‘Platonic’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Sylvia Forgive Charlie For This Mistake?

Episode eight, San Diego of Platonic ended in a rather explosive manner when Will confronted their potential business partner, Johnny Rev, for misbehaving with Sylvia. What made him angry was the fact that Johnny never apologized for his behavior and kept blaming Sylvia and Will throughout, which led to a full-blown scuffle between the two. This would mean Johnny would not do business with Will and partners at ‘Lucky Penny,’ Reggie and Andy. Their business deal is at stake, and it would be interesting to see how the plot moves from here on. Charlie, on the other hand, finds out that Sylvia told Will first about losing her job instead of coming to him. This leads to some other revelations, including the lizard at their home being Will’s former pet, whose name was Gandalf, something Sylvia did not share with her husband as well. What would their relationship status be at this point?

Spoilers Ahead

Charlie’s Late Night

Charlie’s feelings of being left out of his wife’s life make things uncomfortable between the couple. This was bound to happen because Sylvia felt embarrassed about her predicament, but this made Charlie feel Sylvia is not comfortable sharing important news with him, and that she would rather go to Will to talk about it. This was bound to create some insecurity in him.

He ends up spending a late night at his workplace due to his mind spiraling into him overthinking and drinking copiously with his colleagues, who help him dissect the situation without pushing him to do anything outwardly that might affect his marriage. His colleagues are a nice bunch of people who help him understand the friendship Sylvia and Will share, and how he should not be worrying about it because, at the end of the day, Sylvia loves Charlie. This is the case of a man who feels left out because, as a husband, he always wanted to be the only guy in her life who she would run to in case of trouble. Her not doing that makes him feel on the back foot in their relationship.

Charlie and his colleague Vanessa end up drinking too much, which leads to the two crossing boundaries and ending up getting almost physically intimate with each other. Just a few seconds of slippage leads to Charlie feeling guilty because he would never cheat on his wife.

Sylvia’s Anger

Charlie confesses to Sylvia about the untoward incident, and she is upset about it. As a husband, she always figured Charlie was the calm one in the relationship, and she was the one who had the complete opposite personality, bordering on chaotic. She had never expected her husband would be an accomplice in such an activity. It was very uncharacteristic of him. This leads to her going all incommunicado and giving him the cold shoulder because he slightly implied that her spending time with Will might have led to this incident.

The problems between the couple, by the looks of it, have never been this serious because they have managed to come to the same page many times in the past. Sylvia probably feels it is unjustified for him to blame her for his indiscretion because of what happened with Johnny Rev. She feels as if all the burden is being put on her friendship with Will, and she did not expect to hear an accusatory tone from Charlie.

Will Quits Lucky Penny

Will is finally told about a venture Andy and Reggie are pursuing without him, which makes him livid because he is as much a part of building the business as everyone else is. Will had troubles with the two of them regarding his share in Lucky Penny, and he had made his stand loud and clear. Will, being the creative genius, is angry about the fact that his creative instinct has been misused, and he feels he needs to be compensated for the fact that the beer he makes is the reason why people come to Lucky Penny. Realizing there will be no gratitude, he leaves the establishment, knowing the place is nothing without the drinks that he creates and serves.

Does Sylvia Forgive Charlie For This Mistake?

Sylvia continues her silent treatment mode and takes maximum advantage of the situation because she feels she has been wronged. Charlie goes out of his way to make things right by taking care of the children while she spends time with Will talking about his situation at Lucky Penny. Charlie and Sylvia are aware that the issue will be sorted out, but she wants to calm down, ponder over the situation, and then speak to him when things seem right. This is a classic case of how a spouse behaves when he or she has made an irreparable mistake, and it is just one of their ways to get control of the power dynamics.

Meanwhile, Sylvia speaks to Will about not letting go of Lucky Penny because it is his baby, which he nurtured with his skills and hard work. She is trying to be there for him this time around because, as a friend, it is her job to support his ideas and plans and, at the same time, be honest with him about the consequences of his decisions. Will gives her the idea of refurbishing the garage and making it into an office space so that she can start something on her own. This seems like a good idea because it is something she’d never thought of doing, and Charlie, being her husband, also did not seem to have come up with this plan of action as well. Will is a helpful person who would do anything for his friend, in this case, aiding  Sylvia to bring her life back on track so she could work on gaining some financial independence for herself.

Their plans to revamp the garage go awry when Will notices structural damage, and they barely escape as the garage collapses. Charlie witnesses that the garage has almost fallen apart, making him want to finally speak to Sylvia about the situation at hand. He feels Sylvia’s anger towards him has led to a chain of things happening in the house, and they should sort the matter out on their own instead of letting it fester. Charlie apologizes for his behavior. He does this because he knows Sylvia’s friendship with Will dates back to their time in college, and as a husband, it is wrong for him to believe there’s anything more going on. Just like how he went to his friends and colleagues first to discuss his concerns instead of communicating with Sylvia herself, she did the same by getting in touch with Will because, in such cases, it is always the friends who give an objective solution. Sylvia forgives Charlie because she knows he would never intentionally hurt her.

The episode ends with Will finally being told that he is being forced out of Lucky Penny. Realizing that this is a venture he is not willing to give up on, he lets Andy and Reggie know that he is not going anywhere. Andy and Reggie are just making a logical business decision in the hope they don’t go bankrupt. Just like Michael says in The Godfather, it’s not personal; it’s business. This isn’t something they wanted to do to Will, but by the looks of it, he has become a financial liability that they cannot keep around.

Will, on the other hand, is not agreeing to part ways with Lucky Penny because he feels his labor of love is being neglected, and he finally wants to be seen as an asset rather than a burden. This issue might go into a legal battle, and its beginning might be the highlight of the next episode. It would be interesting to see Will working hard towards something that might encourage him to open another bar on his own. 

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