‘Outer Banks’ Season 3, Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Sarah Steal The Cross Of Santo Domingo? 

In the fourth episode of “Outer Banks” Season 3, John B and his father, Big John finally got hold of Denmark’s original diary. With the help of the diary, Big John got to know that the idol that would lead them to the treasure was hidden in Charleston. In the end, both of them decided to travel to Charleston and find the missing idol to decrypt the code. Meanwhile, Sarah and the others decided to steal the cross since Ward would be transporting it back to Wilmington.


The fifth episode of “Outer Banks” Season 3 began with a huge argument between Heyward and Pope. They didn’t have a vehicle to steal the cross, and Pope tried his best to convince his father to lend him the truck. But Heyward refused to let him go again because it was extremely dangerous, and this hunt could even kill one of them. Moreover, they had been dealing with Rafe, who was indeed a psychopath who would do anything to get what he wanted. In the end, Pope convinced his father, but Heyward didn’t allow him to take the truck. On the other hand, Kiara tried to convince her parents for the same reason, but Kiara’s parents refused to believe her. They thought that she had been fabricating the entire story to escape. On the other hand, Kiara’s father, Mike, had been blaming JJ and the others for the whole problem. But Kiara’s mother, Anna, believed her and provided her with a credit card and a phone to stay in touch. Despite all the hatred, nothing went wrong between JJ and Kiara, and the duo worked on their bond.

Spoilers Ahead 


Did John B And His Father Locate The Trinity Church? How Did Big John Find The Holy Shroud For Carla Limbrey?

Big John and John B made it to Charleston and found the address, but the church had been demolished by an earthquake in 1886. All the antiques had been moved to the Charleston Museum. So, Big John had no choice but to fake his identity as Dr. Marion to deceive the museum curators. Big John needed a key card and official permission to gain access to the archives. Big John decided to steal the key card from one of the curators, but John B did not approve of this plan.

So, John B was forced by his father to steal the key card by threatening the lady, but he couldn’t do it. Meeting his father had been a disappointing experience for John B because his head was completely wrapped around the El Dorado treasure rather than his son. But he still chose to follow Big John’s commands because he didn’t want to lose him ever again. They managed to enter the archives without the key card, and Big John found the Trinity Church relics. After searching for hours, Big John couldn’t find the missing piece of the idol, but John B found a box that had the missing piece. When they stepped out of the downtown storage facility, Big John couldn’t find his twinkie (van) anywhere, and they realized that it had been taken away by Carla Limbrey.


They arrived at her house, and Carla had been waiting for them. The twinkle was parked outside her house, and she’d stolen it to gain Big John’s attention. Carla was happy that he had reunited with John B, but Big John had promised her he would get her the Shroud. Big John had found it in the archives, and he handed it over to Carla. Her ancestors had always been connected with the history of El Dorado, and one of her family members, Herman Limbrey, had been the captain of the Royal Merchant ship. Carla had never wanted the gold; her main purpose was to get the cross back since it contained the Shroud that she had been looking for.

The Shroud had magical or spiritual powers that could heal every disease. She had been suffering from a disease that caused her to lose control over her legs. In reality, Big John had handed her a fake fabric, claiming it to be the Shroud, and Carla started to walk around without her crutches. She believed that the Shroud had healed her, and Big John had the chance to escape from her house. According to Big John, the Shroud never existed in the first place and was a myth because people had created multiple versions of it.


What Happened To Sarah And The Others? Did They Steal The Cross Of Santo Domingo? 

Sarah and the others wanted a truck to move the cross, and they noticed that Topper had been around them every time. She decided to talk to him and lured Topper into their plan, and he brought his father’s truck. The following night, Sarah, JJ, Kiara, Pope, Cleo, and Topper waited for the train to arrive; one of the containers had the cross. Pope and Cleo had managed to find the container, and before they could open it, the train began to move. While Sarah and Topper followed the train in Topper’s truck, JJ and Kiara followed them on JJ’s bike. Kiara and JJ used jumper cables to change the track signal, and the train had no choice but to stop. At this time, Pope and Cleo tried to open the container, but a railroad worker spotted them. Both of them managed to fabricate a fake love story, and the worker decided to leave them alone. He believed that Pope and Cleo had been escaping from their families to get married. When the worker left, Cleo opened the container, and Sarah arrived at the right time. They managed to load the cargo before the train left. But officers had already noticed them stealing the cross, and they began following them.

So, JJ tailed them around until he met with a serious accident. He was nowhere to be found, but his bike fell off a bridge. Luckily, JJ was fine, and he survived the accident with nothing happening to him. JJ chose to do this to distract the policeman, and his plan worked. But there’s a catch; the entire time, Pope and the others were carrying a box that didn’t contain the cross. Sarah apologized for her mistake since she was the one who told them about Ward’s plan to relocate the cross from Guadeloupe to Wilmington. Little did they know that Rafe had already stolen the cross, and now Barry had it at his place. Now, everything worked according to Rafe’s plan because Sarah and the others had stolen the fake box that Rafe had placed inside the container. No one would ever suspect him, and the entirety of the blame will land on John B’s friends. Now, Sarah and the others were perfectly entangled in Rafe’s master plan, and now things would definitely hinder them.


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