‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Who’s Seo Do-Kook?

In the previous episode of Perfect Marriage Revenge, Han Yi-Joo suffered a serious accident, and this is when she realized that her mother, Lee Jung-Hye, and sister, Yoo-Ra, never loved her. All the exploitation and humiliation Han Yi-Joo’s family put her through became obvious to her at that very moment. With her life slowly slipping away, Han Yi-Joo wished for one thing: a second chance at life so she could make her husband, in-laws, and so-called family pay for their wrongdoings. Han is done blaming herself and trying to prove her worth to everyone. She is no longer interested in proving to her mother, Lee Jung-Hye, that she’s a good artist. And why would she? Her mother clearly doesn’t respect her. In her eyes, Han is worthless, but in reality, all she ever did was exploit Han’s kindness. From their first meeting in the orphanage, she had always been a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but not anymore! This time, Lee Jung Hye is going to be the sacrificial lamb.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Han Laid Waste To Yoo Se-Hyeok’s Plan?

Han Yi-Joo didn’t even waste a single day and started working on her revenge. The first one to fall was her dear fiancé, Yoo Se-Hyeok, who was overly proud of himself for trapping Han Yi-Joo. But not because he loved her! In reality, he was just using Han Yi-Joo as an excuse to get close to Yoo Ra, her younger sister. This was Hyeok’s master plan to break free from his middle-class lifestyle by marrying a rich girl from a wealthy family. Not to mention the amount of money he owed to loan sharks. For Hyeok, Han Yi-Joo was the answer to all his troubles. When his plan fell through, Yoo Se-Hyeok even got down on his knees, begging Han Yi-Joo for a second chance, but it proved ineffective. This was extremely satisfying, as Yoo Se-Hyeok was the same man who chose to confess his love to his sister-in-law rather than supporting his wife when she was being blamed for a crime she never committed.


Who’s Seo Do-Kook?

With Yoo Se-Hyeok taken care of, Han Yi-Joo set her sights on the person who used her and deceived her while wearing a friendly face. She’s Yoo-Ra, Han Yi-Joo’s younger sister. Han Yi-Joo wants to destroy Yoo-Ra by hijacking one thing she most desires: getting married to Seo Do-Kook. However, wooing him isn’t going to be a walk in the park for three main reasons. First, Yoo-Ra’s mother is never going to let it happen. No one knows how many strings she had to pull to even set up a meeting with Seo Do-Kook’s mother, Cha Yeon Hwa. Second, Seo Do Kook’s family is packed with people who are very hard to impress. This includes Seo Do-Kook’s grandmother, Lee Tea Ja, who built the company from the ground up; his mother, Cha Yeon Hwa, who never lets Lee Tea Ja have the last word; and Do Na, who can make anyone’s life a living hell. The final reason is Seo Do-Kook himself, who can drive anybody absolutely nuts. He’s as rich as he is handsome and annoying, and he always thinks he’s better than the people around him. Even though Seo Do-Kook was his grandmother’s favorite, he left her company to start his own. In layman’s terms, he’s not going to date just anyone, let alone exchange vows. However, nothing is impossible for Han Yi-Joo now that she’s armed with lethal confidence and motivated by revenge. As expected, she manages to woo Seo Do-Kook. But how? 

How Did Han Yi-Joo Convince Seo Do-Kook To Marry Her?

Han Yi-Joo hijacked the date, and straight-up asked Seo to marry him instead of her sister, Yoo-Ra. Seo Do-Kook proposed the idea that he’d marry the one who’s more assertive and sexier and placed his room key on the table. Even though this was uncharted territory, Han Yi-Joo was in no mood to back down and followed Seo Do-Kook to the hotel room. However, Seo Do-Kook had no intention of sleeping with her and just wanted to hear what Yi-Joo had to say. She won him over and even proposed an offer too good for Seo Do-Kook to refuse.


Han Yi-Joo has done her homework and knows the deal between his grandmother, Lee Tea Ja, and him. She wants Seo Do-Kook to either return home or get married and start his family. If Seo Do-Kook chooses to return, she’ll give him her company. On the contrary, if he sides with the second option, Lee Tea Ja will invest in his firm, which would help Seo Do-Kook’s company go public. So, Seo Do-Kook has no choice but to choose one of the options. He reconfirms that he could marry Yoo Ra, but she’ll be tailing him everywhere he goes. Han Yi-Joo, on the other hand, would leave him alone so that he could enjoy his life the way he pleases. The cherry on the cake is that Han Yi-Joo even offered to divorce him after a year of their marriage. For the outside world, Han Yi-Joo and Seo Do-Kook will be married, but in reality, they’ll be business partners. Seo Do-Kook would help Han Yi-Joo get her revenge, and in return, she’d help him get his company listed on Wall Street.

Did Han Yi-Joo Change Her Mind?

Everyone tried convincing Han Yi-Joo to marry Yoo Se-Hyeok and leave Seo Do-Kook for her younger sister. But Han Yi-Joo staunchly refused it and was slapped by her mother. She was even thrown into the room her mother used to lock her in during her childhood days. For a while, it appeared that Han Yi-Joo was losing the battle, but she pulled herself together after recalling the number of times her mother treated her like an insect while Yoo-Ra watched in laughter. Lee Jung Hye put Han Yi-Joo through all the torment she could think of, while Han Yi-Joo’s only fault was being an orphan. Lee Jung Hye is convinced that Seo Do-Kook is going to marry her daughter, but her entire world comes crashing down when he asks for Han Yi-Joo’s hand in marriage.


To add insult to injury, he makes it very clear that he has no intention of marrying Yoo-Ra, as he’s not a fan of arranged marriage. As a last resort, Yoo-Ra lets out her crocodile tears, but Han Yi-Joo remains resolute in her decision, prompting Yoo-Ra to leave the room in anger. Since Seo Do-Kook had made his intention clear, Lee Jung Hye had no choice but to accept. As Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 2 comes to an end, Han Yi-Joo confesses everything Lee Jung Hye and Yoo-Ra put her through, including poisoning her food. Seo Do-Kook feels her pain and promises to help her get even with her family.

What To Expect Next?

Episode 2 of Perfect Marriage Revenge delivered a satisfying twist, especially when Lee Jung Hye and Yoo-Ra realized that they had underestimated Han Yi-Joo. They expected her to remain meek, but she shifted the balance of power, taking control of the situation. Meanwhile, Yoo Se-Hyeo’s grand plan to break free from his middle-class life didn’t pan out as he hoped. Not to mention, he even had to take the harsh words of his family for letting Han Yi-Joo escape. Despite the calculated decision of Seo Do-Kook and Han Yi-Joo to feign affection for their own interests, the episode ended with something very unexpected. The episode closed with a kiss that hinted at a budding romance between them.


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