‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is Yoo-Ra’s Real Father?

In the ninth episode of Perfect Marriage Revenge, Jung-Hye thought she had everything under control since she had convinced most of the shareholders to delegate their votes in her favor. Jung-Hye was already celebrating and was under the impression that she would definitely be the next acting chairman of the Hanwool Group. Little did Jung-Hye know she would be taking a blow she would never recover from.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Jung-Hye End Up Homeless?

Episode 10 of Perfect Marriage Revenge began with Jung-Hye’s plan taking a nose dive when Woon-Jae walked into the shareholder’s meeting. Woon-Jae told everyone that he didn’t have dementia, and his reports were falsified so Jung-Hye could kick him out of the board. Woon-Jae would soon meet an adept psychiatrist to prove that he had been sane all along. He also told the shareholders to entrust their votes to his granddaughter, Yi-Joo. Woon-Jae’s compassionate words worked like a charm, inviting applause and suggesting that the shareholders had chosen to side with Yi-Joo. However, Yi-Joo had plans to bring in someone professional and competent who could run the Hanwool Group better. Woon-Jae also met Ji-Won, and his expression told everyone that he was glad that she was alive.


Jung-Hye ran back to Jin-Woong for damage control, but it was too late. Jin-Woong refused to side with her and berated her for trying to dismiss him as chairman. He also said that the one who should inherit the role was Yi-Joo, not her. But didn’t he kick Yi-Joo out when she tried telling him that he was her real father? Yes, he did, but after Yi-Joo left, Jin-Woong ordered another DNA test, and the results came back positive. It was then that Jin-Woong blamed himself for not recognizing his daughter, even though she had been in front of him all these years. Since Yi-Joo resembled him more than Yoo-Ra, he neglected her even more. Jin-Woong didn’t like that a girl from someone else’s blood was more like him. But now that he knew everything, he was too ashamed to even ask for forgiveness. Jin-Woong swore he would not let Jung-Hye get away with this. To make himself more clear, Jin-Woong even had his guards drag out Jung-Hye. When she fell, Yi-Joo was right there to rub salt in her wounds. To add insult to injury, Jung-Hye’s credit cards were also deactivated. Thus, she couldn’t even pay for a hotel suite and ended up homeless.

How Does Jung-Wook Plan To Use Yoo-Ra?

Jung-Wook told Yoo-Ra that soon she would also be kicked out of the house, just like her mother. Thus, it was better to be prepared, Jung-Wook claimed. As we all know, Jung-Wook made blunders when he tried to bribe the executives. This resulted in the dismissal of old members and the onboarding of new members, whom Jung-Wook needed to bribe again. Thus, he told Yoo-Ra to sell Yi-Joo’s paintings, which she had been secretly stashing away for some time now. We noticed a major power shift here. Earlier, Jung-Hye held power over Jung-Wook, but now the tables have turned, as he might be her only way to get out of this predicament. Jung-Wook handed Yoo-Ra his credit card, and the moment she accepted it, she unknowingly became his pawn. Perfect Marriage Revenge has already shown us multiple times that Jung-Wook was no saint and might actually be more scheming than Jung-Hye. However, what Jung-Wook didn’t know was that Yoo-Ra was pregnant. Jung-Hye saw this as a perfect opportunity to install her daughter in the Taeja family. Jung-Hye figured the Taeja family would have no choice but to accept Yoo-Ra once they learned she carried Jung-Wook’s child. Jung-Hye was pure evil and was even planning to use her daughter’s unborn child to push her agenda. This made us wonder: Did Yoo-Ra ever matter to her, or was she just a pawn in Jung-Hye’s grand scheme of things? Jung-Wook couldn’t be happier to hear the news, as he figured the child could help him gain everyone’s sympathy.


Who Is Yoo-Ra’s Real Father?

It’s highly probable that Yoo-Ra isn’t Jin-Woong’s blood but Dong-Soo’s. The latter was the type of man who would give the same deal to two parties and pocket the cash. He was nobody’s friend, neither Jung-Hye nor Do-Gook’s. Even though he and Jung-Hye go way back and have romantic relations, he would willingly double-cross her the first chance he got. Dong-Soo’s only loyalty was to money; it didn’t matter where it came from. He agreed to kill Yi-Joo when Jung-Hye offered him money. On the other hand, Dong-Soo also promised to side with Do-Kook if he paid him double what Jung-Hye had promised him. He even agreed to wear a wiretap to gather proof that would put Jung-Hye away for years. Jung-Hye was no different, as she too would use and ruin others for her own personal gain, even families. For years, she had maintained that Yoo-Ra was Jin-Woong’s daughter, but it’s highly probable that Jung-Hye had Yoo-Ra with Dong-Soo. To find out the real truth, Yoo-Ra also did a paternity test, and the results were unexpected.

The paternity test proved that Yoo-Ra wasn’t Jin-Woong’s daughter. Yoo-Ra started seeing this when Woon-Jae told her that Jung-Hye tried to kill Yi-Joo and Ji-Won. Also, she was already conspiring to exploit an unborn child to recover her lost fame and status. Jung-Hye was also stashing and selling fake paintings to amass millions from the gallery, which Yoo-Ra was the CEO of. She didn’t even tell Yoo-Ra that the paintings were fake so she could cover her tracks like she had. But why? The only obvious answer was that she was preparing Yoo-Ra to take the fall once things spiraled out of control. This ended up happening when Yi-Joo eventually reported her shady dealings. As episode 10 of Perfect Marriage Revenge neared its end, the gallery was charged with selling forged pieces, and an arrest warrant was issued for Jung-Hye’s arrest. Once her facade was exposed, Jung-Hye started making preparations to leave the country. Her first course of action was to recover the paintings she had stashed away and sell them overseas. Since Do-Kook and Yi-Joo had wiretapped her, they learned about the paintings’ locations. When Jung-Hye saw Yi-Joo there, she couldn’t control her anger and ordered Dong-Soo to run her over.


What To Expect Next?

Episode 10 of Perfect Marriage Revenge was, hands down, the best one so far and delivered something we had been waiting for since the first episode hit streaming services. It was really satisfying to see Jung-Hye down on her luck after what she put Yi-Joo and her mother through. She tried killing Yi-Joo not once but three times, disregarding the consequences. Since Jin-Woong now knows about her true colors, there’s no chance that he would allow Jung-Hye into his home, let alone into Hanwool Group. Also, it’s possible that she would be arrested and charged for selling fake paintings to high-end clients, something she once tried to frame Yi-Joo for.

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