buckingham House as a show of love for each other. Charlotte soon goes into labor after moving back, and the labor is long and strenuous. She requests George to be by her side, and he happily obliges, even though many oppose it. George loves his wife, and that is why he wanted to be with her as she gave birth to their child. Charlotte gives birth to a son, something the Dowager Princess is happy with. She would have wanted a male heir and she got one.

Amidst all of this, the King must give a speech at the parliament as a sovereign and monarch. As Charlotte and George prepare him for the speech, the man is very nervous, but Charlotte calms him down and allows him to be himself until he feels better. King George claims to be prepared for the speech, but on the way to the parliament, he succumbs to another nervous breakdown and is unable to get out of his carriage. King George’s nervous breakdowns stem from the fact that he feels he is not good enough to be the King of the country. He believes he is under a lot of pressure to be perfect. Reynolds and Brinsley come back to convey this news to Queen Charlotte. She finds him beneath their bed, and she joins him there to have a conversation with him. She lets him know that he is the best person there is and that there is nobody out there who would be more perfect on that throne than him. She again brings out a lot of patience, which works in George’s favor. George needs that kind of support instead of being bombarded with tons of responsibilities.


Charlotte and George host a grand ball in the gardens of Buckingham House to celebrate the birth of their child, Edward. The Queen and the King are elated to be doing this for society, and they invite everyone they know, including Lady Danbury as well. Lady Danbury, meanwhile, is being courted by Adolphus, Queen Charlotte’s brother who finds Lady Danbury very interesting. On the night of the ball, he asks her to marry him because he can see a foreseeable future with her in Germany with their kids and her kids from Lord Danbury. He paints a picture for her of what their life could be together. It all seems like déjà vu for her because that is exactly the life she led with Lord Danbury, sans love. Lady Danbury realizes she cannot get married again just to relive the life she dreaded. She politely declines Adolphus’ proposal. She has more to do in this life, and she is done being married to the royals. Lady Danbury wanted the freedom she was craving. Now that she has it, she cannot restrict herself by getting into another marriage. She would want to savor freedom.

Queen Charlotte and King George’s ball becomes a success, and the Dowager Princess approaches Charlotte to let her know that she truly makes her son happy and that she is glad Charlotte is his wife. Charlotte is happy to hear the words of someone who has endured a lot as a member of the royal family. The Dowager Princess comes to terms with the fact that only Charlotte can understand his situation, predicament, and the breakdowns he suffers, and Charlotte is a great partner who can take over when time demands. She is smart and intelligent, a perfect match for King George III. Charlotte also has a word with Lady Danbury and lets her know that she is willing to transfer her husband’s estate to her name, and from there on, it would go to her children. Lady Danbury is forever grateful to the Queen and the interest she showed in making her life secure. Charlotte lets her know that, though she rejected Adolphus, she has no plans to be mean to Lady Danbury. She would want to continue being friends and helping each other out. Charlotte always saw a friend in Lady Danbury, and the lady also made sure to stay a true friend to Charlotte.

The older Queen Charlotte comes across good news as her son Edward and his wife Victoria are expecting a child, and they are also expecting the pregnancy to be smooth. The Queen is elated, and she wants to inform her husband about the same. This is the first time the older King George has made an appearance. The finale episode of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story ends with Queen Charlotte heading to their bedroom to see an aging King George still busy scribbling something on their palace walls. The Queen asks him to join her underneath the bed so that they can be away from all the noise. She lets him know the good news regarding Edward and Victoria, which brings a smile to George’s face. As the scene ends, they reminisce about the life they have led so far. It was tumultuous, but they made it. They made it work because they were in love. It ends with George letting her know she did not go over the wall, and she agrees that she indeed did not go over the wall. Charlotte is glad to have not gone over the wall because if she had, they would have lived a different life. But she did not. She and George were destined to find each other and fall in love.

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