‘Presumed Innocent’ Episode 2 Recap: Was Rusty Granted Bail?

Episode one of Presumed Innocent ended with Tommy and Nico cornering Rusty about his involvement with Carolyn and possibly accusing him of tampering with the investigation of Carolyn’s murder. There was a possibility he was going to be named as a suspect, as his DNA was found in her apartment. Apart from that, Carolyn’s pregnancy threw everyone off, which made Tommy ask Rusty about the possibility of him having an affair with her.


Spoilers Ahead

What was Raymond angry about?

Raymond was angry at the fact that Rusty and Carolyn had hidden the affair. He was also livid because Rusty consciously chose to take up the case of Carolyn’s murder and did not bother to share his conflict-of-interest. Raymond felt embarrassed as Rusty and Carolyn took advantage of the system, and it also raised a question about the kind of office Raymond ran as he was not aware of the affairs of his closest colleagues. Raymond could not trust Rusty anymore since the news of the pregnancy was broken to him. 


Did Rusty confess to Barbara about his affair?

Since Rusty was a suspect in Carolyn’s murder, he had to make sure Barbara heard the news from him instead of the news, or from his colleagues from work. He confessed about how the meeting with Nico and Tommy turned out and explained why he was a suspect. It included him having to confess a brief affair that happened between him and Carolyn, which broke Barbara’s heart again as he revealed Carolyn’s pregnancy. Barbara this time was shaken as she believed Rusty and Carolyn had gone back to being colleagues, and it was her trust in him that had made her want to stay back, as well as the fact that he would need his wife for the election campaign. Since he lost everything, Barbara was livid, and rightly so, as her husband claimed to love her but had chosen the path of infidelity again.

What did Rusty learn from the Bunny Davis case?

As Rusty was going through the old case files he had worked on with Carolyn, he found out Bunny Davis’s autopsy stated that the semen of two people was found on her. This shocked Rusty, as he felt betrayed by Carolyn, whom he felt would never do anything wrong. She knew Rusty was a righteous man and that made her conceal this information from him. He confronted the forensic doctor, who conducted a detailed analysis and revealed that Carolyn was made aware of these details. This made him wonder if Liam Reynolds was indeed innocent and if Carolyn may have messed with the details to win the case.


Why did Barbara force Rusty to speak to his children about the latest development?

Barbara was angry at Rusty after his confession about his rekindled affair with Carolyn, which may have led to her pregnancy. She forced him to inform their children about it because she was mentally done with having to face the crisis alone. Their children, Jaden and Kyle, were old enough to understand the mistake their father made. Rusty was put in a spot where he could not escape reality, and the mistake he made would keep coming back to haunt him. On learning of their father’s infidelity, the children were angry for obvious reasons. It hurt them because their mother was upset. 

Were Raymond and his wife Lorraine upset?

Raymond was more upset than angry at Rusty because he’d chosen to keep these details away from him even in the wake of Carolyn’s gruesome murder. He had expected Rusty to be an honest man who would do the right thing out of a clear conscience. Raymond could not believe the affair happened right under his nose. Lorraine, however, was good friends with Barbara, and she was more concerned about her friend’s well-being than Rusty. Both were in two minds about how to deal with this matter before it was made public.


What offer did Rusty make to Liam Reynolds?

In the wake of Rusty being the suspect, he had a strong instinct if Liam Reynolds murdered Carolyn by hiring an accomplice. He headed to the prison, asking Liam to present the details of his accomplice, which could be used to reduce his prison sentence and save Rusty from being wrongfully accused. The only way to free Liam from prison would be to have him turn into an informant. Liam considered this offer, which proved he probably knew more about Carolyn’s murder than he initially led on. Before he met Liam in prison, he begged his soon-to-be ex-boss Raymond to represent him in court. Initially, Raymond was not keen, but his conversation with his wife, Lorraine, helped him change his mind. Since Raymond was aware of who Rusty was as a person, his instinct said his subordinate probably did not kill Carolyn.

When did the police come to their home with a search warrant?

Tommy sent the police to search for Rusty’s home early in the morning. The police took every kind of object that could be used as evidence to prove Rusty was the killer. The police also took the samples of his DNA required to conduct the paternity test to find out if he was the father of Carolyn’s unborn child. Rusty was livid at Tommy for searching through his house at sunrise in front of his kids. Nico noticed Tommy’s anger against Rusty and advised his junior to rely on the evidence and not emotions. Rusty and his wife Barbara had an emergency counseling session with their therapist, who was also livid at him for hiding his rekindled affair with Carolyn. She felt betrayed and claimed she could probably not help him. Rusty also shared his fear of being implicated, as his phone and other devices may have data about him stalking Carolyn, as their last affair did not end on good terms. He was sure Tommy would use this as evidence and throw him in prison. 

Why was Rusty arrested?

As Rusty and Raymond suspected, the former’s arrest was inevitable, as the paternity test confirmed he was the father of Carolyn’s child. In no time, Rusty was arrested and thrown in prison, and Tommy was hoping this evidence would help the prosecution build a strong case against Rusty. Raymond was quick to act and join Rusty’s side as his lawyer; however, Tommy was planning to make this case into a bigger media circus that would help him gain the attention of the people who voted for him. Nico and Tommy were happy with the way this case was progressing. 

Was Rusty granted bail?

Tommy and Nico wanted to make sure Rusty was not given bail. There was an underlying rivalry between them and Rusty in the way the accused behaved during the campaign. Even though Nico was pretending the rivalry to be superficial just for the camera, he was waiting for the case to blow up in Rusty’s face. Rusty being convicted would be a big win for them right after the election victory, and they wanted to make the jury trial publicized, and wanted a pretrial investigation. Rusty’s family, despite having issues at home, showed their support by appearing in court as a show of power. The children and his wife were still livid and aware of the drama that would follow the trial as Rusty would be in the spotlight. Raymond, on the other hand, was aware of the game Nico and Tommy were playing and requested that the judge not waste any administration money on a pretrial but instead go straight to the jury trial. This was just Raymond’s tactic to get the judge on his side.


Rusty received his bail. The judge stated that he has had a stellar record while working for the court of law. Rusty had probably anticipated this since he had a good reputation at his place of work before the scandal blew up. He had been the talk of the town since his arrest, but since Raymond was by his side, he knew the man had tried every trick in the book to grant him bail. It also proves that Rusty was indeed an influential man. Tommy and Nico were not happy with the outcome, yet they looked forward to the trial.

Presumed Innocent episode 2 ended with Rusty thanking his family for being a pillar of support in court. He had to show his gratitude towards his family during his time of distress. He was wrong for having an affair with Carolyn, yet his children especially wanted to show their love and support by moving forward instead of being stuck in the past. They were aware of all the mistakes Rusty made, but he loved his kids. Rusty also claimed he wanted to make the marriage work not for the children but because he was ready to admit his mistake, and was in love with Barbara. Rusty’s gratitude felt genuine, but that could change as he received a text from an unknown number stating they saw him at Carolyn’s home and were confident that he committed the crime. Rusty was terrified, realizing that an eyewitness might change the course of his trial. It also indicates if Rusty could indeed have been the killer, and he was taking everyone on a spin by pretending to be innocent. 


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