‘Presumed Innocent’ Episode 4 Recap: Why Did Rigo And Rusty Confront Brian Ratzer?

Episode three of Presumed Innocent ended with Rusty getting his hands on the photographs taken by Michael, Carolyn’s son. He was shocked to know the photographs had images of his son Kyle on his bike around Carolyn’s home. This could land his son in trouble, as the boy could soon become the prime suspect in the case.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Rusty and Barbara question Kyle?

After finding out Kyle showed up in Michael’s pictures, Rusty and Barbara had a conversation with their son in the hope he would be honest with them. Initially, the kid was vague, but, on further interrogation by his father, he confessed to having known of the affair. Kyle wanted to know why his father wanted her. Rusty had to share the information with Raymond and Mya, his counselor. 


Why did Rigo and Rusty confront Brian Ratzer?

Rigo’s investigation into the other semen sample found on Bunny Davis led her to Brian Ratzer. As Rusty and Rigo reach Brian’s home to ask him questions regarding the murder of Bunny Davis, the man loses his temper, acts impatient, and avoids answering their questions. This was what Rusty needed to see, and he asked the man to call them if he wanted to speak. The man was a typical rage-filled person who refused to acknowledge them or their questions. Rusty and Rigo were confident at this point about Brian withholding information to avoid being incarcerated. 

Was Tommy being arrogant?

Tommy has become cocky at this point, and named their HR person Eugenia on the list of people to be questioned during the trial. He claimed she knew of the affair between Carolyn and Rusty and never took any action. Eugenia was in no mood to lose her job, but Tommy was adamant. He also brought in Michael, who had pictures of Rusty with his mother on the night of the murder. Michael revealed he wanted to know the person his mother was afraid of, as he assumed Carolyn was speaking of Rusty. He revealed having met his mother, who confessed to fearing someone at work who had made her life difficult.


Was Barbara livid at Rusty?

Barbara was livid at Rusty for taking the accusatory and interrogatory tone with their son instead of being calm in the situation. Barbara, at this point, was done with him and the trouble he was causing by putting their son in danger. Kyle wouldn’t have chased Carolyn if Rusty had given up on the affair. Barbara was probably done with the marriage, and Rusty had no plan of action to fix things. 

What was Raymond’s plan of action?

Raymond and Mya decided not to put Rusty through questioning during the trial, as the man was very sensitive and volatile. Mya also questioned Rusty about the chain of events that took place in Carolyn’s home in the span of fifteen minutes. He claimed to have only conversed with her, but his memory of the night had begun to mess with his head. Rusty was speaking the truth, all while he was trying to alter it in his mind as well. Mya and Raymond were sure it wasn’t Rusty who killed Carolyn, and they were hell-bent on proving that. However, Mya’s understanding of his retelling of the events would be that the time he spent with Carolyn was enough to commit murder and clean up the scene of the crime.


What was Nico worried about?

Nico, the prosecution lawyer, and the district attorney were the first to notice Tommy was overconfident and was not looking for answers to who committed the murder. While Nico wanted to find the killer, Tommy’s attitude towards the case gave him a different vibe. Nico, on many occasions, felt Tommy was getting carried away by his hatred for Rusty, and he refused to look for actual killers in that pursuit. Nico advised Tommy that their end goal was to seek the killer and not just put Rusty behind bars. 

Was Barbara disturbed?

Barbara was disturbed by the turn of events, and the therapist counseling her and Rusty made startling revelations about her. She asked her to maybe look for another therapist as Barbara was dealing with a husband who was in love with another woman, and he had been accused of her murder. She needed her own therapist to deal with her matter, hoping the said counselor would give her a new perspective. The counselor also shared the fact that Barbara’s need to keep the family intact even in the wake of a massive accusation is commendable, but the love and sacrifice would turn into resentment and hatred the moment their children go off to college. Barbara went back to the bar in the hope of flirting with the bartender. Thankfully, she did not act on her feelings for him and went home. The bartender, however, shared his number with her. 

Was Raymond confident about winning the case?

Raymond arrived at Nico’s office to reveal that the prosecution did not have any case at this point because all the evidence was circumstantial. The photographs of Michael also showed Rusty leaving Carolyn’s home, and the prosecution does not have any DNA or blood samples from the car or his home that could incriminate him. Raymond could sense Tommy’s arrogance and overconfidence, which could cost the prosecution their case because of the lack of evidence. Raymond felt he was on the front foot with the case, now that he had Eugenia’s statement. It might not make much of a difference, as this was a murder investigation. Raymond knew Tommy would make a wrong step, and he could sense Nico felt that too, which was the reason why Tommy was asked to remain quiet as Raymond was spilling facts about the case. Nico, after his conversation with Tommy, may have felt they could be losing this case only because Tommy wanted to character assassinate Rusty. Raymond was sure at that point that Nico and Tommy wouldn’t be able to put up a strong case, and the judge presiding was known for being someone who did not get carried away by emotions. 

Was Rusty in trouble?

Since Raymond’s confidence was on display, Nico had to share one more piece of evidence that could change the course of the case. Nico and Tommy claim to have found Rusty’s skin under Carolyn’s nails. This was a twist no one expected, as Rusty claimed to have not harmed Carolyn at all during his meeting with her on the night of her murder. This evidence could further incriminate Rusty and Raymond and put them on the backfoot. The skin under the nails could also be because of them having had intercourse. It might be hard to prove the reason why they’d found his DNA under her nails.


Raymond shared the news with Rusty in no time, and the accused had a meltdown over it. Rusty was hoping Raymond’s understanding of the case would help them win it, but the new evidence could destroy everything Rusty had been working for. The suffering he might be put through could be seen as a punishment for betraying his wife and children by choosing to have an affair with another woman for years. Raymond’s agony was palpable, and it probably felt like the world was closing in on him. His conversation with Raymond was interrupted when his daughter complained of a man banging loudly on their door, which quickly turned into a scary situation. Everyone might assume it could be someone related to Carolyn who might be wanting retribution for her death. It turns out it was Brian Ratzer, who showed up to threaten Rusty for going after him. His action proves Brian may know more about Bunny Davis’ case than he let on, and it was his way of confronting Rusty, who worked with Cariolyn in the murder case. 

The Bunny Davis case might also reveal a lot of secrets regarding Carolyn and her way of working to make sure she won the case. The episode ended with Rusty’s family horrified by the man’s reaction to Brian trying to trespass on their home, as he escalated things into a physical fight between the two men. Rusty’s anguish was terrifying, and it indicated the man may have severe anger issues, something that could be used against him by Nico and Tommy. Every episode so far has ended with Rusty finding new revelations about the case and himself. 


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