‘Platonic’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Will And Sylvia Stop Being Friends?

Episode nine of Platonic ended with Sylvia forgiving Charlie for his behavior. Charlie also realizes he needs to work on his insecurities rather than blame Sylvia for just hanging around with Will. On the other hand, Will is not ready to part ways with Lucky Penny Brewery because he feels he has also contributed a lot to the building of this brand. Episode ten is the season finale, and it’ll be interesting to see how their arcs will conclude.


Spoilers Ahead

Charlie And Sylvia Buy A House

Charlie and Sylvia finally find the perfect house within their budget, and they cannot believe they have landed a whale. This ends their month-long search to find a house that would accommodate all five of them. Since Sylvia is out of work, Charlie is glad to have come across a home that would fit their bill and not cause a dent in their credit score. The two of them are a typical suburban couple with kids who would want a spacious home for themselves and to live peacefully.


Their current home exudes chaos, and the couple is tired of seeing mess all the time. Maybe that was the reason why Sylvia went on the back foot when it came to working full time because she thought, as a parent, she could stay back and take care of the home while Charlie would bring home the bacon. This new house could not have arrived at a better time.

The pricing of the home seems too good to be true, and they know there has to be a catch. The realtor reveals to them as a legal obligation that the house was a crime scene. Charlie’s and Sylvia’s hunch was right, but they cannot waste their time, for the couple is desperate, and they take it up. They plan not to reveal anything to their kids, which seems like a bad idea. All three of them are school going children, and they are bound to find out about it from their friends.


Will Does Not Quit Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny Brewery’s bigger shareholders, Andy and Reggie, are trying everything to push Will out of the pub and force him to sell his shares so that they can move on with their new investments that are being stalled due to Will’s idealism. To trigger him, they hire Omar to be Will’s boss. The plan works because Will feels inferior to Omar, but he is still adamant about not selling his shares. Will still thinks he is relevant, but Andy and Reggie want to pivot to a business strategy that could bring them profit. They have made it very clear that Will has become a liability. Will is a passionate person; he feels he deserves his due. Only time will tell what will make him quit this place.

Sylvia And Katie

Katie, Sylvia’s close friend, is getting married to Andy; she asks Sylvia to plan their wedding because Katie thinks she would be good at it. Sylvia has done similar event planning for the kids in the past. She is not sure if she should change her career path at this age, but she is happy to see Katie considering her for the big day instead of going to professionals. Katie’s trust in Sylvia showcases that maybe she has it in her to do this, and it convinces her to take the leap of faith and trust herself to deliver a knockout wedding. Sylvia is worried about taking another job because she feels she might end up wrecking it, just like she feels guilty for being let go from the job on her first day at the law firm.


Sylvia And Will Get Into An Argument

Charlie and Sylvia host a housewarming party for their friends, and Sylvia invites Will after their weird encounter just a while back. She is not sure if she is willing to have a conversation with him yet, but he shows up at the party. He reveals that Johnny Rev has offered him to head the beer and spirit division in his company, but he cannot take up the job because of what Johnny did to Sylvia. As a friend, he is more concerned about the man that Johnny is than the perks and salary that the job would offer.

The two of them notice something strange in the sky, and Will concludes that it is a UFO. Though initially, Sylvia agrees with the deduction, she changes her mind about it when they reach downstairs to tell the party about it, because she is surrounded by people who are new to her, and she does not want them to think of her as a woman gone crazy. She feels a bit insecure about admitting what she saw. As a suburban mother, she must think of the reputation she and her family have to uphold, and that’s why she steers clear of what Will claims. Will, on the other hand, feels Sylvia is throwing him under the bus because she agreed she had witnessed something a while back.

Will feels that Sylvia has two different faces. The one she showcases to him is her true self, while the façade she has to put up with the rest of the world, excluding Charlie, is another side of her. It seems Sylvia is having trouble being herself, while Will has never tried to pretend to be someone else, and he is irked by her behavior. He calls her a boring housewife who looks for a fun avenue through him and his life; meanwhile, she calls him a pretentious aging hipster because he is trying too hard to seem cool, all the while he is frustrated with his own life too. The two friends know each other too well to be this brutally honest with each other. They part ways and decide not to speak to each other again because they always end up quarreling over trivial matters. 

‘Platonic’ Ending Explained: Do Will And Sylvia Stop Being Friends?

No matter how much they try, Will and Sylvia cannot stop being friends with each other for a number of reasons. The first one is that they are friends first and strangers later. They know each other too well because, in times of trouble, only Will will be able to help Sylvia, and vice versa. On the night of the argument with him, Sylvia seriously considers becoming an event planner and starts looking for references. This means she is slowly gaining confidence in herself. Maybe buying a new house was a sign and she was finally trying to fit in with things that matter to her.


Sylvia gets a call from the lawyers from San Diego because Johnny Rev has been called out for sexual misconduct, and they would like a statement from her as well. This gives her the idea to ask Will to take up the job because Johnny Rev is now out of the picture, and he can accept the offer without any guilt. Sylvia comes across as a good friend here because she wants Will to succeed, and this could be the stepping-stone to him achieving greater things using his skill, which he is passionate about. They had to go to San Diego to meet Jenna, the current CEO, and she ended up offering him the job. Will and Sylvia turn out to be made for each other as friends because, without having to say anything, they know what the other person wants and make them pursue it. Taking up this job would mean he would be moving to San Diego, but if it helps his career, Sylvia is more than happy to support him. There is a lull between them as they wonder if they will remain friends or not. It is implied that no matter how things change between the two, Will and Sylvia will remain friends.

Platonic episode 10 ends with a prologue about where the two of them stand after one year. Sylvia is now an event planner, and by the looks of things, she has a successful company. Her client happens to be Katie, for her and Andy’s wedding, and she is happy to see Will being a part of this joyous occasion and at the fact that he has found a companion in Jenna. The two of them share a moment where they think of how they have made some of their best memories in the past year. His divorce was the worst time of his life, and Sylvia helped him by being honest with him, taking him out of the slump, and asking him to follow his passion rather than being stuck in a rut. They are both happy in their respective places. Will is now engaged to Jenna, and the two of them are considering hiring Sylvia to be their wedding planner. She agrees to it, cementing the fact that distance has not eroded their friendship.


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