Peter Mukerjea In ‘The Indrani Mukerjea Story’: Was Peter Involved In Sheena Bora’s Murder?

How does a media tycoon get accused of conspiracy charges in a murder case? How does his good name get maligned? Is he really guilty of the charges against him? We’re talking about Peter Mukerjea here, a very important character in, The Indrani Mukerjea Story, the latest (and first ever) documentary on the infamous Sheena Bora murder case. Calling Peter a character is probably not the right thing to do, as this is a true crime documentary and nothing other than the necessary re-enactments is fictional here. In this article, we’re going to take a detailed look at Peter and the accusations against him, based on what the documentary tells us. There will be spoilers, so if you haven’t watched all the episodes yet, this is your warning. 


Who Is Peter Mukerjea?

Peter Mukerjea, as many of us know, was the former CEO of Star India (which is now known as Disney Star) from the year 1997 to the year 2007. He’s the man responsible for changing the Indian cable TV landscape during the early 2000s and will always be known as one of the most influential media figures in the country. In 2007, he went on to become the CSO of INX Media, another media company that was founded by Indrani Mukerjea, his former wife. However, Peter’s professional achievement is not the thing that is relevant here; it’s his connection with Indrani Mukerjea and, most importantly, Sheena Bora.

How Is Peter Connected To The Sheena Bora Case?

Had Peter not known Indrani Mukerjea, his life would have been much different, for sure! But fate clearly wanted to take Peter in the direction in which he would fall in love with and marry Indrani and would be accused of being a conspirer in the murder case of Indrani’s daughter, Sheena. And to think, Sheena was engaged to his own son, Rahul, at the time when she went missing!


It is also shocking that Peter used to know Sheena as his sister-in-law, as Indrani introduced both Mekhail and Sheena, her children from her past relationship, as her siblings to Peter. In the documentary, Indrani claims that Sheena and Mekhail are the results of her own father’s physical abuse on her, while we get to see archival footage of her first husband, Siddhartha Das, claiming their parentage. With a little bit of Google search, you can find out an interview with Siddhartha Das where he said that he was never married to Indrani, and the children were born out of wedlock. But the documentary didn’t go there, and I’m also going to do the same.

Indrani and Peter’s son Rahul never had a good relationship, but Rahul and Sheena were inseparable from the very beginning. Indrani and Peter were not particularly supportive of the relationship, as expected. When Sheena revealed that Indrani was her real mother, Peter refused to believe that. He maintained that he had nothing to do with Sheena’s disappearance or her possible murder.


What Are The Accusations Against Peter?

This is where things get really strange. The theory of Indrani Mukerjea murdering her own daughter in order to protect her own reputation as a public figure does make some sense, but Peter being a conspirator doesn’t go hand-in-hand here. Because, if you think about it, if Indrani was indeed trying to hide the truth from Peter with the fear of her marriage with him being ruined, then why would she make a plan of murder with him? Sadly, we don’t have any answers to this or many other questions. What we know for a fact is that in 2015, Peter was interrogated by the Mumbai police for the alleged murder of Sheena, and he was eventually arrested in the month of November on the conspiracy charge.

The documentary does tell us how and why Peter became a suspect, and that happens in a series of phone call recordings by his son, Rahul. After Sheena disappeared on April 24, 2012, Rahul frantically looked for her, and he kept calling his father and asking if he knew anything about Sheena’s disappearance. Peter’s answers were vague, as he oscillated between not knowing anything and Sheena going abroad. We do get to hear these recordings, where Indrani is also present in several calls. One time, Peter and Indrani claimed that Sheena had spoken to them and told them she was okay. When Rahul handed over all those recordings to the CBI, Peter couldn’t escape his inevitable fate because his words were suspicious enough to point the arrow towards him.


How Was Peter As A Person?

It is really hard to say how good or bad Peter was as a human being on the basis of a four-episode docuseries on Netflix. But this is an important question for sure, because Indrani’s daughter, Vidhie Mukerjea, author of The Devil’s Daughter (2021) (another thing that neither Netflix nor Vidhie mentions), hails her stepfather, Peter, as the greatest dad in the world. For those who don’t remember, Vidhie is Indrani’s third child from her second husband, Sanjeev Khanna (if we consider Siddhartha Das the first). Sanjeev Khanna also happens to be the prime suspect in the case, who allegedly helped Indrani drug and eventually strangle Sheena, along with Indrani’s driver, Shyamvar Rai. It was Rai, who in fact went to confess that the trio of him, Sanjeev and Indrani—murdered Sheena, as per Indrani’s wish.

Coming back to Peter, while his relationship with Vidhie paints him in a good light, his strained relationship with his own son Rahul doesn’t really help him. His constant denial of not having anything to do with Sheena’s disappearance in a very condescending manner when Rahul is in distress is also something a good person probably wouldn’t do.

Is Peter Mukerjea Really Guilty Of Conspiring To Murder Sheena?

Netflix makes it abundantly clear at the very beginning of the series that the trial is still going on and the case has not reached any verdict. Sheena Bora hasn’t officially been declared dead; in fact, Indrani Mukerjea is still claiming that Sheena is alive. However, Rajdeep Sardesai, one of the most celebrated Indian journalists who broke the case back then, raises the most logical question here: how can a person, in this day and age, just disappear? It’s most likely that Sheena Bora is dead. Does Peter have something to do with it? It could be yes or no. It’s really hard to come to a conclusion here. The Netflix docuseries, although very compelling, also doesn’t provide any verdict, as it shouldn’t. Peter has also refused to appear in the docuseries and speak for himself, so we don’t really have his version of the story, which probably would have helped us a little!

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