‘Population: 11’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Is Dom Dead?

“Who is Hugo?” “Where is the bag of money?” These are the two overarching questions asked throughout the new comedy crime thriller series Population: 11. And let me tell you, what are the answers so far? Totally unsatisfying! So, there is this man named Andy, and he’s on a mission to track down his old man, Hugo, in the sleepy little desert town of Bidgeegud. But get this—Bidgeegud is not your ordinary small town. It’s where people go to escape their pasts and start fresh. Everyone in this town knows something about Hugo and that bag of money, but they’re all playing it close to the chest! Why all the secrecy, you ask? Andy’s here to find out. And there’s definitely this question that will pop up in the viewer’s mind: Why is he in desperate need of that money? Let’s find out the answers!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Andy Come To Bidgeegud? 

We meet Andy Pruden in Population: 11 series, who was an ordinary banker, you know, with an ordinary job. But then, one day, he and his buddy Dom bump into their old college friend at a bar, And he starts dropping some advice about investing in the stock market. And there’s this shady tip thrown in there, too. At first, Andy and Dom are like, “Hmm, sounds illegal.” But then they think, Well, it’s only 5000 bucks each. What’s the worst that could happen? Plus, with the dude’s assurance, they start feeling all confident. Throughout all of Andy’s life, he has played by the rules, and after his father left and his mother got sick, he has not been without debt. So this was his chance to get away from that. So, they go ahead and invest, and overnight, their money doubles!


Suddenly, Andy’s feeling like a big shot—not so ordinary anymore. He gets all hyped up and convinces Dom to put in more cash so they can make even more money. But you know what they say about greed, right? Yeah, not a good look. Their client, who loaned them the initial money, wants back a hundred grand each, plus interest. Andy sees this as his ticket out of debt and into the big social game where he is rich. But life’s got other plans. The stock drops, they lose everything, and now Andy’s in deep debt, owing more money than ever before. Then, out of the blue, they discover they’ve been played! The whole thing was a setup. Turns out, some slick operator’s been pulling the strings, pawning someone like Dom’s friend from college to use guys like Andy and Dom who love to dream. They unwillingly become money launderers, shuffling cash through an Australian account Andy set up in his father’s name without Hugo knowing.

Desperate to pay off their debt, they dive deeper into the mess. But just when they think they’ve hit rock bottom, a quarter of a million bucks vanishes from Hugo’s account! What a mess! So, Andy heads to Bidgeegud, where he knows Hugo’s hiding out after leaving Andy and his mother drowning in debt. Andy’s here to get answers. Did Hugo know about the money? Did he run off with it? Andy needs to know, not just to clear his name, but to get back what’s rightfully his. And that’s why he’s hunting down his old man in the town of Bidgeegud.


What Is The Town Of Bidgeegud Like? 

In the town of Bidgeegud, everyone has left their pasts behind to reinvent themselves. Here, we find Hugo, who does UFO sightseeing tours for travelers. Then there’s the owner of the general store named Noel, who gives off creepy vibes and keeps a crocodile as a pet. Then there’s Val, who runs a motel, garage, and pub, keeping her dead son’s car as a memorial. And let’s not forget the pie makers who literally bake pies out of roadkill. Plus, there’s a so-called priest who turns out to know nothing about the Bible. All these characters, introduced firsthand, give off some questionable vibes. There’s a rumor swirling around town that Hugo, Andy’s father, was abducted by aliens of the Azyarn species while out sightseeing. So, Andy comes all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio, to find him and the money. But when he starts asking around about Hugo, people straight up lie to his face. Some claim they’ve never heard of him, while others say they knew Hugo but never knew he had a son. This makes it tough for Andy to track down his father. More than his dad, though, he’s fixated on finding the money, which raises suspicions about Andy’s true motives. It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t really care about his father.

