‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained

The second episode of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story had Charlotte having a bad time living in Buckingham House because she is alone and has no one to keep her company, including her husband, who is far away and staying separately. The Queen is trying to find a way to keep herself busy, but it is tough. Meanwhile, George’s mother is keen to know if the couple is getting along. Lady Danbury, on the other hand, is slowly becoming good friends with Queen Charlotte, and she can hope to benefit from it. With Charlotte and George finally consummating their marriage, will things be okay between the two?


Spoilers Ahead

Coronation Day

As King George’s Coronation Day is nearing, the people and the family are excited to have King George formally anointed. The population is happy to see a new king with a new wife. The Dowager Princess keeps asking if the relationship between the husband and the wife is good or not, according to Lady Danbury. Though Lady Danbury hears about how much Charlotte loathes George, the information she gives to George’s mother is the exact opposite. George’s mother is hoping Charlotte will be with his child after hearing all the good things from Lady Danbury. The Dowager Princess has nothing to worry about once Charlotte is with her child. But what Charlotte is not revealing to Lady Danbury is that the couple makes love on every even day. Even though they hate being in each other’s company, they enjoy making love to one another. It is as if the conflict they have works as an aphrodisiac. It also seems like they eagerly wait for the end of the day. Both George and Charlotte do not seem to want each other, but they also want each other. This is probably because of their young age. Meanwhile, Charlotte is lying to Lady Danbury about hating George, and Danbury is lying to George’s mother about their relationship status as well. This is a cycle that works as a win-win for all of them.


Queen Charlotte’s Obsession

The older Queen Charlotte, though, has reached a point where she is obsessed with having her sons get married to women from reputable families. She does not agree with any other match that they bring to her. She has made it clear she wouldn’t want a commoner or an actress because they would not meet the standards of the royals. Queen Charlotte makes sure to insult her daughters, who have remained spinsters all their lives and never managed to marry anyone suitable as well. The reason the Queen is obsessed is because she wants an heir to the throne. The Queen behaves exactly like her mother-in-law, who was obsessed with having an heir to the throne. This makes the older Queen Charlotte a hypocrite because she tried to keep her mother-in-law out of her life during the earlier days of marriage to avoid necessary pressure, but the Queen is behaving in exactly the same way as George’s mother did. There is no way her sons or daughters would be able to give her any heirs if the pressure continued.

Was Lady Danbury’s First Ball Of The Season A Success?

Lady Danbury is hoping to use the arrangement she has with King George’s mother to host the first official ball of the season at her estate. She puts the idea across to the Princess Dowager, but she refuses to accept it because it would not be the right thing to do. Keeping in mind the great experiment, it would be ideal, but still, King George’s mother is not sure if it would set the right precedent, especially amongst the elites. Lady Danbury is upset to hear the women’s response. She is sure there must be another way to showcase her power to society. She plans to approach Queen Charlotte, hoping she will understand why Lady Danbury would want to do this. Lady Danbury sends all the invitations, and the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting politely refuse the invitation to let her know that her color won’t bring them closer to being elite. Lady Danbury is furious but is coming up with another plan so that the Danbury clan can successfully hold the first ball of the season.


Queen Charlotte and King George, with their even-day plans, switch to every day as they start liking each other all over again. Charlotte is happy to see him, and they finally get along, coming to the same page when it comes to talking about emotions because previously, Charlotte was exhausted to see her husband spend so much time in the garden and not with her. But with that coming into balance, Charlotte requests the King endorse Lady Danbury’s ball because this would mean a lot to her. Lady Danbury is her friend and one of the ladies-in-waiting. If King were to personally endorse her, it would make all the society ladies come to the ball without any questions.

Violet Bridgerton, who was Violet Ledger before her marriage, was a young kid when Charlotte became Queen. Her mother, who is also Charlotte’s lady-in-waiting, initially refuses to go to the ball because of the elephant in the room, which is the skin color of the people hosting the party. But with the King himself inviting them to the party, all the women and men will have to oblige and say yes. The King is the biggest decision-maker in the country, and no one would want to get into his bad books. Everyone is trying to stay in power by pleasing King George and Queen Charlotte. The duo just used that power, and that pushed people to make an appearance. The ball becomes a success as the King and Queen themselves participate as one in the party. Many are delighted to see the King and Queen happy, dancing, and mingling with people, especially since many know the King does not like to socialize. Their being in the party went in favor of Lady and Lord Danbury. With everyone gone after a big successful party, Lord Danbury would want to celebrate the success with his wife in the bedroom.


But unfortunately for him, he passes out in the middle of the act. Lady Danbury is not sure if she should be happy or sad. She chuckles a bit because she is happy to see that the man will no longer be there to breathe down on her and take advantage of her youth. But for the world to see, she lets out a huge cry because she has to appear to be in mourning and upset because her husband is no more. Lady Danbury got what she wanted. Her influence led to a win-win situation for the family she married. It would be an event that would be talked about for a while. With her husband also not alive, she is free from all the obligations she has toward his family. The last scene of the third episode of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story sadly has George again spiraling due to his deteriorating mental health. The man runs outside his chambers to the gardens and starts talking with Venus. Charlotte soon distracts the King by conversing with him and leads him back to the washroom. King George is under tremendous pressure, and the constant anxiety and panic attacks lead to him becoming delusional. The reason behind all this is possibly a childhood trauma, and the pressure of being a monarch is too much for the man to take. There are only a few people from his inner circle who know of these constant breakdowns. If the public comes to know of this, keeping in mind the era it is set in, they will want him ousted, something George’s mother does not want.

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