Pavani In ‘Code 8: Part II,’ Explained: Is Pavani Dead Or Alive?

The Canadian actress, Serina Gulamgaus played the role of Pavani in the second part of Code 8. She plays a significant role as a sister, burdened with grief over losing her brother. The fourteen-year-old girl is intent on making Kingston pay for murdering Tarak. Under the able guidance of Connor and Garrett, she finally manages to get back at Kingston, revealing his evil intentions to the world. She undergoes a major transformation, going from a vulnerable teenager to unleashing her real powers to fight her enemies. Will Pavani be able to protect herself? Why does Connor take an interest in saving her? How will she unveil Kingston’s truth in the end? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Tarak’s Death Affect Pavani?

Tarak was Pavani’s last hope at a good life, which had eventually been snatched away from her. He was her sole provider and was finding every means to ensure that she could complete her studies, as she was a brilliant student. When she saw that her brother had been murdered by a K9, she realized that the police had been giving false hopes of security to the people around them. She realized that the lives of innocents did not matter to the police and that they could do anything to establish their supremacy in society. She went into hiding at a community center, as she realized that she was the next target for being the sole witness to the murder. Pavani was traumatized after she lost her brother, as she thought that it would be the end of her life as well. Thankfully, she had landed with Connor, who would give up everything just to protect the little girl. She had a pitiable look, which was enough for Connor to take her under his wing. It is also possible that after looking at Pavani, Connor was transported to his younger days, when he was as vulnerable as her. 


Was Tarak’s Memory Removed From Pavani’s Mind?

When Garrett realized that Pavani possessed immense power, he wanted to include her in his gang. Pavani could act as a transducer, which enabled her to weaken or manipulate electronic devices around her. Garrett wanted to include her in his gang by wiping out all her past memories as a witness to her brother’s murder so that she would no longer be tailed by Kingston. When Tamera was sucking the old memories out of Pavani, she was having difficulties doing so. The memories of her brother were etched so deeply in her psyche that she was having a hard time getting rid of them. This brings to the forefront the fact that she held her family really close to her heart, and it was not that easy to get their memories out of her. Eventually, Tamera was unable to suck out the memories as Connor intervened. The very memories of her brother would act as a propellant for her to take revenge on Kingston. 

Why Was Pavani So Intent On Taking Revenge On Kingston?

Pavani had been driven to the brink of her limits after Kingston had killed Tarak. She can be perceived as a rebellious character who had been determined to raise her voice against the injustice that the system inflicted on the powerful people for being different. She was not okay with the idea of their powers being subdued by the ones with lesser powers. She had seen her brother being killed by a K9, which injected him with a high dose of Psyke for being different from the rest of society. She wanted to get back at Kinston for her loss, as he had been the key manipulator of the system. Witnessing her brother’s murder had a deep impact on her mind, leaving her scarred forever! 


She planned, along with Connor and Garrett, ways to take revenge. She came up with ideas that even the ones older than her couldn’t even think of! She planned on stealing Kingston’s K9, which would contain incriminating evidence (video footage) against him. She was daring enough to go into Kingston’s house to steal the evidence, as that was the last resort. By this point, she had become desperate to bring Kingston down by any means. Pavani did not fear death anymore, as she had seen it quite closely at such an early age!

How Did Pavani Survive?

Despite being a teenager, she had immense willpower, which was enough to destroy someone as powerful as Kingston. She was eventually successful in getting evidence to showcase Kingston as a major threat to humanity. She had risen above her age to give meaning to a mighty cause. Her plan had finally been able to stop the use of robot cops, as it could be a major threat to people. Pavani exposed the fact that Kingston had been bluffing everyone, saying that K9 was a friendly robotic cop who was made to serve humanity. By bringing to the forefront how a K9 had been the cause of her innocent brother’s death, she unknowingly sent out a message of awareness to others. 


After Pavani had been shot by a police officer while trying to combat a K9 while selflessly defending Connor, she somehow managed to survive the fatal wounds and reunite with Connor in the end at the community hall. Connor must have taken her to the hospital immediately to make sure that she could make it. Despite the fact that she had been wounded, her willpower had not diminished. Her strong will had acted as a catalyst in her favor, helping her win her battle of life against the modernized machines. 

What Will Happen To Pavani Next?

Pavani was mature enough to bridge the gap between humanity and their need to co-exist with the new developments. She pointed her finger right at the way the introduction of new machines was threatening human existence. Therefore, we will be mistaken if we judge her just by her age or her shy demeanor. Pavani is sassy enough to guide people twice her age to plan revenge against the murderer of her brother. It is possible that a third part of Code 8 will be released, where Pavani will fight against the unjust laws against powered people like herself. She will manage to form a powerful team along with Connor and Garrett in the long run, fighting for the rights of people like her. Even though she has managed to tackle Kingston this time, a thousand powerheads like Kingston will arise later! She is likely to manage an organization that will deal with issues imposed by such kingpins in the long run. 


Final Thoughts

Pavani’s well-rounded, no-nonsense teenage spirit has been enriched and has gathered more layers with the progression of the storyline in the second part of the film, Code 8. She may look like just another teenager at first glance, but the determination that she has within her can give competition to some of the most resilient characters in the film. When an entire country had been fooled by Kingston, it just took one teenager to break his tyrannical spell over others. Pavani’s reticent yet adaptive character can be compared to some of the toughest female characters, like that of Beatrix, played by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill: Volume 1, or that of Annabeth in Percy Jackson.

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