‘Puss In Boots’ Summary And Ending: Does Puss Save San Ricardo?

Animated movies are always fun to watch. “Puss In Boots” is one such animated movie that can be watched with your family to have some fun and pass the time. “Puss In Boots” is about an adorable cat who becomes an outlaw. The cat wants to clear his name. Why? Well, a few years ago, he was betrayed by a friend. Who is this friend? Read on.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Puss In Boots’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Movie?

At the beginning of “Puss in Boots,” we come across an adorable cat who lures every female kitty. The mischievous is on the run and hiding from the police officers in San Ricardo. We see that Puss starts stealing from people and is on a quest to steal something big. He asks the people of a town for a big target, and they inform the cat about a couple, Jack and Jill (yes, we were reminded of the poem as well). Apparently, this couple has magic beans that Puss has been searching for his entire life. Puss says he thought the magic beans were just a fairytale. However, the people of the town tell him that they have seen the magic beans themselves. The catch is that nobody dares take the beans away from the infamous outlaw couple, Jack and Jill.


Stealing the magic beans from the couple becomes Puss’ mission, and he starts stalking them. The couple reaches a hotel, where they threaten the receptionist, who is not ready to give them a room. Forcefully, they take a room, and there they start having a conversation. Jack and Jill kill people mercilessly and steal from them, but Jack wants to change. Jack says he wants a baby and wants to start a family together. He also says he wants to kill less, even though it is fun for them. Both of them start debating whether or not they are ready for a family, and Puss takes advantage of this situation. Puss is about to steal the magic beans when, suddenly, another cat comes into the picture. This cat is there to steal the magic beans, just like Puss. Both the cats get into a fight, and Jack and Jill throw both of them outside.

Who Is The Other Cat And What Does It Want?

Puss gets furious after getting kicked out by Jack and Jill. He threatens the other cat and follows it when the other cat starts running. After running a bit, Puss reaches a secluded area with a lot of cats. There, the cats insist Puss have a dance fight. Both the cats start dancing, and there is a song that is magical to watch. After the dance fight ends, Puss hits the other cat with a guitar and then finds out that the other cat is a woman. He gets mesmerized by the other cat and starts following it. Later, an egg enters, and we find out that the egg’s name is Humpty Alexander Dumpty, and he is Puss’ childhood friend. Puss is angry with Humpty and gets going, but Kitty Softpaws (the other cat) tries to stop Puss. Kitty Softpaws asks Puss why he is so mad at Humpty, and Puss starts sharing his story.


Puss was an orphan, and so was Humpty. Puss spent the early years of his life in an orphanage in San Ricardo before a woman named Imelda adopted him. One day, Puss was getting bullied by two kids, and Humpty stood up for him. However, the bullies started making fun of Humpty, and the tables turned. Puss could not bear it and started fighting with the bullies. After that, Puss and Humpty became friends. Humpty had a dream of growing the magic beans and going to the Golden Castle. Humpty then asked Puss to become his partner, and both of them started stealing together. The police in San Ricardo grew impatient and told Imelda the two of them could go to jail, and she defended them by saying they were just kids. One day, Puss saves one of the policeman’s mothers and becomes a hero. Everyone in town starts praising Puss, and Imelda gifts him a hat and a pair of boots. From there, Puss becomes Puss in Boots.

Due to Puss’ growing popularity, Humpty starts feeling lonely and left out. Whenever Humpty came to Puss with a plan for theft, Puss declined all the plans, saying they were better than this. Puss had become responsible and started seeing San Ricardo as his home. One night, Humpty steals a lot of money from San Ricardo’s bank and sets Puss up. The police start chasing them, and at a bridge, Puss decides to jump off, and from there, Humpty and Puss’ friendship ends. After seven years, Humpty and Puss meet again, and Humpty convinces Puss to join the gang to steal magic beans. Puss agrees to the theft plan.


‘Puss In Boots’ Ending: Does The Trio Steal The Magic Beans?

Soon, the trio stalks Jack and Jill and successfully plants the magic beans. Soon they go to the Golden Castle and kidnap the golden goose’s child. They also stole golden eggs, and they planned to go to San Ricardo and give the eggs to the people and ask for forgiveness. However, Humpty calls the police and betrays Puss again. Puss is in jail, and he is sad about the fact that he trusted Humpty again. He soon uses his cute eyes to make one of the guards open the jail’s gate. The guard looks hypnotized by Puss’ eyes but soon comes to his senses and stops Puss, but Kitty Softpaws comes to the rescue.

After the rescue, Puss goes back to San Ricardo to save his town from the wrath of the “Golden Goose.” The goose is very upset because it cannot find its child. Soon, Humpty and Puss make up and plan to save the town together. In a beautiful scene, Puss saves the town again, and Humpty decides to sacrifice his life to save San Ricardo. Puss becomes the town’s hero again but has to run away because he is still a criminal in the minds of the policemen. In the end, Puss and Kitty Softpaws flee together, and the Golden Goose is united with its baby.


Another part of “Puss in Boots” has been released, and we expect to see the life of Puss after fleeing San Ricardo. Does he come back to meet Imelda? Does he become a thief again?

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