‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Was Jung-Wook Arrested?

In Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 10, Jung-Hye’s farce was exposed to everyone, laying complete waste to her plan of becoming the chairwoman of Hanwool Group. Moreover, her husband, Jin-Woong, also left her after realizing that Jung-Hye was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Jung-Hye was kicked out of her massive bungalow, and her cards were canceled, leaving her with no choice but to spend the night in her car. She saw a little ray of sunshine when she learned about Yoo-Ra’s pregnancy.

Jung-Hye figured she could use the baby to regain what she had lost. However, this plan of hers was left in tatters when Yi-Joo exposed that Jung-Hye had been selling fake paintings to her high-end clients. This left her with no choice but to gather whatever funds she had and leave the country before she was put in cuffs for swindling rich people of their millions. However, the biggest bombshell of episode 10 of Perfect Marriage Revenge was Yoo-Ra finding out that she wasn’t Jin-Woong’s own blood. This was a lot to take, as all her life, Yoo-Ra hated Yi-Joo for being the adopted child without knowing the reality of her own lineage.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Manager Kim Helping Jung-Hye?

Manager Kim used to be Jung Hye’s right-hand man and probably the man whom she trusted more than herself. Manager Kim knew all of her dirty secrets, which included embezzlement, fraud, selling fake paintings, and who knows what else? However, a few episodes in, Manager Kim switched sides and started helping Yi-Joo in her mission to ruin Jung-Hye and Yoo-Ra, and we couldn’t help but wonder why. In reality, Manager Kim was Sun-Jin’s son, the famous painter who committed suicide in the mountains. Sun-Jin was the same painter whose art pieces Jung-Hye had been selling, claiming they were his final paintings. But the reality was far from it, and Sun-Jin wasn’t really dead but had been kidnapped by Jung-Hye. Due to old age, the famous painter became cognitively impaired, and Jung-Hye jumped in on the golden chance. Jung-Hye kidnapped Sun-Jin and forced him to paint. Later, Jung-Hye used the news of Sun-Jin’s death to her benefit to inflate the prices of the paintings and make hundreds of millions from them. Thus, Manager Kim was pretending to be her well-wisher so that he could find his father. Manager Kim also turned in every piece of evidence he had gathered all these years while working with Jung-Hye. At last, Jung-Hye was arrested for fraud and conspiring to kill Yi-Joo “twice.”

What Is Do-Kook’s Secret?

So far, we knew that it was only Yi-Joo who traveled a year back in the past so she could have her revenge. However, there was someone else who, too, went through the same thing a year ago. It was none other than Do-Kook, and it became clear when Yi-Joo found a similar date tattoo on his hand. All this time, Do-Kook was pretending not to have noticed Yi-Joo’s tattoo while hiding his. Also, the black car that Yi-Joo’s car collided head-on with that day belonged to Do-Kook. After the accident, Do-Kook tried to save Yi-Joo, but he soon passed out from the pain, and when he woke up, it was a year ago. Do-Kook was ashamed of what he did and thus chose never to say a word about it to Yi-Joo. She was furious at first but eventually forgave him. Do-Kook also revealed that he was in possession of her missing painting; she had been searching all along. The painting was called “Frozen Spring,” and Do-Kook had bought it from his American friend. This wasn’t the only great news, as Do-Kook soon learned that Yi-Joo was pregnant with his baby.

Why Was Jung-Wook Arrested?

The construction site of Jung-Wook’s new project suffered an accidental death, and rather than investigating the matter, he wrapped it up quickly. Paperwork was filed, compensation was handed out, and the matter was closed. When the victim’s wife started pointing fingers, she was threatened with lawsuits. Jung-Wook’s men claimed that the accident was her husband’s fault, and they had all the necessary paperwork to back it up. Jung-Wook’s goons told her to accept the compensation and not drag the matter any further. Even when Do-Kook advised Jung-Wook to stop the construction work and carry out a detailed investigation, he refused to do it and claimed the company would suffer financially if they ceased work.

In reality, the inquiry would expose Jung-Wook as a culprit, something he didn’t want, especially when he was running for the chairman’s position. However, Do-Kook carried out his own inquiry and found out that Jung-Wook had created false documents to avoid any or all accountability. Do-Kook handed all the necessary evidence to Madam Lee Taeja, and she went on live TV to acknowledge the company’s mistake. As for Jung-Wook, he was arrested for embezzlement, slush fund creation, and falsification of documents. This, most likely, also shattered his hope of ever becoming chairman of the Taeja Group.

Why Did Jung-Wook Kidnap Yi-Joo?

As episode 11 of Perfect Marriage Revenge neared its end, Jung-Wook tried his best to escape the blunder he had created but failed. He even turned to his father for help, but he refused to help him. Since no one was there to back Jung-Wook, he was sent to jail. Jung-Wook knew this was his half-brother’s doing and swore to destroy the most precious thing in his life. Jung-Wook tried to commit suicide and was taken to the hospital, but little did the cops know it was all part of his elaborate plan. Jung-Wook escaped the hospital and kidnapped Yi-Joo. Jung-Wook’s brother-in-law told him about Jung-Wook’s clever escape, and he raced straight to his home, only to find Yi-Joo missing.

What To Expect Next?

Jung-Wook had crossed the line by kidnapping Yi-Joo at the time when she was pregnant. This had infuriated Do-Kook; from the looks of it, he would scour the entire city of Seoul to find his back-stabbing brother and his wife. As for Yoo-Ra, the news of Yi-Joo’s pregnancy would create puddle issues for her, as she was hoping to become the family’s favorite by giving them their heir. Unfortunately for her, Yi-Joo is once again her direct competitor.

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