‘Outer Banks’ Season 3, Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Was The Gnomon Test Of El Dorado?

In the sixth episode of “Outer Banks” Season 3, John B and Big John managed to find Professor Sowell and get him to decrypt part of the Kalinago inscription, but he was killed by a poisoned dart. Big John was taken away by Carlos, and John B came back to Kildare County seeking help from JJ. Elsewhere, Pope figured out that Rafe had stolen the cross and melted it down. But things were going to change since Ward was back in the picture.


In the seventh episode of “Outer Banks” Season 3, Topper told Sarah that he wanted her back in his life, but she left when Kiara spotted her with him. Kiara wanted an answer from Sarah since she had landed herself in a very complicated situation. As for JJ and John B, they started looking for Big John, and to make things easier, they decided to meet Professor Sowell, but he was nowhere to be found. John B. realized that Sowell was already dead. John B found articles on Kepler and Sowell’s expedition to South America. Before losing consciousness, Sowell had uttered the name Neville, and John B found his picture in the article. He had been a part of their expedition, and it was clear that Sowell wanted John B to save Neville from danger since he was the last person left from the expedition.

Spoilers Ahead 


What Happened Between Rafe And Ward? 

Ward came back to Tannyhill and figured out that Rafe had stolen the cross. He told Rafe to give the cross back since it was an ancient and valuable relic, but Rafe confessed to melting down the cross, and he stood confidently in front of his father. Ward was upset about the whole situation and tried to talk it out with Rafe. But Rafe didn’t look at it as a mistake. Eventually, Rafe lost control and started shouting at his father. Ward tried to convince Rafe to shut down their existing business in Kildare County. But Rafe attacked Ward and told him to leave. Now, he didn’t need his father because Rafe had enough gold to set up his own business in the town. Ward realized that he had committed a huge mistake by handing over all his responsibilities to Rafe. Now, Ward understood the importance of his daughter, and he used Wheezie to call her home. Sarah knew that it was her father all along, and no matter what he did, Sarah felt bad for Ward because he would be arrested if he was seen in Kildare. Ward apologized to Sarah for all his mistakes and left some money and a condo behind for her.

Did John B. And J.J. Find Neville Persaud? What Was The Gnomon Test Of El Dorado?

John B and JJ visited Neville at his place, but he attacked them, thinking John B had been assigned to kill him. They tried to talk Neville down, but he wasn’t having any of it. Suddenly, Carlos’ men attacked Neville’s boat, but John B and JJ managed to push them off. Neville was assured that Carlos and the others would never pass the test.


A Guajiro King never wanted to share the gold with his sons because this gold was supposed to be owned by a man of great wisdom. To ensure that the gold landed in the right hands, the king set up the Gnomon test at the entrance of El Dorado. Even if Carlos tried to take the gold forcefully, he and his men would have been killed instantly. That explained the mysterious deaths of all the residents of San Jose and Royal Merchant. Well, John B had never wanted the gold; he just wanted to save his father. Neville agreed to save Big John, and in the end, he provided John B with all the directions. Greed could kill anyone, but John B showed that he had a pure heart and that his intentions were just to protect his father.

All this time, Big John had been distracting Carlos’ attention by fabricating the entire story of El Dorado. Carlos wanted to take revenge on those who had fooled his ancestors on the last expedition to El Dorado in the year 1913. Meanwhile, John B came back to Kildare County because he wanted Sarah and Kiara to join them on the El Dorado trip. 


Did Sarah And Kiara Join John B In Saving Big John?

The girls were at the party that Kiara’s parents had arranged. While John B had apologized for his behavior, Sarah confessed her betrayal. He was heartbroken and decided to end his relationship with Sarah. At the same time, Kiara refused to join them since her parents would not appreciate her leaving again. All this time, while JJ and John B were scared of Big John, Kiara only cared about having a conversation with JJ. She confessed her feelings for JJ, and he rejected them. JJ believed that their relationship was never going to work since it would be overshadowed by the classist gap between the Pogues and the Kooks. Now, there was a huge misunderstanding between Sarah and John B, as well as Kiara and JJ.

Even though John B had broken up with Sarah, he waited for her to get back, but John B couldn’t control his anger when he saw her embracing Topper. John B rushed toward Topper and punched him. Mike tried to hit him, but JJ stepped in and saved John B from Mike. In the end, they left the party and decided to save Big John.


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