‘Presumed Innocent’ Episode 6 Recap: What Happened During Michael’s Testimony In Court?

Episode five of Presumed Innocent ended with Rusty’s case going to trial with his family backing him right from the start. Tommy begins to talk about the severity of the crime and how the person who committed it needs to be punished, as establishing the motive is a secondary objective. Barbara ends up kissing the bartender and giving in to her temptations.


Spoilers Ahead

What was the statement made by the forensic doctor?

Presumed Innocent episode 6 begins right in the middle of Rusty’s trial with the forensic expert being asked to offer his statement about his conclusion about the findings during the postmortem of Carolyn. Herbert Kumagai stated that Rusty was acting agitated after her body was transported for a postmortem. He also described in detail how she might have died, and mentioned she was six weeks pregnant at the time of her death. Tommy wanted to play around with the witness and began to ask questions about Kamagai’s working relationship with Rusty in the hope of getting the jury to see the accused in a bad light. This strategy backfired as Raymond’s line of questioning led to everyone finding out Kamagai never really had a good working relationship with Rusty, and his statement could be biased. His testimony could not be taken seriously.


Was Nico angry at Tommy?

Raymond wanted Kamagai to lash out to prove his words were of no consequence. Nico was livid at Tommy for pushing it too far in the name of accusing Rusty, as they were going well with Kamagai’s conclusion of how Carolyn was killed. Nico was losing hope by the looks of it, and Tommy was only becoming overconfident.

Did Barbara come clean about her kiss with Clifton to Rusty?

Barbara confessed to Rusty about her brief kiss with Clifton, the bartender she had met. Rusty was being a hypocrite and was livid at her. He asked her reasons for coming out  as he was not happy with what Barabara shared, as he believed this was not the time to discuss this matter as he was on trial for his life. As a typical man, he was curious to know if she slept with him. Barbara was honest with him, but Rusty did not like it and physically intimidated her, which made her wonder if there was another side to the man. This showdown with Rusty made her decide not to head to the court for the hearing, which would discuss the emails and messages exchanged between him and Carolyn. She and Lorraine talked about her decision to share the news. Barbara claimed she sensed there was a connection she found after years, and as a result, she wanted to free herself of the guilt that was forming in her. 


What did Eugenia reveal about the affair?

The HR personnel Eugenia was brought to stand as a witness who was aware of the affair between Rusty and Carolyn, though she chose to never address the same at the office. She claimed to have seen the couple kissing, exchanging messages and glances throughout their affair saying she knew this was highly inappropriate. Eugenia had also witnessed Carolyn and Rusty arguing, and she had asked him to move on. Eugenia also revealed Carolyn had complained to her about Tommy and specified she could not work with him. This was a big revelation, as Eugenia claimed being around Tommy was not easy for Carolyn. Tommy was put on the spot with this revelation. However, Eugenia’s statement about what Carolyn perceived of Tommy was surprising because Nico and Tommy did not see this coming, and it could derail the case they were forming against Rusty.

What did the DNA analyst state?

The DNA analyst who was asked to testify claimed the DNA found on Carolyn’s body could have been because of the resistance she might have shown while being attacked. Since the DNA found under her fingernails belonged to Rusty, this detail would incriminate him. Raymond was quick to point out that the DNA found under Carolyn’s fingernails could also be because she might have touched his face, as it was made clear they were having an affair. The DNA analyst agreed with Raymond’s theory as well, which rules out Tommy’s suggestion that Rusty could have attacked and killed her. 


What did the judge state about Michael’s testimony?

Michael’s testimony was crucial for the trial as the young boy had pictures taken of his mother and Rusty hours before her death. Michael was the only son of Carolyn, and he was living with his father. Since Michael was in his mid-teens, the judge had to remind everyone they had to be sensitive toward the adolescent. Since Tommy and Raymond were with each other throughout the trial so far, the judge had to put forward some ground rules before the boy was asked to answer the questions. Michael’s photographs could make or break the case, as the boy had such strong opinions about what might have happened on the dreadful night. 

What happened during Michael’s testimony in court?

On the day of Michael’s testimony, Tommy tried his level best to evoke the animosity the kid had towards Rusty, as the child believed the accused had killed his mother. As seen in the earlier episodes, Michael had messaged Rusty discreetly, claiming he knew it was him who killed his mother. In response, Rusty had tried to pacify the child and convinced him to share the pictures for the sake of the trial. Tommy pretended to be sensitive towards Michael but asked questions to invoke a reaction from the young kid. Michael initially was giving away facts regarding information his mother had shared with him. Michael made it obvious he hated Rusty and still believed he killed his mother. He also revealed he never spent much time with Carolyn, who kept him at bay as she felt he would disrupt her daily life. This rejection made Michael track her by staying outside her home and watching people visit her, including Rusty. Michael also shared the fact that Carolyn had confessed to him that her colleague had begun to bother him. This could imply that Rusty was obsessed with her. It could also mean Tommy could be the man in question, as she refused to work with him, and he had a strong reaction to her move to approach HR to complain about him. 

Michael was at an impressionable age, and the thoughts he had right now could shape his future as well. It was hard to make him understand how a trial works, as the judge had to repeatedly ask the boy to state facts and not his opinion. Tommy was under the impression Michael could be their trump card, as he was toying with the boy and his emotions, which was obvious to the lawyers and the jurors present. Michael was a stubborn child who wanted someone to pay for the crime and not get away with it. The boy was unaware his words could change the life of the man being accused. Michael was getting irritated, as would any boy of his age, for he was being corrected repeatedly by the judge. He was a young child who lacked patience and wanted answers as he missed his mother. 

Presumed Innocent episode 6 ended with Raymond, who was about to begin his line of questioning, falling to the ground, possibly because of a heart attack. This was completely unexpected, as Raymond was on the verge of forming a strong case in favor of Rusty, and this incident could change the course of the trial. Raymond’s wife was at the court and was shocked at the turn of events. The paramedics were trying CPR, but the man was not responding. It would be devastating if Raymond died, and it would deeply affect Rusty. It was not revealed if he died on the spot, but we believe this dramatic exit was needed for the sake of increasing the tension. It would lead to many changes in the trial, especially for the jury who would give the final verdict. 


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