‘Puss In Boots: The Last Wish’ Major Characters: Who Are The New Bunch Of Adventurers?

“Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” has characters from famous fairy tales and even one from a popular nursery rhyme poem. The movie revolves around Puss, who has died eight times and has only one life left (they say cats have nine lives!). Puss was used to laughing in the face of death, and when a doctor advised him to retire, considering his newfound mortality, he did not take it seriously until death came knocking. A wolf, who Puss assumes is a bounty hunter, is after his life, and Puss needs to make a wish: he wants his nine lives back. How will he do it? Well, according to the legends, there is a wish-granting star. The whole movie is about how he steals the map to the “last wish” and faces different obstacles while looking for his wish. There are also others who want to make a wish! Who are these characters that come between Puss and his journey? Read on. 


Spoilers Ahead

Puss: The Aging Cat

Puss is now an old cat. At the beginning of the movie, we see him carrying all the pride in the world. He calls himself a legend and hero. People around treat him like a star. However, he soon realizes he is aging. Puss meets with an accident, and the doctor advises him to retire, which means no more stealing and running away. At first, he laughs at the doctor, which shows that Puss’ overconfidence in his way of life. He is no ordinary cat; he is strong and fearless. Since Puss is an outlaw, the police have put up “wanted” posters around. Puss is proud of the fact that he is an outlaw, even though his very life is at stake. But do these traits last? In the midst of being a hero, there is a wolf who is after his life. We see a different side of Puss in this movie; we see him scared. He also throws away his hat and boots at one point, saying he is not worthy of them. We see him accept the boring life of a lap cat. There is also a surprisingly sensitive side to him, which we witness when he tells Perrito about his history with Kitty Softpaws. We had never once thought that Puss’ arrogance would have room for guilt in his heart, but it was there after all. All in all, we see a lot of sides to Puss in the movie. In the end, the very emotions he had abhorred for making him vulnerable helped him become the ‘fearless legend’ once again. 


Kitty Softpaws: The Sleek Cat

Kitty Softpaws is a sleek and amazing fighter. She is light on her feet, and when she steals, nobody notices. The great thing about Kitty Softpaws is that she is fearless, but she is scared of not having someone who actually cares for her. Her feelings for Puss are genuine, but he leaves her at the altar, which creates a deep scar. Anyway, Kitty Softpaws is an amazing thief, and she gets hired by a lot of famous outlaws. There is a soft side to Kitty when it comes to Puss, and she can’t hide it. Her biggest fear is ending up alone and not having that special someone. However, when she is in love with Puss, she believes she has someone who cares for her without the magic wish-granting star. Even though she does not care about anything but winning, we see her deeply caring for Puss and taking a leap of faith. Kitty Softpaws is not afraid of death, but she is surely afraid of losing Puss. But she struggles a lot when it comes to her love being reciprocated, as Puss stays self-obsessed.

Goldi: The One Who Wants A Family 

Goldi is a character from the very famous story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” In the movie, she is adopted by Mama Bear and Papa Bear and always fights with Baby Bear. She is after the last wish since she wants to have a “normal family.” According to Goldi, a normal family is a group of human beings, but in the movie, Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear support her just as a family would. Even though she has their support and love, she wants to leave because she feels like she doesn’t belong with them. Her insecurity lies within herself; she wants to have the right amount of everything, be it porridge or even porridge! In the movie, she is strong and sturdy. Her last wish is selfish, but her adoptive family supports her, even though it means she will go away from them. Goldi, in the end, realizes that she loves the bears and decides to help Baby Bear when he is in danger. She learns that a family sticks together. Even though she was adopted, she was well-loved by each of the bears, and that is family enough. 


Mama Luna: The Caretaker

When Puss is advised to retire, his doctor gives him the address of a lady named Luna. She calls herself “Mama Luna” and takes care of many cats while on the lookout to adopt more. She named Puss Pickles. When Puss needed a home, he got it from Mama Luna. Mama is always seen protecting her kittens from the officials; whenever she thinks an official has come to take her kittens away, she lies to them. Each cat in the house looks well-rested and fed, and the credit for this goes to Mama Luna. In the previous movie, we saw Puss getting adopted by Imelda, but in part 2, we see Mama Luna taking care of Puss the same way. 

Perrito: The Adorable Dog

In the movie, we see a dog dressed up as a cat in a humorous scene. The dog has the same traits as any other; he is cheerful about everything and trusts everyone. We see that Perrito needs some friends since he was abandoned by the family that adopted him. Nobody wanted Perrito, but he became friends with Puss. He is constantly reminded that he is unwanted, but he stays the same. He always laughs and makes the audience laugh with him. He cracks silly jokes and knows the way to each problem. He is very patient and wants to be a therapy dog. Even though we don’t see him succeeding as a therapy dog, he sure felt like one to the audience. At first, it was a forced friendship between him and the cats, but Perrito taught some meaningful lessons to Puss and Kitty Softpaws, both of whom were initially irritated by his presence. This does not affect Perrito, and he stays loyal to his friends. He even named their trio “Team Friendship,” which was very adorable to see!


Jack Horner: The Selfish Villain

Jack Horner is a character from a poem named “Little Jack Horner.” Following his character there, he runs a pie factory in the movie. He has all types of magical things and leads a privileged life, but he is extremely greedy. His parents were rich, and he had a mansion to live in. He also had a lot of men at work who he treated poorly. His wish to have all the magic in the world was very selfish. Even the “Ethical Bug” that comes out of his bag keeps reminding him of that and how the world would be in danger if Jack Horner got that kind of power. The reason why Jack Horner was upset with the world was that Pinocchio got the audience’s attention in their childhood instead of him. Since all the praise went to Pinocchio, Little Jack Horner held a grudge against the world. Jack Horner is an incorrigible character who is pure evil.

Wolf: Death In Disguise 

Wolf is the scariest character in “Puss in Boots.” Whenever he comes on the screen, he gives you chills. He is after Puss’ life and wants to kill his pride along with him. He says he likes deadly adventures. The Wolf is huge, and his background score makes him even scarier. Nobody has ever won against Wolf, and he is very confident he will kill Puss. In the entirety of the movie, Wolf keeps chasing Puss everywhere, successfully scaring him. In one instance, he even gives Puss a panic attack. Whenever Puss starts feeling a little confident about himself, he reminds him that death comes for everyone.


However, when Puss says he is not afraid to die, Wolf’s wish to kill him goes away. His character only fed on fear. Since Puss laughed in the face of death, Wolf wanted to kill him to prove a point. But once Puss became a different person, Wolf’s mission no longer had a purpose. Maybe we will see more of him in another part of “Puss in Boots.”

Final Words

“Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” is an amazing sequel to watch. As we expected, we got to witness our protagonist’s life after fleeing from San Ricardo. He not only proved that he was a worthy hero but also apologized for being selfish and started taking accountability. At first, we saw that Puss only loved himself, but in Part 2, we see his character developing. He now has a loyal friend and a loving partner.


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