‘Outer Banks’ Season 3, Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: The Father And Son Reunion 

The previous episode of “Outer Banks” Season 3 gave us a glimpse of the terror caused by Carlos Singh in Barbados. He had major connections across the city and the entire police force in his pocket. Kiara tried to negotiate with him about Denmark’s diary regarding the El Dorado gold, but before she could convince him, Carlos received a message from Jimmy Portis’ mobile phone. John B and the others had made plans to capture him, but they were not aware of Portis’ death. Carlos played along and brought an entire squad to track John B and the others. Even if their plans were unsuccessful, Kiara and Rafe used this opportunity to escape Carlos’ mansion, and she made her way back to John B and the others.


Throughout the episode, Big John tries to communicate with John B by ringing the bell at the church. When John B was young, his father used to ring the bells to call him home. John B wanted to check it out before leaving Barbados, but Sarah and the others had to leave because Carlos’ men had tracked them down. The third episode took a peek into John B’s childhood memories. His mother had left him when he was a little boy, and throughout his life, Big John had supported him with everything. Together they would explore everything that John B had been interested in. Big John had always respected his son’s decisions. Even though they would often argue over things, their bond was unbreakable because John B’s world revolved around his father.

Spoilers Ahead 


A Father And Son Reunion

Big John and John B got into a huge fight before he left on his quest, and John B would always miss him. Big John spent hours ringing the bell, and it finally worked; John B was back! His father wished to reunite with John B , while he had been doing the same. John B’s friends had been struggling to decide whether to wait for John B or not. But John B and his father were together, so he told his friends to leave. Big John had been seeking the golden city of El Dorado. So, John B joined him for a treasure hunt again! At the same time, another reunion had taken place, where Ward had woken up from his coma, and they were currently in Guadeloupe. Rafe had been struggling on the streets of Barbados while trying to get back home! 

Just like John B, his friends also wanted to find gold because they had been struggling to cope with their parents and their life in the Outer Banks. Even though Kiara and Pope had briefly dated, Kiara and JJ had been getting closer each day.


JJ had always been there for her, and would put his life on the line to save Kiara. Somehow, these adventures were uncalled for and had been creating a barrier between friends, but things might change in the future. Pope had noticed that Kiara and JJ had always been together, and he chose to keep the topic away. Pope was hurt, but only time would give a definite answer.

The Signpost of Orinoco

Big John knew that he was pretty close to getting the El Dorado gold, and to retrieve it, he had to collect a very important piece of an ancient monument known as the “Signpost of Orinoco.” This signpost played a very important role in their mission, and to make things work, Big John had to find the other half of the statue to decrypt the code. Over these years, Big John had established connections with many people, including Carla Limbrey and a man named Arjun. They had been waiting to get their share of the wealth, and despite being partners, Big John had to hold him at gunpoint to get the signpost because he was in a rush. But things quickly went downhill when Carlos arrived at Arjun’s shop. He wanted to check his shop to make sure the kids weren’t hiding inside. Even though they’d managed to leave the shop, Carlos’ men tracked Big John and John B on their quad bikes. Carlos knew that chasing Big John would be pretty easy because he had connections everywhere. So, Carlos was waiting for the right opportunity to strike back at them.


Carlos had been the one to save Big John from the deserted island, and he just wanted Big John to help him with the gold hunt. Carlos knew that Big John was onto something and wanted his help with finding El Dorado. They locked him up in a room surrounded by guards. But Big John had managed to escape his mansion with the signpost. Big John had to decrypt the signs that were carved on the signpost because they would lead them to the gold and according to Big John, the gold came from El Dorado.

Did Carlos Track Big John’s Location?

Rafe made it back to Guadeloupe and had a heart-to-heart conversation with his father. But Rafe couldn’t believe that Ward wanted to sell Tannyhill and their properties in the Outer Banks, as that was their only option to stay safe. Meanwhile, John B and Big John came back home, but that didn’t appear to have been the best decision. Carlos knew their location, and he could easily attack them. Despite all the problems, Big John had still decided to come back home. He wanted Denmark Tanny’s diary, and even though John B didn’t have the original one, he’d managed to get his hands on a copy, but it was inside his van, which had been confiscated by the police. That night, John B woke up from a nightmare and couldn’t find his father anywhere. All he could hear were muffled shouting noises nearby. John B carefully walked towards Big John’s boat and saw Carlos threatening him with a hammer. But it was nothing more than a nightmare. However, John B felt that there was a relevance to the dream. Maybe his instincts had been trying to warn him about something. Sarah woke him up, and the two embraced each other, until he noticed that Big John was missing.


Big John had left to find the missing copy of Denmark’s diary that was left inside their Twinkie. He decided to leave without John B because Big John wanted his son to be safe. But this could land him in huge trouble because, for the world, Big John was a dead man, and his sudden comeback could cause chaos amongst his enemies. John B would never risk losing his father again, and there was no doubt that he would leave no stone unturned in helping Big John.

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