‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Why Did Do-Kook Propose to Yi-Joo Again?

The eleventh episode of Perfect Marriage Revenge saw two of Yi-Joo’s and Do-Kook’s biggest enemies, Jung-Wook and Jung-Hye, go down. Jung-Hye was arrested on charges of fraud, embezzlement, and conspiring to murder. Moreover, we also learned why Manager Kim was helping Yi-Joo all along. In reality, he was the son of the famous Korean painter, Sun-Jin, who was kidnapped by Jung-Hye. She also faked his death so she could sell his artwork at much higher prices than regular. This was how she made her millions by selling fakes to her wealthy and ill-informed clients. As for Jung-Wook, he dug his own grave by falsifying documents to avoid accountability for a worker’s death on his construction site. Jung-Wook also threatened the victim’s wife and tried to buy her silence with a hefty compensation check, but fate had other plans for him. Thanks to Do-Kook, Jung-Wook was exposed, thrown behind bars, and probably tossed out of Taeja Group as well. However, he retaliated and kidnapped Yi-Joo after escaping from prison.


Spoilers Ahead

Is Jung-Wook Really crippled or faking It?

For years, Jung-Wook maintained that he became handicapped because Do-Kook pushed him off the boat. However, as soon as episode 12 of Perfect Marriage Revenge began, we learned the real truth. In reality, Jung-Wook was perfectly capable of walking without a cane, yet he chose to do otherwise so he could turn his family against his half-brother. Jung-Wook believed no one would ever trust a man who tried to kill his own brother. He figured the only way to make everyone side with him was by gaining their sympathy. We were all under the impression that Jung-Wook just wanted to destroy Do-Kook’s image so he could inherit the Taeja Group. The reality, as it turned out, was way worse. Jung-Wook actually wanted to kill Do-Kook, and the only reason he never acted on his desire was that his brother never threatened him directly. However, the dynamics shifted when Do-Kook joined the Taeja Group. Do-Kook managed to save his wife from Jung-Wook’s grasp but was stabbed in the process. Fortunately, paramedics and the cops arrived, and Do-Kook was taken to the hospital.


Why Did Madam Lee Taeja Ask Yoo-Ra for a Paternity Test?

Yoo-Ra also left home shortly after her scheming mother was kicked out of the house. Jung-Wook allowed her to stay in a hotel at his expense, believing he could manipulate her into doing his bidding. Unfortunately, before Jung-Wook could plan further, he was arrested for fraud and conspiracy. Everything was well and under control until Jung-Wook chose to stab Do-Kook in cold blood. This infuriated Yeon-Hwa, and she had the company stop paying Yoo-Ra’s hotel bills. Since Yoo-Ra was pregnant with no place to live, she went straight to the Taeja Family penthouse, asking them to take responsibility for her child while Jung-Wook was in prison.

Madam Lee Taeja had enough of her shenanigans and told Yoo-Ra she could only stay in her house if she proved that the child she was carrying belonged to Jung-Wook. Madam Lee Taeja ordered Yoo-Ra to take a paternity test ASAP. Now, why was this a problem for Yoo-Ra? In reality, Jung-Wook wasn’t the only one Yoo-Ra had slept with. She also had relations with Se-Hyeok before they each went their separate ways. Thus, it was also possible that Se-Hyeok was the father of her unborn child. This became clear when she admitted the same to Se-Hyeok and his family. Moreover, she also robbed his family of their only shot at getting rich. In reality, Se-Hyeok had been dating another rich girl, but she left him after learning that he was going to be a father.


Why did Yoo-Ra abandon her mother?

Even though it was a bit late, Yoo-Ra finally realized that her mother wasn’t as good as she claimed she was. Jung-Hye had maintained that she had no idea that Yi-Joo was Jin-Woong’s real daughter. This was a lie, the same as the time when Jung-Hye said she hadn’t had a role in the arson of Yi-Joo’s house when she was little. In reality, Jung-Hye would use her own daughter for wealth and power. Moreover, she was also planning to exploit her unborn child for her own gain, and she even told Yoo-Ra to do the same. Also, let’s not forget that she intentionally chose not to tell Yoo-Ra that she had been using her gallery to sell fake paintings. The aim here was to let Yoo-Ra take the fall once things went south. Even when Yoo-Ra told Jung-Hye about the father of her child, she advised her to lie and use her child to become a permanent member of her family.

Why did Do-Kook propose To Yi-Joo again?

As already established, Yi-Joo and Do-Kook’s marriage was a contract, but in between all the rules and boundaries, they fell for each other. In her original timeline, Yi-Joo was treated like an outcast by her family. She was poisoned, and she was even framed for things she had never done. It was only after meeting Do-Kook that she realized what happiness and being loved really feel like. Do-Kook also reciprocated her love and, thanks to Yi-Joo, became a loving husband. Thus, it didn’t come as a surprise when he bought a ring to put on Yi-Joo’s finger to really officiate their marriage. Do-Kook gets down on his knees and proposes to Yi-Joo in public, and the latter happily agrees. As episode 12 of Perfect Marriage Revenge came to an end, we saw that Yi-Joo had given birth to a girl and was finally living her much-deserved “happily ever after.”


What to Expect In Season 2?

The story of Yi-Joo and Do-Kook in Perfect Marriage Revenge is far from over; thus, it is highly likely that the show will be making another round. Plus, there are tons of plot elements to explore in the upcoming season. Even though Yi-Joo isn’t on a timer anymore, her life isn’t going to be easy, as sooner or later, both Jung-Wook and Jung-Hye will be released from prison. We don’t know about Jung-Wook, but Jung-Hye will certainly try to get her revenge on Yi-Joo. Maybe she will join forces with Jung-Wook again or try new ways to make Yi-Joo’s life a living hell.

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