‘Payback’ Episodes 9 And 10: Recap And Ending – Will Hwang Betray His Father-In-Law Once Again?

Hwang and Eun Yong joined hands to bring down Myung in the previous episode of “Payback.” However, their plan failed miserably when Myung declared bankruptcy. A lot of citizens had invested in Bawoo funds, and hence, it caused a huge controversy in the country. Hwang needed to handle this situation, so he visited Eun Yong and threatened him that he would frame Tae Chun again for misconduct if he didn’t bring him anything valuable to divert the attention of the media.


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Why Does Tae Chun Leave Eun Yong’s Side?

Eun Yong knows that Tae Chun is his weak point, and that’s why he is always prepared. He has investigated Myung and found out that he repaired his losses with help from a Russian company. The Bawoo Funds case has an international connection now, which means more exposure and appreciation for Hwang. However, to get the document, Hwang has to accept Eun Yong’s condition as well. Hwang added Tae Chun to the investigation unit of Bawoo Funds because Eun Yong demanded surety that Tae Chun won’t be targeted again. Eun Yong saves Tae Chun, but danger lingers over him inside the prison. Eun Yong had formed his own gang in prison, but all of his gang members got transferred to another prison all of a sudden, and the warden who helped him also got assigned to the women’s section. When Joon Gyeong visits Eun Yong, she notices tension on his face even if he doesn’t tell her about it.


Joon Gyeong has kidnapped Lee Jin Ho, and she is not going to let him go unless he helps her. It is because of Joon Gyeong that Jin Ho finds out that Myung has been slowly poisoning him, and now he realizes that he doesn’t have much time left as he starts coughing up blood. He wants to help his dearest friend Eun Yong and cooperates with Joon Gyeong. On the other hand, the police have discovered that Jin Ho is with Joon Gyeong, and the detective asks Tae Chun to help her. Tae Chun calls Joon Gyeong and confirms that it is indeed true. Joon Gyeong hurries Jin Ho because she knows Tae Chun will come looking for them any moment. Jin Ho barges into Kim Sung Tae’s gambling den and attacks the manager. He forces him to open the locker to find the ledger that Joon Gyeong desperately needs to save Eun Yong. Jin Ho manages to find the ledger and informs Joon Gyeong, but by the time she reaches him with her bodyguards, the gangsters have already killed him. If she had just sent the bodyguards with him, he would’ve survived.

The ledger that Jin Ho retrieved has information on bribes given to Sung Tae and his men to frame Eun Yong for murder. With the help of the ledger, prosecutor Ham Jin makes all the inmates confess that Eun Yong didn’t kill their gang member. However, Kim Sung Tae refuses to put the blame on Myung and takes it all on himself because he knows that he will be killed by Myung if he opens his mouth. On the other hand, Eun Yong gets released from prison as the murder charges against him have been dropped. He is upset over his friend’s death and confronts Joon Gyeong on why she acted so recklessly. She tells him that she would go to any length to save him, and Eun Yong cannot counter that. Eun Yong starts working as soon as he returns, but two of his allies get targeted by Myung. Kim Sung Tae commits suicide, and Ham Jin gets accused as Sung Tae’s inmate reveals that Sung Tae was being pressured by Ham Jin. Elsewhere, reporters find Hwang’s picture with lawyer Lee which leads him to get suspended from work with little hope of returning as Lee is being accused of the biggest financial fraud in the county at the moment.


Myung’s greed for money has no limits, and no matter how much money he makes, it is never enough for him. He even takes back all the money that he had given to his daughter and ruins Hwang’s life because they tried to steal his money. He doesn’t stop there and calls Eun Yong for a meeting, even after everything that has happened. He offers him the USB with evidence of Yoon’s death for a hefty sum, which Eun Yong buys, on the condition to drop charges against Ham Jin. Ham Jin is sure that Sung Tae was murdered to frame her for his death. Tae Chun meets Ham Jin later, and she tells him that she is not going to associate herself with Eun Yong anymore because she wants to be a proud mother to her child and doesn’t want to get her name involved in filthy cases. This reminds Tae Chun of his mother, who believes him to be a righteous prosecutor, unlike all the wicked men she has seen. For his mother’s sake, he decides that he will only work legally and not with his uncle. Eun Yong doesn’t mind and lets him have his way.

