‘Outer Banks’ Season 3, Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Big John Find Denmark’s Original Diary? 

In the third episode of “Outer Banks” season 3, viewers got to witness the emotional reunion of Big John and John B, and Ward had finally woken up from his coma. On the other hand, Big John wanted to find the missing copy of Denmark’s diary that would lead them to the treasure. Sarah and John B finally meet, and he wants her to meet Big John, but he is nowhere to be found. At the beginning of Episode 4 of “Outer Banks” season 3, Big John left early in the morning to find his copy of Denmark’s diary from their van, but the papers were destroyed.


Meanwhile, John B was worried about his father because he couldn’t find him anywhere. But he came back soon, and Sarah was quite surprised to have Big John back. John B tried to talk to his father about his sudden disappearance, but Big John changed the topic. Everything changed around that day because, just like John B, all his friends had also reunited with their parents, and JJ couldn’t find his father since he had been evicted from his house. John B and Big John got into an argument since he refused to share any personal information with Sarah. Well, it was clear that John B had lost the cross and the gold bars to her father, and Big John didn’t see it as a coincidence. He believed that Sarah had worked with her family to make sure that John B didn’t get anything. 

Spoilers Ahead 


Did Big John Find The Original Diary?

John B and Big John broke into Mr. Sunn’s house since he’d had the original diary all this time. They began searching around his house, but John B was attacked by Carlos’ men. Mr. Sunn had been captured by the goons, and they had been waiting for Big John and his son. Both of them struggled with the goons, but it was too late because Carlos’ men had already taken the diary. Big John began to panic, but they had no choice but to follow the goons to get the diary back. John B managed to track them down, and they followed the goons on a jet ski. John B knew that it was dangerous to deal with these men, but Big John still wanted to take this risk. Big John knew that they were smugglers, and to make things work, he had to talk them into making a deal. The smugglers decided to kill John B because Carlos had been searching for Big John, and they knew that Carlos would pay them more money. In response, Big John took the two of them out before they could hurt his son. John B was scared to see his father kill two men just for a book. Well, it was pretty clear that Big John had no choice because they had planned on killing his son. But now, John B and Big John had the diary that could lead them to the real treasure.

The best thing about this series is John B’s connection with his friends; they were happy to know that he had found his father. Kiara and JJ were struggling with their bond. They had feelings for each other, but JJ couldn’t understand her reason for choosing him. JJ had no parents, and he was left all alone in his shack, while Kiara had a peaceful and wealthy life. But JJ believed that she had been pitying him for his condition.


Why Did Ward Plan On Selling The Cross? Did John B And His Friends Know About Ward’s Plan?

Ward had decided to donate the golden cross to a museum because he was dealing with the guilt of hurting his daughter. This time Ward wanted to help other people, and Rose completely supported his decision. He knew that Rafe would never appreciate his decision to sell the cross, and his prediction proved correct. He believed that Ward had been favoring Sarah over him, but that was not the case. Ward just wanted to end all the trouble and lead a peaceful life. Sarah had overheard their conversations because she had been in her room packing up all the belongings that she needed. Rafe had come back to the Outer Banks to sell all the properties that they owned because Ward had planned on living his entire life in Guadeloupe. On the other hand, Rafe was planning on betraying his father. Rafe made a deal with Barry, who had been his enemy for a long time. Rafe convinced him to steal the cross because Rafe wanted some time to think about his new strategy to convince his parents.

Barry wanted Rafe to split all his profits, and he agreed to Barry’s plan. Moreover, Sarah had overheard his conversations with Ward, and she knew that the cross would be sent to Wilmington the next day. Kiara and JJ spoke about the whole plan, and JJ was glad to know that he was still a part of this mission. Even though JJ had planned to work with Kiara, they still struggled emotionally. In reality, JJ was never loved by anyone, and he had always struggled with emotional attachment. So, he refused to get closer to Kiara, but she assured JJ that she had always cared about him no matter what. But in the end, they fixed all their differences and were back on the field. All this time, John B had witnessed a new personality of his father because he used to be a person who would never hurt anyone. But now he has killed two men to save John B and the gold.


Where Did The Diary Lead Big John To? 

According to the diary, there was a survivor in the San Jose shipwreck. Moreover, it spoke about the stone object, which was crucial to finding the El Dorado gold. Now, Big John knew Carlos’ intentions; he wanted the diary because it would lead him to the stone idol. Big John had figured that they would have to travel to Charleston to find the idol, and once both idols were found, it would help them to decrypt the code. John B was not impressed by his father’s reaction because he was completely traumatized by it. Big John had a strong reason to kill those men, but John B refused to understand that, because he had never wanted his father to kill people in his search for gold. John B decided to quit, but Big John had managed to convince him of their quest to Charleston. In the end, Big John gave him a choice, and John B chose to stay by his father’s side. Both of them left for the quest immediately without informing Sarah or the others.

Meanwhile, John B’s friends made a plan to steal the cross since Ward had been trying to sell it. But Sarah didn’t realize that Rafe had other plans and that stealing this cross would land them in huge trouble. Pope tried to convince his father Heyward for the truck, but Heyward refused to give him the truck because it could be dangerous. Pope knew that it was their last opportunity to get the cross back as it belonged to his family.


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