Eventually, Andy stumbles upon Hugo’s rundown RV and finds money scattered everywhere but no sign of his father. Then, he encounters the “priest” and a guy named Cedric, who claim ownership of Hugo’s belongings, saying he lost a bet to him. Andy realizes that these people are only willing to help if they get something in return. So, he comes up with a plan to lure them out by offering a $5000 reward for information about Hugo or the money. Sure enough, everyone jumps at the chance for some cash. But instead of giving straight answers, they start making up stories, leading Andy nowhere. At night, he notices a car tailing him around the hotel where he’s staying, so he decides to follow it. The chase leads him to the middle of nowhere, where suddenly, he’s struck from behind with a shovel. Was it Hugo? He never saw his face. 


Why Was Andy Arrested? 

Andy, with his injured head, comes to the side of the road to hitchhike for help. Here, we meet Cassie, a girl who initially introduces herself as a beauty product seller and a genuine helper. She shows curiosity by helping Andy find Hugo. Little did Andy know, she’s not a seller but a journalist making a podcast about the case to attract listeners. She’s in it for the money. Initially, she drops a clue suggesting that the pie lady named Audrey has a shovel with blood on it, leading them to suspect her. However, it turns out she uses it to make pies out of roadkill. The investigation leads them nowhere until the police arrive with strange news: Hugo is dead! They find a burned car in the desert, along with a charred victim. A questionable memorial, watched over by the fake priest with the wrong Bible verse, makes Andy think that there goes the money! Cassie has planted chips everywhere in town to gather information firsthand about any clues.

In the midst of all this, Andy remembers a bunker that Hugo made because he thought the end of the world was near! He decides to check it out, only to find Cedric there with his newspaper clippings. This revelation makes Andy realize that Cedric killed his own father—that’s the past he’s hiding from. So, there’s a solid chance he also killed Hugo. However, the police sergeant, Geraldine, suddenly comes out of nowhere and arrests Andy for murder. This makes Andy wonder if they’re all part of the conspiracy—planting evidence in his car just to put him behind bars. Maybe they know that Hugo was murdered, and they took his money! The plot thickens as Andy finds himself in the center of a web of lies, unsure who to trust or where to turn.

Did Andy Get The Money? 

But it was clear that Andy didn’t do it, as he wasn’t even in town when his father lived there. So, he was let go. But then, during a pub quiz that night, something unexpected occurred. Guess what? Hugo returns, his body in a circle of fire. He’s putting on quite a show! However, after further investigation, he reveals the truth: he was in Darwin, at the Breezy Nut Motel, simply enjoying some fresh air after a long and stressful life. The whole abduction thing was just a publicity stunt to drum up interest in his UFO sightseeing gig. It’s quite funny, right? But the sad part is that he knows nothing about the money. What Andy does discover, though, is that he was having an affair with Val. Hugo never paid her back for the motel bills and owed half the town money. So, Val took matters into her own hands. She found out about the hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank under Hugo’s name and forged his signature to access it. With the money, she bought South Sea pearls, which are worth a fortune. She used some of the money to help Hugo pay off his debts. Andy then takes the money rightfully and pays off the client who hunted him down in the deserted town. And then comes the shocking revelation: Dom, his friend, was murdered by the creditor, Petey! This revelation comes as a shock!

During Population: 11‘s ending, Andy decided to seek revenge, so he confronted the murderer, Petey, who killed his friend for not handing over the money on time. Andy choked him to death, and you know who helped him? Noel and his crocodile pet! After the deed was done, the crocodile feasted on him. And what happened to Hugo? Well, it turns out he tried to run off with the bag of money. But Andy knows his father too well. Instead of confronting him directly, Andy decided to outsmart Hugo. He hid the bag of money and replaced it with cut pieces of paper. Andy then approached the client, explaining that he’d done everything in his power to legitimize the foreign accounts. He asked for time and faith to pay off his debt and continue operations with interest. He knew this time would be more challenging, as not only did he need to clear his debt but also Dom’s debt! So, he enlisted the help of the town’s misfits. He proposed using their accounts for money transactions, offering them one percent of each transaction. It was a win-win situation for everyone, and the town got on board. It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds and what challenges arise. There are bound to be plenty! Initially skeptical about Cassie making the podcast, Andy eventually encouraged her to go ahead. While talking to her on the phone, he noticed something unexpected in the sky: three stars aligned together, with one dividing into three. Could it be a potential UFO sighting? Maybe! We’ll find out in the upcoming season of Population: 11.


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