‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens At The Shareholders Meeting?

Previously, in Perfect Marriage Revenge, Jung-Hye pulled a fast one on Yi-Joo. She meticulously exploited the circumstances and turned Jin-Woong against Yi-Joo. She made it look like Yi-Joo was to blame for Hanwool Group’s failed acquisition of The Savings Bank. That wasn’t all; Jung-Hye even convinced the poor guy to delegate his management rights to her for the time being. This had been Jung-Hye’s aim from the very beginning, and she immediately started moving things around to suit her agenda.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Dong-Soo?

As we all know, Yi-Joo’s mother, Ji-Won, was dating Jin-Woong. By the time Woon-Jae came to know about it, Ji-Won was already pregnant. Woon-Jae offered her money and ordered her to walk away. A couple of years later, he received word that Ji-Won had died in a house fire, along with Yi-Joo. The fire was Jung-Hye’s doing. Jung-Hye paid Dong-Soo, the man whom she had been secretly seeing, good money to kill both Yi-Joo and her mother. Jung-Hye, under the impression that both her hurdles had been eliminated, successfully wooed Jin-Woong. She convinced him to marry her and later gave birth to Yoo-Ra. However, Yi-Joo miraculously survived and ended up in the orphanage, where she was adopted by Jin-Woong. When Jung-Hye learned that Yi-Joo was Jin-Woong’s real daughter, she tried to murder her again. She laced Yi-Joo’s food with poison and framed Yi-Joo’s nanny for it. Fortunately, Yi-Joo survived that as well. However, it did leave her with trust issues. This was precisely why she never wanted to eat food others cooked for her.


Why Is Jung-Hye Sabotaging Jin-Woong’s Health?

All these years, Jin-Woong believed that his daughter was dead. But he couldn’t believe his ears when Yi-Joo told him that she was his own flesh and blood. Yi-Joo even showed him the DNA results she had secretly ordered. Yi-Joo told him that Jung-Hye hired a low-life goon to arson her mother’s house years ago. Moreover, Yi-Joo also showed Jin-Woong the pills he had been popping for years, never asking what they were for. Those were psychotropics and appetite suppressants. When abused, these pills result in insomnia, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Since Jin-Woong had high blood pressure, these pills were no less than poison for him. The aim here was to render Jin-Woong so sick that he had to delegate the management rights to Jung-Hye. This was exactly what he did in episode 8 of Perfect Marriage Revenge.So, did Jin-Woong believe Yi-Joo? No, he didn’t, and he had his guards escort her out. When Do-Kook was brought up to speed on the matter, he swore to bring Jung-Hye to her knees. He handed a suitcase packed with hard cash to Manager Kim and asked him to find Dong-Soo, the man who burned down Yi-Joo’s house.

How Did Jung-Hye Move Things Around?

As soon as Jung-Hye became the head of the Hanwool Group, she started shaking things around. Significant pay cuts and layoffs were her first course of action. Also, Yoo-Ra’s public image was in flames, but Jung-Hye set things right. This was done to ensure that Jung-Hye faces no issues in the coming shareholders’ meeting. The evil duo also dropped multiple hints that Yoo-Ra was dating Jung-Wook. Yoo-Ra also cut all ties with Se-Hyeok and his sister, proving that she was just using them. Both Jung-Hye and Yoo-Ra were planning to get the majority of shareholders on their side. Yi-Joo too, had similar ideas, and thanks to Do-Na’s connection, she now had the complete shareholder list. Jung-Hye argued that since her husband expanded the Hanwool Group, they should trust her with their support, not Yi-Joo. The shareholders were responding positively, too. Also, Jung-Hye was using proxies to get shareholders to delegate votes in her favor. However, there was one particular shareholder whom Jung-Hye needed on her side. She was Jamie, the same woman who gave cooking classes to Yi-Joo. She owned 5% of the Hanwool stock. If Jung-Hye could convince Jamie, it would significantly work in her favor. But Jamie had no interest and denied meeting with Jung-Hye. The reason: Jamie had made up her mind to side with Yi-Joo.


What Is Jamie’s Biggest Secret?

Ever since Perfect Marriage Revenge started, we have all asked the same question: Is Jamie Yi-Joo’s mother? Yes, Jamie was indeed Yi-Joo’s birth mother, the woman she thought died in the house fire. Jamie, alias Ji-Won, intentionally wanted Yi-Joo to join her cooking class. This was why she gave Soo-Jin’s mother free vouchers. Ji-Won stated that she wanted to expand her clientele by giving them out to her daughter’s friend. Since Soo-Jin and Yi-Joo were best friends, the coupons ended up in the latter’s hands. Now, the pressing question was: if Ji-Won was alive all this time, why didn’t she contact Yi-Joo? In reality, the house fire left Ji-Won comatose, even though she miraculously survived the fire. After waking up, she was told that Yi-Joo was dead. The pain was too much for her to bear, and she left the country. However, on his deathbed, Ji-Won’s father told her that Yi-Joo was alive. She chose to hide the truth from Yi-Joo because she would resent her for abandoning her. Ji-Won wanted to be by Yi-Joo’s side to support her as a friend. She would’ve later revealed the truth when the time was right. Jung-Hye was eavesdropping on their heartfelt exchange. She found out that the woman she thought was dead was actually alive and kicking. Jung-Hye feared, What if they team up and try to take her down? Throughout Perfect Marriage Revenge, we had never seen Jung-Hye this troubled and agitated.

What Happened At The Shareholder Meeting?

Woon-Jae wanted to transfer all his company shares to Yi-Joo and it was the reason why he escaped the nursing home. Unfortunately, his lawyer betrayed him to Jung-Hye, and she had him kidnapped. She tried forcing him to transfer his shares to Yoo-Ra, but the old man didn’t flinch. This left Jung-Hye with no choice but to hold him, so he doesn’t sabotage the shareholders meeting. Jung-Hye also made up her mind to kill Yi-Joo, even though she had failed multiple times in doing so. Once again, Jung-Hye trusted her ex-lover, Dong-Soo, with the job. She ordered him to kill Yi-Joo by any means. In the shareholder meeting, the main agenda item was the internal CEO transition. This meant transferring Jin-Woong’s position as CEO to his successor. Since Jung-Hye had convinced most shareholders to support her, she figured it would be a walk in the park. She even ordered the security to escort Yi-Joo out of the meeting when she opposed her succession. Everything was going fine for Jung-Hye until it wasn’t. As Perfect Marriage Revenge neared its end, ex-Chairman Woon-Jae infiltrated the meeting. He bashed the security for their audacity to touch Yi-Joo, leaving Jung-Hye with an expression that she had lost.


What To Expect Next?

It is highly unlikely that Jung-Hye would be able to recover from Woon-Jae’s blow. Even though he was no longer the chairman, Woon-Jae still held significant influence over the shareholders since he was the one who established the Hanwool Group in the first place. Jung-Hye would surely lose all the votes once Woon-Jae told everyone the extent of her ambitions. This would turn the tides in Yi-Joo’s favor, and she would probably become the next interim CEO of Hanwool Group. Yi-Joo would also gain the majority of the shares once Woon-Jae initiated the transfer.

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