Who Finds Lawyer Lee First?

Eun Yong has the key evidence in Yoon’s case, and it can ruin many people if revealed. Son Seung Jin, who was fighting for justice with Yoon back then, is running for the national assembly, and he is happy to hear about it. However, he doesn’t want to use it right now as a part of his election campaign but later. He doesn’t want to work with Eun Yong either if he only wants to use illegal methods to prove Yoon’s innocence. However, Eun Yong clearly mentions his intention to rebuild Yoon’s company. Hwang, on the other hand, is being humiliated as many people close to him start leaving his side. Myung meets him and tells him to work under him as his lawyer because money is the only true power that can save him in the current situation. Hwang has no other choice but to leave his pride aside and work with Myung. Myung’s daughter married Hwang because she didn’t want another man like her father in her life, but Hwang is on his way to becoming one. That’s when she reconsiders Eun Yong’s offer and asks Hwang to work with him instead.


Myung’s daughter calls Hwang’s boss, director Nam for dinner and purposely talks about her father’s document on a phone call. Nam secretly checks the document and finds out huge amounts of transactions done by Myung with a bank in Singapore. It is a fabricated document made by Eun Yong to trap Myung. Nam issues a travel ban on Myung, as he cannot oversee such a big matter. Myung orders Hwang to solve this issue as soon as possible, and he also reminds him that he is no longer a prosecutor, so he has to change his attitude. Prosecutor Lee Yeong Jin is known to be Hwang’s right-hand man, but he has been ignoring Hwang lately because he doesn’t want him to affect his career. Hwang is bearing such treatment somehow, but he loses it when his wife asks him if he will work for Eun Yong. Still, she tells him that Eun Yong has offered first and he should think about it.

Tae Chun and officer Nam have been investigating lawyer Lee’s whereabouts, and they find a crucial clue to finding his location. They raid the hotel room where Lee’s girlfriend is staying, but it turns out that Myung has kept her under watch in case Lee comes to meet her. She gives them an email address that she uses to contact Lee, and Tae Chun sends him a message through it. The next day, he gets a call from Lee, and he agrees to confess Myung’s crimes on video if Eun Yong helps him get out of the country safely. Tae Chun agrees to get him out of the country, but he asks Ham Jin for help instead of his uncle. Ham Jin plans to catch Lee by fooling him into believing that Eun Yong is helping him. However, Eun Yong gets to Lee first, and Tae Chun keeps waiting for Lee to arrive. He wonders if he got the hint of their plan, but a rather unexpected surprise awaits him.

‘Payback’ Episode 10: Ending

Hwang joins hands with Eun Yong because he cannot take the humiliating treatment from Myung anymore, and Eun Yong promises to give him back everything he has lost. At Son Seung Jin’s press conference, Hwang reveals the unfair treatment in CEO Yoon’s case and kneels down in front of reporters. Moreover, lawyer Lee makes an appearance through a video and clarifies that it is true that Hwang was with him, but the actual discussion happened after he left, so he had no idea about the financial fraud. He exposes Myung and director Nam to be the culprits behind the financial fraud and agrees to surrender only if Hwang is in charge.

Eun Yong has changed the game once again in “Payback,” leaving Myung in distress again. It was unexpected for Myung and Tae Chun alike that Hwang would expose the controversial case he was involved in. Moreover, Hwang promises that he will expose the truth and bring justice to Yoon. Eun Yong has all the cards in his hands now, and if nothing goes wrong, he will finally be able to get revenge on Yoon’s culprits for their evil deeds.


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