‘Outer Banks’ Season 3, Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did Carlos Abduct Big John?

In the fifth episode of “Outer Banks: Season 3,” John B and Big John had managed to find the idol’s missing piece, which would lead them to El Dorado. They’d fooled Carla Limbrey with a fake fabric that she believed to be the holy shroud. Carla had been looking for the Shroud to cure her disease. Things didn’t appear to be going too well for Sarah and the whole team since they wanted to steal the cross as it was Pope’s family heirloom. But Rafe had fooled them and stolen the cross before they could get to it. Now, the entire blame fell on the teens while it was Rafe who had betrayed Ward.


The sixth episode of “Outer Banks: Season 3” began with John B back in Outer Banks, which wasn’t so interesting. Big John wanted John B to hide their plans from his friends because they could put their lives in danger. John B had no choice but to hide the truth because of his promise. John B and Sarah fought with each other because Sarah knew that John B was hiding something. All this time, Big John hadn’t cared about his feelings, only about the gold. The sudden peace in the storyline was too overbearing to take in because Carlos didn’t make a single move even though there was a huge possibility that he had been following their every move, and when the time came, someone was going to die.

Spoilers Ahead 


Did JJ Discover The Truth About The Missing Cross?

Ward couldn’t believe that the cross had been stolen, and Rafe pretended to know nothing about the entire incident. He had managed to switch the boxes without a single mistake. Ward wanted him to shut down all the companies and come back to Guadeloupe, but Rafe refused to listen to his father. Rafe had a huge advantage since his father was declared dead to the world. Ward could never come back to Kildare County since it could land him in huge trouble.

Meanwhile, Sarah had been left all alone since she got into a fight with John B. She tried to stay with Kiara, but her parents wouldn’t allow it. So, Sarah had no choice but to stay with Topper. In the end, it was clear that Sarah kind of missed Topper and her relationship with him since he had been providing her with the validation and attention that she needed from John B. On the other hand, Pope had to repeat the lower-level classes since he had missed around six weeks of school. With his lack of academic performance, Pope didn’t have enough qualifications to opt for high-level classes.


So, Pope chose to drop out for the time being. On the other hand, JJ couldn’t find himself a job. Everyone had to deal with their problems because they had been missing for more than a month, and nobody believed JJ and the others anymore. Kiara was grounded by her parents, and they wanted her to stay home as much as possible. At his old workplace, JJ noticed that Rafe and Barry were hanging out together, so he decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. He immediately rushed to Pope and Cleo and told them what Rafe had done. Pope was heartbroken to know that his family heirloom had been melted down by Rafe for money. The same day, Heyward’s pistol went missing, and JJ was sure that Pope had taken it to hurt Rafe. That night, Pope aimed his gun at Rafe, but Cleo had managed to stop him since killing Rafe would ruin his life completely.

Who Is Kelly Kepler? How Did She Help Big John With The El Dorado Quest?

After collecting the idol, Big John and John B headed to meet one of his old friends from grad school, Kelly Kepler. Big John needed her help because she had been an expert in dealing with the archaeological archives, and she had spent her entire life as an Archaeology Professor for UNCW. But when they arrived at her place, Kelly’s husband was moving out of their home. Days after she came back from South America, Kelly had passed away due to a heart attack. Big John became extremely upset because Kelly could’ve easily helped him translate the writings on the idol. Now, they had to find another way to decrypt the secret language. Kelly’s husband had given him a very important piece of information that was connected to her expedition in South America. But to get more information about this expedition, Big John had to meet one of his mentors, Professor Sowell. After their dramatic entrance into his house, Sowell was shocked to see Big John since he was rumored to be dead. Sowell was mesmerized by the idol, and he called it the ‘Gnomon of Solana.’ It would provide them with the exact location and time to reach El Dorado. 


Sowell began to read the inscriptions in Kalinago, also known as Igneri and Arawakan. In reality, this language was used in the Caribbean in the early 1900s. But he wanted Big John to stay away from this danger, and before he could say anything else, Sowell was shot with a tranquilizer dart. His body fell on the idol, and Big John couldn’t grab it. Big John and John B rushed toward the other room and hid inside until they noticed that Sowell had been attacked by Carlos’ goons. While John B waited with Sowell, Carlos’ men took the idol away, and Big John chased them. Carlos had been ready to kill them, but Big John warned him that he was the only one left who could translate Kalinago. Carlos took Big John along, and told him that he had a week to translate the language.

John B came back to the County and shared the entire incident with JJ. In the end, JJ couldn’t believe that Big John had been taken to South America. Things became more and more complicated for John B since he lost his father and Sarah cheated on him with Topper. Also, Ward was back in Kildare County to stop his son Rafe. This journey was going to be pretty tough for Ward since people believed that he had been dead. Things are going to get dirtier, and this time, Ward and Rafe will be fighting with each other to claim their rightful place.


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