‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ Episode 6 Recap & Spoilers: What Happened At Hotel Lotus?

Episode 6 of Disney’s epic drama, Percy Jackson and the Olympians covers a lot of events that are worth mentioning! Percy and his friends plan on going to meet Hermes so that he can guide them to the underworld. The friends also uncover that Hades was planning something bigger than just a war between Poseidon and Zeus, and meanwhile, Ares was trying to safeguard his daughter, Clarisse, who had been conspiring with Hades. Will Percy and his loyal team members be able to convince Hermes to show them the way to the underworld? Will the friends become oblivious to their mission after they enter Hotel Lotus? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Percy Contact Luke?

Percy got through to Luke in the half-blood world by tossing a coin in a portal. Just when Percy was about to tell him that they were about to meet his father, Hermes; Annabeth stopped him. She told Percy that if he told Luke about their meeting with Hermes, then he would definitely talk them out of it. She further told Percy that he would do so as he did not get along well with Hermes. Luke’s mother was a seer and had the powers to see clearly through mist. She saw a lot of terrible things that made her lose her life, and Luke blamed his father for his mother’s demise. Annabeth told Percy that Hermes would do anything to win back his son’s love, and they would use that weak spot of his to gain information about the underworld.


Why Did They Doubt Clarisse?

Grover told Annabeth and Percy that while they were out to find Ares’ shield, he had talked to him and found out that he was covering for someone for the theft of the bolt. They realized that Ares wouldn’t cover for anyone else other than his favorite daughter, Clarisse. Grover told them that they would have to ask Chiron to arrest Clarisse, but before that, they needed to figure out what Hades and she were up to. They were sure that they were up to something bigger than just waging a war between Poseidon and Zeus. Percy told Annabeth and Grover that he had seen Hades in his dreams. He saw him encouraging Clarisse to steal the Bolt, and it seemed as if Percy had eavesdropped on their plan in his dreams. Percy could rationalize from the conversation that Hades and Clarisse were planning something big and ominous. Percy told the others that they had to dismantle Hades and Clarisse’s plans at any cost!

What Happened At Hotel Lotus?

The three friends were set on finding Hotel Lotus and Hermes to get a plan to go to the underworld. However, before entering the hotel, Grover warned the others not to eat the lotus flowers, as it would make them forget everything and their mission. He told Percy that when Odysseus along with other soldiers landed on the beach, they ate the lotus flowers and forgot where they came from and the other relevant details. Percy told Grover that he knew all about it as his mother had read the great epic Odyssey to him.


When they entered the hotel, they started searching for Hermes, while Grover came across Augustus. He seemed to become automatically forgetful after meeting Augustus and forgot all about his friends or his mission. He told Augustus that he was a good influence on his family, especially on Uncle Ferdinand. He told Augustus that he had found Ferdinand in New Jersey, and Augustus said he had found Pan. They both kept forgetting things and kept blabbering things nonchalantly. They did not even realize how time was passing by after they came into the hotel.

What Happened After They Met Hermes?

When Annabeth and Percy came across Hermes, they asked him to help them find their way to the underworld. They did not realize that they had spent a lot of time inside the hotel, as time seemed to pass very quickly inside the hotel. Percy realized that they pumped lotus flowers in the air, making everyone forgetful of things in there! Meanwhile, when Percy requests Hermes to show them a way and also tried negotiating with him, saying they are Luke’s friends, he refuses. Annabeth put on her invisibility cloak and then picked Hermes’ pocket to get his car keys. She later told Percy that Hermes’ car would take them anywhere they wanted. They searched for Grover all over the hotel, and when they finally found him, all three left the place without a second’s delay. When they got to Hermes’ car, they found an envelope there, which was a map of the underworld. Hermes knew that they had picked his pocket but did not try to stop them, and on the contrary, he had tried supporting them. Later, when Percy tried driving Hermes’ car, it was a disaster, as he didn’t know how to drive. Just when they were going to meet with an accident, they were magically transported to an island!


What Happened When Percy Went To Meet Poseidon?

After reaching the island, Percy dove into the water to meet Poseidon for his guidance. When Percy went underwater, a Nereid appeared in front of him and told him that he waited as long as he could for his son, but the summer solstice had passed that evening, causing Zeus’ deadline to elapse. Nereid asked Percy to go back to the camp, but he refused, as he wanted to see things through. Percy told the Nereid that Hades was planning more than a war. The Nereid gave Percy four pearls and told him that they would provide safe passage to the underworld. When Percy asked Nereid why she had given him four pearls, she told him that he should save the world first and then help his mother out of the underworld. The four pearls given to him were for himself, Annabeth, Grover, and Percy’s mother.

What To Expect Next?

The next episode is likely to portray a battle in the underworld where Percy, Grover and Annabeth, will try to finish their mission. It is possible that the ominous plans of Hades and Clarisse will be revealed to them in the very next episode! However, before the trio can face Clarisse, they would have to fight her father, Ares, first. Will the trio be able to defeat a god? With their determination, nothing seems impossible at this point! There are a lot of new secrets and adventures that are yet to unfold in the next episode. The trio has yet to face many adventures to save the world and Percy’s mother.


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