‘Perilloor Premier League’ Season 2 Theories: What To Expect Next From Malayalam Series?

Perilloor Premier League is a brand-new political drama laced with satire and humor out on Disney+ Hotstar. There is a lot to take away from the show. It is a mix of all the political satires Malayalis have grown up watching. The show has nothing new to offer when it comes to storytelling and screenplay, sadly. The writers decided to put forth a story of a small village where the local politicians selected a young woman as their panchayat president. The politics around her form the plot which includes hilarious to serious incidents occurring in the village. The Panchayat President attends these events or incidents to show her respect, and this will have to continue till the next election is announced.


Season 1 of Perilloor Premier League ended with Malavika, the Panchayat President of the town of Perilloor, not just refusing to draft another resignation letter for Soman, the opposition leader; she decided to get married to Sreeram, her childhood crush. Sreeram went around the village seeking a bride that would suit him after he rejected Malavika, but ended up marrying her out of love and respect at the end of the show. Sreeram went through many arranged marriage setups, but all of them ended in duds because of a number of reasons.

Their conversation in the finale, which included a drunk Sreeram and a tired Malavika, had both finally realized they were meant to be together. Even though Sreeram admits Malavika would be better off with someone who has the same educational qualifications as her. He wanted her to have a partner who would respect her as well. Sreeram’s mature perspective surprised Malavika. She was quick to deduce that Sreeram might be a good partner after all.


On the day of her engagement, she refuses to resign from her post and admits to wanting to change the mindset of the people of the village. As her voiceover faded, Malavika was excited for the first time to take up the job of Panchayat President, and she was hoping people would cooperate with her going forward.

The next season might begin with ‘Psycho Balachandran’ coming to terms with his burned-down business establishment. His mental health might further deteriorate, and he might resort to more violent means to tick off the people of the village. As predicted by Peethambaran, Balanchandran will probably not have much to lose, and he chooses to go down the path of revenge. He would want to find out who was responsible for the arson and go after them. Balanchandran might go back to political fights as well, which would bring him more money. There would be no end to the antics, and finally, someone might find the heart to offer a treatment to understand what led to this lunacy. Balachandran might fall in love yet again, much to the whole village’s surprise.


Malavika, on the other hand, will be married to Sreeram, and her work as the Panchayat President will be smooth sailing with her uncle by her side. Malavika would want to break away from her uncle and find genuine solutions for the locals and the village. This might not sit well with her uncle, who was merely using her to retain his power. Malavika will most likely take her step against her uncle, and it could be the first time the uncle and niece face friction. Peethambaran would most likely not be in favor of the drastic changes Malavika was trying to bring to the town, but soon she will distance herself from her uncle’s style of working. Her husband, Sreeram, might not be in favor of her new methods, but soon he’ll most likely get to witness the changes she was trying to bring and be happy with her work. Of course, all of this would be presented with humor and comedy in mind.

Peethambaran might try to break away from his niece and form a committee of his loyalists to go against Malavika. The young woman might have her loyalists as well, who would plan to not join the OG leader and continue helping her plans come to fruition. This would most likely lead to more friction than expected. He might also bring up original documents that might prove Malavika was not eligible for the post of Panchayat President in the first place. Sreeram, involuntarily, might get embroiled internecine clash, and for the first time, his words would make more sense. Malavika might lose track of herself in her fight to find her grounding, but Sreeram could be the one who would help her understand her actual job was to serve the people and not fight with her uncle on a public platform.


There would be plenty of hilarity unfolding in the name of villagers experiencing and witnessing incidents, and that would have Malavika and her friend-turned-foe Peethambaran show up at the home of one of the villagers to offer their concerns. The locals would be confused by their behavior as well and go along with the sight they were witnessing.

Malavika will most likely pick up her PhD and restart her work on it. Instead of becoming a college lecturer, she would be an idol for those in the village, and the entire Panchayat would be happy to have someone like her as their leader. There is a possibility of her changing the PhD topic to something that would aid her in bringing in infrastructure and social changes in the town. Her uncle, who was initially proud of her, might start resenting her for the same. After a possible falling out, he would not want her to succeed and become a staple face in the village, which would lead to her winning every subsequent election. Malavika would surely receive her Ph.D., and the whole town would be proud of her achievements. Malavika’s biggest cheerleaders, her aunt Gomathi, and her friends Shamla and Sreeram, would be proud of her achievements.


Sreeram could also go from being a typical man in a patriarchal setting to someone who understands what his wife wants from him as a partner. Sreeram and Malavika would become an ideal couple by the end of the second season, and they could have a child as well. Hopefully, the writers will not move away from the satire part of the show and present a more hilarious take on the anecdotes and events that happen in the village.

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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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